What can be said about a man like me?  Except that I am above and beyond 'normal'.  I challenge every idea of normality.  Every notion of morality.  What is good or evil?  I don't live within the question that sits between these two polarities.

I am a complete pervert - I love perversion, I love sexual immorality.  I love Sodom, debauchery, lechery and infamy.  I indulge in every kind of banquet, eating and drinking to outrageous excess.  Those whom I invite to my parties have to be of a certain kind of extreme and strong character - willing to live life to the full without any concern about what the state and those brainwashed by the state think about us.  I don't need the state, or any church - to dictate to me about what is right or wrong.  We all have our instincts to guide us on that.  Holy books should only help verify our instincts - not 'make' our instincts for us.  Happy are those who live their lives - they will give back more than they take, and yes - I and people like me take a lot.  No investment is free.  There is no free lunch.

I love nudity.  I absolutely love being naked, seeing people naked, encouraging nakedness, promoting nakedness.  The body is beautiful - share its beauty.  Shame is for the brainwashed.  Freedom is nakedness. Sensuality is best experienced naked.  Orgasms are stronger when sensually teased for hours, naked.  Trust me.  Try it.  Flaunt yourself, enjoy the naked beauty of others - don't turn away your gaze nor frown upon those who admire your naked beauty - spread your body for all to see.  I am naked as often as possible and doing exactly all of this.  My wife, my lovers, my friends, acquaintances - all do the same.  We are much happier for it.  We feel no shame in masturbating each other, fucking each other, watching each other cum, or simply doing our chores naked.  This is the best way to live.  And we go further than mere 'Naturism', which is nothing more that state sanctioned 'normal living' without clothes.  A pointless act.  Do something and do it right.  And that goes with banquets the same - when you have a feast, feast like fuck.  I like to eat and drink until I'm sick - and encourage the same from others.  And if you want to take some drugs - go ahead!  Please do it!

But I have to admit - it takes an inordinate amount of discipline to have the capacity to debauch oneself to greater extremes than... normal...  If you want to fuck six times a day - in extended orgies, with incredible banquets comprised of tables heaving with food.  If you want to be able to hold your drink and piss it out again and again - it takes a fit body and a fit mind.  That requires an exercise regime that compares with the military.  Happy are those who are austere in there debauch!  If you want it - you work for it.  Nothing is free.

I say nothing is free - but I don't believe in working too hard where there is no point.  I don't see the point in conforming blindly to a work ethic that doesn't bear sufficient returns.  A good business or production line follows a basic principle of physics prevalent throughout the universe - maximum output for minimum input.  Don't torture yourself just to keep up appearances in a workaholic culture - fuck conformity, fuck their work ethic, fuck the state and its media constantly cajoling us to overwork ourselves and berate each other for 'stealing taxes' or not working hard enough.  I ask a basic economic question - "for whom? for what? why?"

Answer that question to yourself at every turn in life - and you'll find more reason to feast and orgy than to work and conform.  Trust me.  Try it.  You'll love it - and you'll love your life and your friends and yourself more than you ever have.  We no longer love one another because we let the state, morality and normative bullshit mediate between us - so we are all conforming to an average that demands from us more work, less play, less pay - and less play with the pay we get.  Prudence should always ask that question "why?", basically - why should I?  What is my longterm return?  If that longterm return isn't something more than 'financial security' [to carry on slowly dying in an empty meaningless 'life'] then that prudence is not a sound investment to make.  Why live like that?  Why base your whole life on simply making sure you can die with false comfort, lamenting the life you lost as you wither away in a care home run by a private company subsidised by your own tax payments?  Best kill yourself now than wither away like that.

So my friend - I think you may understand why I feast and fuck as I do.  And train as I do - I want to die healthy, be that tomorrow or 40 years away.  But I want to live right until the very last breath - live a life of love, loving life, and all the good things in it.  So fear not sex, Sodom, feasts, debauchery, madness and mayhem.  We all try so hard to be boring as fuck - and bore each other in the process.  We demand boredom as 'normality', as 'goodness', and the state and its little churches with their so called philosophies of temperance and prudence (for whom???) demand we all behave if we are to be supposedly 'lovable' [as opposed to being abnormal, criminal, immoral, lazy, and so on).  I love madness - I love going insane.  All my gestures and expressions are redolent with madness.  I am infused with the pathos of Pan.  And I'm smart as hell for it.

You want to be smart and creative?  Getting an A grade doesn't cut it - not in a society where A grades are watered down.  Think about it.  The geniuses are triumphant masters and mistresses and maestro's were all mad, all insane.  Look at Einstein just to begin with.  And even some serious figures in history, such as Musashii, or Newton - were in their own severe way 'abnormal', unusual.  Even a modern actor like Johnny Depp - a little unusual in character.  So be mad my friend - and you'll have the energy to see you through the next banquet and the next orgy.  You'll have the zest and the zeal to endure your fitness regimes, and study some hard books to help you think for yourself, free your mind, and plan your own plans.  Yes - I read a lot.  When I'm not feasting and fucking and indulging in some perversion or unusual behaviour that would have a psychiatrist writing a prescription - I'm reading some tough stuff, to get my head free to work out its own problems.

So there you go, in a nutshell - I'm a fighter, a fucker, a pervert, an extreme pervert and I don't give a fuck if it upsets a few moral faggots.  I'm a libertine, I love excess, I love war and peace equally, I love the absolute limits of human capacity and nothing less.  And what's more - I love such company.  And now I'm going to share with you and the world a lifestyle that speaks, thinks and acts for itself - without looking for a second opinion from someone or something that only wants it to be tame, normal, moral, weak, meek.  I practice temperance, prudence and fortitude to a degree far more severe than some petty little penant - but solely for the purpose of greater pleasure - nothing else.

That is what I am my friend - pleasure, without hindrance or fear.  I'm the most perverted man in the world - and I'm not ashamed of it.

Now - I have six hot whores out the back, three gorgeous little boys, a goat, a turkey, a donkey, four latex clad gimps, two bodybuilders with huge raging cocks, an old woman and some freaks and dwarves.  The tables are laden with food and drink and drugs.  Won't you join me???

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