Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Why bestiality should be legalised and promoted on TV

No doubt many moralists and mindless sheeple will be deeply 'shocked' by the headline to this post.  I emphasise 'shocked' to insinuate that in truth - there is no emotion at all, but only script following dramatics - no real thinking, feeling or Being whatsoever - thus such subhumans may be immediately dismissed from our Forum and Court...

But I am deadly serious when I say that not only should fucking animals be permitted but also promoted on TV as a campaign against one final form of discrimination prevalent in our 'Christian' chauvinist social world.  That is - species discrimination.  We have witnessed much resistance against many forms of discrimination - racism, sexuality, gender, ageism (although this has a long way to go - as I will discuss in the future).  Much of the resistance has come from a mixed bag of social groups, who themselves are utterly bereft of a coherent worldview nor are they even capable of such (and to believe that Socialism, Liberalism or Feminism as we know them, are anything remotely near a well round system is a sympton of such decadences itself).  But in future - I know that resistance will come from a more spiritually enlightened social movement - itself eclectic yet Unified in themselves.  These resistances will address those issues hitherto only partially addressed by partisan and infantile political and social groups - all bereft of healthy spirits!  And it is for this that I speak with such confidence - for that time has come on every calender!

We depersonalise animals as we depersonalise ourselves - for it takes an impersonal relationship, in an impersonal social world with its politically chauvinist scripts that we all 'ought' to follow (one must laugh at such deontics!).  We all have pets - we interact with them - treat them well, make them part of the family, we  care for them as we do our children, sick and elderly - yet we pretend that these animals do not have a voice, that they do not, cannot - and for the sake of the status quo - must not speak.  But that is to say that every living creature is as dead as a rock - with no behaviour or interaction whatsoever - that they have no Will.  And that is how we make ourselves when we follow such scripts!

I tell you this - that when you make love to an animal - your dog for example, or a sheep or a donkey, a goat or a horse (choose freely!) - you are not only giving that animal its liberty and sharing pleasure with it - you also liberate yourself and become closer to nature and All Being.  You become more human and less barbaric - you have thrown away the last yoke of discrimination that compels you to abuse, enslave, remove from their orbit, the Willpower of another, without any justification.  Furthermore - you not only have ceased to discriminate against a species - but you have ceased to discriminate against another sexual taste (or 'sexuality' - as our mundane 'modernist' intellects like to categorise such tastes and passions ever so neatly and conveniently to police and discriminate).  It is equally mala in se to remove from another person - be that person an animal or human - the liberty to debauch, fuck and enjoy pleasure as they choose.  Do you yet notice how these chauvinist scripts - often promoted through TV and Mass Media - serve only to cull pleasure, to regulate pleasure and bodies, to control Power and kill it?  To kill the Will of all?

We live in a culture of death - quod erat demonstrandum - and by promoting something a little more 'pro-life' on TV - we would make a key shift away from that.  I speak against discrimination of all kinds and against bestiality and species discrimination here not merely to empower another because it is 'moral', it is 'nice', the 'right thing to do' - these are such artificial reasons.  I have provided better and more spirited reasons - reasons that can be holistic (which the abovementioned ism's cannot achieve) and carries greater honour and integrity.

Some of you may believe this is also a justification for vegetarianism - which I assure you it is not.  I am not against meat eating, or even hunting - at all.  And this is another debate, which I shall write here soon enough - but this separate debate obviously follows nicely from what I discuss here.

I use bestiality, species, discriminations, debauchery and Sodom - as a means to greater spiritual, intellectual and political integrity.  This is not 'moral' - if it were - I could not even have this conversation - for I would be following Christian prescriptions and other politically correct scripts - I would not think and only discriminate, never being me...

Am I understood?

Monday, 14 January 2013

The joys of debauchery.

Many of you have asked me "Why?"

Is it for attention?  The thrill?  To simply turn everything upside-down?  To insult and offend, shock and horrify?

The answer is all these things and a little more.  Two further reasons stand out:

There is the sheer pleasure of it, the 'hobby', the adventure, the joy of finding and experiencing new pleasures - and you can be assured I have indeed found many of those.  Everything from tickling the perineum from some obtuse angle to having ones nipples and anus horribly squeezed and prodded with odd devices, hanging from a web of ropes and pulleys, after suffering 4 hours of other sweet horrors.  Be assured - this is enlightening - and it takes us to our second reason.

There is the spiritual aspect.  The whole Sacred Ritual, and in Sodom there are many such rituals - every torture and sweet pleasure is to be considered as a journey along a fresh path which one has hitherto not traversed, perhaps even nobody has.  During ones sufferings - the countless lashes of the whip, the tugging of  nipples, genitals, anal tortures, tickletortures, scratchings, gratings, humiliations and teasings, even a dash of voyeurism or rampant exhibitionism and the wave of adrenaline that courses through ones veins, or the opioids in ones brain - here the biochemical and bioelectrical are supervened by a sense of Mind, a sense of Spirit, a wave of pathos - that supersedes the banality of everyday life.  One is delivered to a new realm - its essence is the Passion and the Sensation - it is Holiness embodied and embodiment divinated.  It is an Unio Mystica via the senses and the Will to proceed and never submit to anything other than the path itself.  Am I understood?

Those who practice Kink on occasion refer to 'subspace' - and it is this, to some extent, to which I allude.  Of course, there are many 'subspaces', many kinds of sacred dreamlike states that are the percept of the Dionysian frenzy of the debauch.  They themselves are the Apollonian aspect of the sweetness of suffering - the dreamlike cognizance of the phenomenon of anguish, and of orgasm.  In this - the convergence of these opposites in the embodied Magii of Sodom, One becomes absolutely One as the dreamer and See'r, and also becomes one with All as the Willed submission to the Dionysian frenzy, the passion, the sufferings and the relief - which itself is to look to Nirvana as oneself - self and all appraised once more, via another path, another debauch.

And in this hobby of the spirit - that one takes so seriously yet so carefree, one also spreads this 'Gospel of Sweet Suffering' to other lovers and libertines and offers to them new opportunities to perceive the Self and All, to feel this divinity embodied, as they hitherto may not have known or achieved or perhaps through oppression not been permitted.

This is my final reason - as both combined - by doing what I do, I emancipate.  I emancipate myself and others.  And this is the best thing I can do for myself and the best gift I can give to others.

I offer you an Orgasm - not a mere 'best wishes'...

I offer you...  The Wills Of Sodom:



Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fit for fucking.

There are many moralists no doubt reading me and passing false judgements.  Those common accusations against 'concupiscence' where those of us who choose life and choose to enjoy life without allowing our Will to be subverted by the resentment of them...  Those dreadful and too often false labellings and denigrations against those of us who have no fear of sex, drugs and rock n' roll - to encourage us to feel a sense of shame, with the perfunctory concomitant guilt.  And on what grounds are we to be ashamed?  On the perception that we are somehow degenerate - weaker, lazier, less intelligent, imprudent, disorganised, disoriented and confused with ourselves (for all our Hedonism is but a manifestation of some 'inner tumult', of a profound grief and discordant and confounded sense of identity)...

But I pass my assurances - that debauchery and Sodom, Hedonism - has nothing to do with weakness - quite the opposite.  Respectively, I must place the resentful, the petty moralists constantly in panic and on security alert, in the same category as the degenerate, slothful and imebcilic.  For they simply lack the strength and sheer razor sharp Will to even find out what it is they desire, define that desire, and put it into a Praxis that will yield results.  Such results sometimes being identified as 'pleasure' - but for those of us with far vision and genuinely prudent spirits over more than one dimension - is merely a yield, a percentage, to be reinvested into our Will for the next game of Sodom...  Am I understood?  Or are those who are imbecilic and perhaps unquestionably moralised perplexed by the geometric formulation of words and mathematical rigour of argument?  A framework of knowledge indifferent to... 'philosophy'...

My good friends - I stand before you as the most severe and disciplined of men!  How else am I to have the reserves to fuck, debauch, drink, binge and vomit as I do?  How can I orgy and dance wildly?  How can I fight and conquer?  How can I even have the intellectual capacity to ruminate, be creative, meditate on some complex issues and think my way out of the soporific morality of mass man...  If I were not fit, strong, and disciplined with the severity of a Buddhist Sage and a Special Forces soldier?  I assure you - I am.

If you want to see the stars in deep space - you must do without sleep.  And you must crouch your body for long periods in awkward stances, beneath the telescope eyepiece - sometimes in the freezing cold.  If you want to fuck and fuck again, and again, you must be fit - trust me...  And you must be capable of defending your territory in Sacred Holy War, when the moralist plague comes once again - and they are always on the horizon if not at the front door.  If you wish to drink much wine and be steady the morning following - you must be fit indeed, just as you need strength to trek deep into mountains and forests - often in hostile weather - just to be alone for a time, to meditate - or to orgy in peace far away from the looking glass sheeple.

So you see brethren...  There is the greatest strength and the most severe test upon an individuals 'morals', ethics, resolve and even on the capacity to love and remain caring - in Sodom.  Sodom is the ultimate challenge - and the ultimate test of ones honesty, honour, fidelity, capacity to remain focused and forward thinking - and to be fearless before the beautiful.

The last phrase "fearless before the beautiful" may confuse some - but this is my key point here.  It is easy to say "I fear the ugly" and justify it - although in Sodom that is challenged with the greatest ease.  But put many meek moralists before 1000 beautiful naked Fuckers - and I assure you the beautiful bodies and the sweet music of 1000 orgasms will terrify them.

Too many people fear beauty - and for that they remain unfit!  Unfit to indulge in life - unfit even to think about it.  Physically and psychologically unfit!  Spiritually pathological!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Why I miss the festivities

I have to confess it - I miss the festive cheer already!

Don't you just love the excuse to binge, debauch, be selfish and utterly greedy - yet GIVE like fuck, encourage excess, profligation, binging, fucking, puking, shitting, constipation and all the consequences of encouraged and even softly enforced gluttony?

Christmas and New Year are the ultimate festivity of our modern age, it is the celebration that defines us.  Just as the Triumph defined the Romans, or Ramadan defines Muslims.  Us?  We love eating like fuck, we love presents, we love to give too much and receive too much.  We love to encourage too much and be encouraged to indulge too much.  We love too much!  And we love to love it!  Such joy!

And it is in the festive season, that I begin to feel positively about Western civilisation once again - the rest of the year being a gloomy affair, where nihilism and hypocrisy overwhelm every soul [even the freest of free spirits must fly far and high to escape the anomie and deathly stench of Christian morality and social norms].  During the festive season - those things that show we are still a little healthy, and still have the potential for GOOD HEALTH - come to the foreground.  GOOD HEALTH is defined by ones motivation, ones desire, ones sheer unabashed Will to indulge, to take, and even to give.  This symptom of health - as opposed to the rest of the year symptoms of pathology [taking with a sense of guilt, never giving except out of false altruism, hypocrisy, constant need for fairytale justifications as 'morality', constant apathy, whining, learned helplessness, resentment and a hypocritical encouragement of so called asceticism [give your 10%, all power to the soviets, for the Republic, for 'freedom' etc]] - this symptom of health I say, as pure Will and its greed to BE MORE, give MORE, take MORE, without guilt, without recourse to fairytales [morality], to simply ENJOY and indulge carefreely and never judge those you love for doing exactly that - mutual encouragement of such a healthy spirit - such a healthy atmosphere, fresh air!  Such a change of climate that is!  Despite winter months it feels incredibly warming, to the heart and mind.  To the body.  How ready we are for Spring and Summer after our festive debauch!  Until of course - the bad atmosphere returns too quickly!

Am I understood?

How I fucked this Christmas and New Year!  Not only my wife, but a good few others!  And I encouraged all those I love and fucked to do likewise.  Sucking mouths passionately - mouths filed with wine and truffles - is much more genuine than a cold stiff handshake, be assured - try it and trust me.

How I ate!  I ate til I was heaving, vomiting, I needed laxatives to clear out the clog of my gluttony!  And get back to some good fucking and being fucked!  And the diarrhea, oh God and sweet heavens the deluge - that was a passionate experience in itself, believe me!  And to share ones shit even, that my friends, is love!

How I drank - I drank several different kinds of coffee in one sitting, 3-5 cups laid before me at once - I was half mad on caffeine highs!  And when not consuming coffee, wines and liqueurs and ales, until I spewed and pissed myself, rejuvenated hours later by some whimsome little orgy going on right beside me - several more coffees and large trays of chocolates and cake to revive me.

And the gifts, the sweet vanities!  Countless gifts I received as I gave and LOVED GIVING!  For there is POWER in giving - it shows one is powerful enough to have the resources to give, the love to give, the sheer self control to give, and the pleasure of giving and spreading pleasure - which is a far greater power than spreading misery, leave the latter to the moralists and other such spiritual weaklings and decadents.

I wore several colognes, aftershaves, lotions and deoderants at once - to stink of beauty despite the background reek of shit, piss and vomit - such sweet power is that!  And to have all the people that one loves, despite being naked and covered in their own filth and orders, to reek beautifully the same, after long sweaty orgies and banquets - that my dear friends, I assure you, is a power a man like Hitler, or other such half-creatures and degenerates, could never ever fathom.  And this is why I love Christmas - that most Pagan of festivities and Pagan it shall always remain [Santa Clause is most welcome of course!] - it is that time where we can be the opposite of that most sickly part of ourselves - that Hitlerian or moralist chauvinist part that is pathologically anti-pleasure, anti-life, anti-health.

Perhaps Christmas and New Year, that time of joy, refreshment, receiving and giving so carefree, is the very last light of health in the West, our last hope for rejuvenation and redemption - as opposed to the false redemption of all other ism's hitherto [and anities and ologies I should add].  I wish it could be Christmas and New Year every day - so that all year round, we could keep the vibe of GOOD HEALTH and GOOD TIDINGS, without guilt and apathy and resentment - but only with EXCESS as the ultimate expression of power and self control and reverence for life at its best.

How I try to live like this - the eating, drinking and fucking, and the Sacred Holy War to protect and promulgate this type of life - perhaps Santa should be made a god?  Santa as...  The last hint of Dionysos and good cheer in the West?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

They BANNED my book for being too extreme and pornographic!

So... I tried to put my book Tales Of Depravity onto Amazon Kindle, iPhone and iPad - and perhaps not too surprisingly they have banned my book for being in violation of their very vague terms.

I was unsurprised yet at the same time rightfully pissed off - why do they have the 120 Days Of Sodom, 50 Shades Of Grey and American Psycho on Kindle - all of which are very graphic?

Here are the said books:




And to make it even more ridiculous pornographic books such as Tickle Torture by Penny Birch are available:


My own book is of real literary and sociological value, even philosophic - despite the prose being intentionally formulated for the average reader.  In my work, the graphic scenes are to bring certain points of concern out into the open - not merely to entertain, and I am perfectly fine with those who CHOOSE to be entertained by my work.  Something Amazon is not giving you the freedom to do!

In a nutshell, Amazon is using its 'policy' to shirk Constitution, Rule Of Law, and unfairly dismiss and discriminate at its own arbitrary whim.  Since when could a Corporation decide on what we can say, hear, read, write, sell and buy?  Is this Corporate Mafia Governance?  Is it 'crony capitalism' and not genuine free markets because they permit big publishers to print what they want but not anyone else?  Is this 'tyranny of the minority' because they claim a certain group of people are 'offended' by such literature therefore we should all kowtow to them in the name of democracy?  Or is it 'tyranny of majority' in that "everyone won't like this therefore it must be banned" - two tyrannies equally as bad as Corporate Mafia Governance without recourse to Rule Of Law.  Can a Corporation even claim they are "protecting the public from bad writing"?  How can that lawfully be determined?  When serving the public - it must be done fairly, transparently and without arbitrary discrimination - the entity [here Amazon] opens its property to the public to do business therefore must adhere to 'Res Publica/Public Interest' and never engage in opaque discriminatory behaviours that reflect dictatorship or tyranny!

In the longterm, the freedom of every individual mind is at stake here for the abovementioned reasons.  Those who have ears let them hear!  Those who have minds - choose now!  Tyranny or liberty?

I implore you lovers of freedom, to support me, comment here, spread the word about my case, sign my petitions, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter - the time is now to defend liberty!  Tomorrow never comes.




Finally I managed to get an ebook version on Lulu - available to read on any reader device such as iPad or Kindle.  I don't know how long I'll get to keep it up.  It's also 'pending review' for iBookstore and Nook - but I doubt I'll get past the censors.  Please support me by signing the petitions!  And if you can - grab a copy of the ebook here before it gets taken down again!