Friday, 28 September 2012

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visited my wife in a dream

I cannot claim that I or my wife are of the requisite background or character to receive a visitation from any of the Prophets or Sages.  Despite my ultralibertine and ultralibertarian philosophy and cultural values - in a certain way however - we live lives more earnest than most.  Freespirited we are, and in that sense we would be denounced as 'wine drinkers and fornicators' by orthodox 'Muslims', and branded sodomites and 1000 other accusations besides we would receive from many so called 'Christians'.  Then there are the worshippers of The State, they too would deem us 'lawbreakers' and break us they certainly would.

My point is simple - although I speak against hypocrisy, the life my wife and I live is not one we would feign to be 'morally pure' - the very concept of morality vomited by corrupt bishops and cardinals, or Imam's or senators or ministers - is anathema to us.

But my wife, who comes from a social background and part of the world where people who call themselves Muslims are only an embarrasment to Islam and a shame unto themselves, are unpopular and despised by her equally among others, has received a visitation from The Prophet.  My wife knows nothing of Islam, any more than most people who have learned of Islam from the media.  She knows nothing about the Qu'ran, has not read it, does not know any description of The Prophet, and did not even know that the night sky of Saudi Arabia was beautiful and shimmering with stars (ideal for stargazers).

Despite our lifestyle - we are compelled to share her dream as follows:

The Dream

I was walking through the desert with my husband. The night was still, the sky was full of twinkling stars. We were walking hand in hand, not talking but taking in the stillness of the night, the peace.

Then a tall man approached us.  He was wearing a white robe.  He had dark skin and long dark hair, deep set eyes and a perfect nose that accentuated a perfect mouth.  I was in awe, I never saw a vision so Divine.  Such radiant beauty and perfect features.  He then said “I am Muhammad and this is my Kingdom.  Do not be afraid.  I am not a bad person.  Follow me.”

My husband and I followed Him in silence until we reached a place where we could see countless bright stars.  There were other people in white robes walking before us.  The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then took a basin with water and held it under a cluster of stars shining in the sky above.  He looked sadly into the water saying “I am sad with what is happening everywhere in the world.  This is not what I wanted.  This is not what is supposed to be.  I wanted purity.  Purity of the mind and soul.  It should be as clear as this water – like a mirror where you can see all the stars.”

The bowl of water reflected the beauty of the sky perfectly.  Then I was awoken.


She told me of the dream as soon as she woke - I awoke at the same time.  And immediately I knew of its Divinity and validity.  And we have discussed the dream between ourselves over and over again.

The main points in the dream were:

The sadness of The Prophet.  His eyes and expression were sad upon meeting, and as he showed us the bowl of water.  His voice was sad.

The bowl of water, symbolised clarity.  Spiritual purity, purity of mind and heart, of soul - is not the 'moral' chauvinism that has corrupted us all globally.  It is a clear mind, the reasoning of the mind not perturbed by lies, false concepts, bad logic, and skewed and distorted emotions - which is of the heart.  And there the soul is pure and carefree - free to think, and choose, and all feeling will be good in the heart and for the heart.

And the night sky, the creation of Al'lah, is reflected perfectly in such a soul.  We were in awe of its beauty in the dream.  And upon being told the dream, I can see it, and further I am in awe.

Finally, the yearning of The Prophet was such that he was, without words but by pathos, feeling, requesting we help Him spread The Message - to open a path that can lead people back to Him, such that everyone can purify their souls - for Al'lah, or God, and be happy.

But for us, this is such an unusual task - we do not live a life any Imam or so called 'Muslim' would favour.  We do not live a life any Christian church would favour.  We find all of them abhorrent.  And what is more - many people have become cynical and sickened by their corruptions.

Look now, Christian bigots harass Muslim bigots - and you tear each other apart.  All of your churches and mosques are rotten with corruption - as the Pope's own butler, about to stand trial without jury, indicates.  And the Nepotism in the Saudi Kingdom - is anything but the honesty for which The Prophet was reknown.

Is it any wonder people have become rebellious and seek succour in debauchery?

Now, for me, there is the most confounding task.  A man who has taken the name Baldassare Cossa, and his wife who is devoted to him.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why do we look at porn?

It has occurred to my mind that the reasons given for why we look at porn - like the reasons given for many things - are the wrong way round.  What can be expected when we live in a world of 'morality' where if one is to be indulgent or sensual at all, some kind of hypocrisy, excuse or double standard must be followed?  Or worse, a world where one must feel 'guilty' and even accuse oneself as a criminal [or even a pre-criminal] when the beauties of the flesh and sensuality become the drivers of our actions [or, if we're honest, spectating rather than 'doing good sport'!]

The moralists, and their unhappy science, would have us believe that pornography, or anything erotic or sensual, drives us to some form of 'evil' or at the very least concupiscence.  But let us be honest - it is the opposite that is true.  How often do you look at porn, or a beautiful person, to 'get horny'?  Only when you're not feeling healthy.  But when in good health - it is good health itself that impels you to your passions.  That is, you seek pleasure in life - and where it is lacking - even seek it in some artform, some form of media - as humans have done for millenia [consider ancient sculptures!  Porn and erotic art are not new!]

But the false moralist, who hates life and hates you enjoying it - would prefer you believe that abstinence prevents what they deem 'immoral', criminal, or of course - with their slippery slope argument -what leads to crime.  In their eyes, marjiuana results in crack cocaine addiction, and somehow - if we are stupid or terrified enough to believe them [be smart and brave! Be yourself!], eroticism and pornography lead to violent and horrific rape and murder crimes.  But bad dreams and horrific fantasies are the figments of a mentally ill imagination.  Yet we submit to that!

I tell you this - straight to the point, with no twisting of reality - it is a healthy body and mind that seeks and loves sensuality, the erotic, even the so called pornographic.  It suffers no neurotic fear of it.  Does not feel it needs some illogical morality that dicates one should avoid anything pleasant.  It loves beauty and orgasm because it is healthy!  And who or what could  claim otherwise but a body and mind that is sick, cowardly and resentful?

Throw away such moralities based of cowardice, envy and resentment!  Throw away anything that has to twist logic and turn reality on its head!  Throw away anything that requires morbid fantasy to justify its very existence, and requires that you come to exist less - by living less - to simply hold itself at all in relation to you and anyone that is healthy.

Enjoy your porn and eroticism, enjoy your naughty fun!  For that is a sign of good health - not evil, not sickness, not psychiatric neurosis or 'paraphilia' as is argued by the sick moralist and his unhappy science.

Live your life and live it with those you wish to mutually pleasure.  And that - requires no morality or false science to justify itself or stake illegitimate claims as do the sick and the resentful, those who today call themselves 'good' [and we still 'believe'!!!]

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Women should enjoy bodybuilders as they do chocolate cake without shame.

I have debated with a number of women throughout my life - usually those with whom I have debauched, and this morning I had the same debate with the woman I am going to marry.

A man will happily indulge a hot female without any sense of guilt or shame - it is the most natural thing to him.  Try telling him otherwise and you are simply wasting your time.  It is not merely because he has been raised to believe he can and should do this - as some backdoor religious conservatives posing as some kind of emancipator of humanity try to have us believe [those fake socialists, feminists and so called libertarians who - when push comes to shove - are as moral as the most horrendous priest].  Not everything is nurtured - after all, can you teach a dog English and algebra?  Can you get the dog to stop humping your leg and sniffing your netherparts?

However, it is not untrue that 'all is nature' either - we are not absolutely born with some instinct that cannot be pruned or redirected.  But my point is this - what ideas we use to direct the instincts, are important for our mutual happiness - and we must get rid of all double standards and backdoor morals that inhibit our pleasures.

Why use false ideas of equality, liberty, happiness, to curtail a good thrill?

Don't you ladies just love a big hot hunk with a very large and thick cock, perfect chest, smile, ass, biceps, as much as you love a good thick heavy chocolate cake?  Look how your eyes widen at the windows of the baker shop!  Now - why is it, despite diet fads and moralities that force you to starve yourself until your sex drive is dead, your eyes widen and you drool before the Divine trip chocolate gateaux?  But when six big hot cocks present themselves, grinning and redolent with male vitality, well... You can't help but evoke a small smile, even if it is a Mona Lisa smile - but morality, and even ideas of 'being equal', prevent you from LEERING and DROOLING as you truly desire.  And furthermore - false concepts of decency - prevent you from throwing yourselves amidst those stallions and screaming to be stripped and sexually teased and tortured for 4-6hrs without mercy.  Why!  Why not!  Do it!

You can see that I am trying to do two things here.  First, get rid of the chains of chauvinism that repress BOTH men and women!  After all, when you feel you cannot immerse yourself amidst the hunks - they also are losing out in what could be a very thrilling and endearing experience for all.  Second - I absolutely must emphasise that the double standard of morality creeps in by the back door, and gives you a false sense of freedom and peace, false 'rights'.  What good is it if it is said that:

"Oh, men should not leer at women!  That is abuse!"

But then you are not being admired as you wish to be - doesn't it make you smile to be dearly admired?  Don't you fantasise about showing off, and throwing yourself amidst the hunks, naked and carefree, to suffer one overpowering orgasm after another???

BOTH men and women are repressed by this false concept of 'gender equality' or the more general phrase 'equal rights' - that horrid specter of religious morality still shackles both men and women!  Away with this nonsense!  This is no better than the original double standard where men can be 'ravenous beasts' because it is 'merely natural' [it is indeed - but there's more to it than that!] and women must be docile, weak and 'proper'.

Away with all these false morals and double standards - away with social chauvinism!  And let us be careful it does not return by the back door and repress us once again - through bad concepts and policies of 'equality', 'protection', 'privacy', and so on.

Take care when you hear such phrases - and demand primarily not your 'liberty' - but your pleasure and the mutual pleasure of you and your friends and playthings!  That is the FIRST LIBERTY.  The freedom to indulge, the freedom to feel and share pleasure unhindered by false ideals and moral ghosts.  When this is the first principle, all else follows in a genuine Constitution of Emancipation.

My girls - all of you - fuck!  Enjoy yourselves shamelessly!  I endear and encourage you!

Let us debauch together, freely, come with me!  Come on!

You know you want to :)

Don't be shy :)