Saturday, 20 October 2012

What is the good life?

When pressed with the question "What is the good life?" there is the tendency either to indulge in erudite eulogies to some vague convention (in a nutshell - social normativity) trying to pass off as 'higher', 'holier', and for that reason its opaque and obscurantist framework is of course "beyond normal reason".  And when we aren't telling fairytales and whoring our minds and bodies with fantasy - we are perhaps more straight talking and simply repeat the "holy riddle" in some simplified set of conditionals - "thou shalt's" or "this is proper".  We see the latter in tabloid journalism every day.

But let us cut to the chase - and sweep a lot of so called philosophy off the table.  We do not need any more theosophic sophistry as modes of governance!  What policy can derive from that which may be regarded as 'optimum'???  And who would depend on such skewed 'spiritual equilibria' as 'goodness' in the first place???  Two social groups:

A group empowered but suffering a fragile sustenance of power, who depends heavily on mediations and countervailing and evasive 'speech acts' to avoid a full onslaught that would seriously undermine the illusion of their necessity...

And the second group - those who are by nature weak and slothful, who simply don't want to know better - who prefer opiates and cheap alcohol to strength, banquet, war and orgy - who prefer 'humility' (as a kind of reverse snobbery) to Glory.  And where there is goodness, greatness, glory - they elect something that undermines its foundations and brings it back to their ash and chaff.

When two such general groupings prevail - humanity is indeed in a weak state in all senses of the word, spiritually, psychological, physiological [to remain in the current discursive framework of "mind, body, spirit" and all its...  Permutations or mere distortions and lack of clarity...].  And where are we today?  We do not need Karl Marx or Adolf Hitler to help us understand.  They were the seeds in our compost, from which much grows today.

What of all the great achievements such as science, space technology, engineering, sexual freedom???  I hear you ask.  But - this is to get to the point of our original question.  These great achievements are for reasons other than what we have mentioned.  These achievements are completely besides and opposed to the groupings of weakness and decay - be they evangelical presidents or unwashed self destroying 'activists' [such choice!].  Look at what the average President aims to achieve today - it is something other than any great project such as the Moon landing.  And look at what the 'average citizen' seeks to achieve - sustenance at the cost of other great things, and of course - no wars please even if it means ones grandchildren will know of nothing... Good...  Not even economic comfort or security.

And all this - is in the name of humility, morality, sometimes even 'Christianity' or 'Islam' - all of which are lost  today.  There are few Christians or Muslims remaining (when have we last enjoyed a Renaissance Pope?  Or a great Imam or Sheikh?).  There are no great sages or liberators, no Caesars or monks.  No beings who can be said to be extreme or strong in their own format - be it banquet or Spartan severity.

And what is the good life?  It is not sufficient to say 'temperance', or 'humility', or 'charity'.  For seldom is there an answer to the question "for whom, for what. why?" that is sufficient and satisfying.  The answers usually are 'for the people' (now a somewhat degenerate mass of soaked ashes) or of course 'the state', the 'public interest', or 'humanity' - an abstraction that usually is employed by certain groups in precarious power positions that deploy this obscurantism to pacify the electorate that seeks sustenance in such 'moral opiates' - in a nutshell - nothingness!

Let us cut to the chase, and be unafraid.  The good life is an active life - and its sincere practice is not a 'stupid honesty' - but its execution without shame.  A life that banquets, orgies, goes to war, or commits itself to the most severe austerities and exercises - without shame, without any need to justify itself to any group that depends on weak forces.  It is a life of a Caesar, a Borgia, a Spartan or an old Caliph [not an 'Ayatollah' of the 20th Century], it is the Buddhist monk in hard training or a Hindu Sage in deep fasting and sleepless meditation.

Can we begin now, to talk sense?  Can we get back to being human?  Without shame that is 'too Christian' or humility that is too Asiatic???  And without a sense of false austerity that is a nothingness, and leads to nothingness, that you might find in a Corrupt Middle Eastern state, or even in the hills of Afghanistan?

Where in the world is our humanity?

Perhaps we will begin to find it in places deemed... Immoral?  Who among you will have the courage then, to enjoy the extreme pleasures or partake in the harsh austerities of such abodes and fields?  Hmm?

Friday, 28 September 2012

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visited my wife in a dream

I cannot claim that I or my wife are of the requisite background or character to receive a visitation from any of the Prophets or Sages.  Despite my ultralibertine and ultralibertarian philosophy and cultural values - in a certain way however - we live lives more earnest than most.  Freespirited we are, and in that sense we would be denounced as 'wine drinkers and fornicators' by orthodox 'Muslims', and branded sodomites and 1000 other accusations besides we would receive from many so called 'Christians'.  Then there are the worshippers of The State, they too would deem us 'lawbreakers' and break us they certainly would.

My point is simple - although I speak against hypocrisy, the life my wife and I live is not one we would feign to be 'morally pure' - the very concept of morality vomited by corrupt bishops and cardinals, or Imam's or senators or ministers - is anathema to us.

But my wife, who comes from a social background and part of the world where people who call themselves Muslims are only an embarrasment to Islam and a shame unto themselves, are unpopular and despised by her equally among others, has received a visitation from The Prophet.  My wife knows nothing of Islam, any more than most people who have learned of Islam from the media.  She knows nothing about the Qu'ran, has not read it, does not know any description of The Prophet, and did not even know that the night sky of Saudi Arabia was beautiful and shimmering with stars (ideal for stargazers).

Despite our lifestyle - we are compelled to share her dream as follows:

The Dream

I was walking through the desert with my husband. The night was still, the sky was full of twinkling stars. We were walking hand in hand, not talking but taking in the stillness of the night, the peace.

Then a tall man approached us.  He was wearing a white robe.  He had dark skin and long dark hair, deep set eyes and a perfect nose that accentuated a perfect mouth.  I was in awe, I never saw a vision so Divine.  Such radiant beauty and perfect features.  He then said “I am Muhammad and this is my Kingdom.  Do not be afraid.  I am not a bad person.  Follow me.”

My husband and I followed Him in silence until we reached a place where we could see countless bright stars.  There were other people in white robes walking before us.  The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then took a basin with water and held it under a cluster of stars shining in the sky above.  He looked sadly into the water saying “I am sad with what is happening everywhere in the world.  This is not what I wanted.  This is not what is supposed to be.  I wanted purity.  Purity of the mind and soul.  It should be as clear as this water – like a mirror where you can see all the stars.”

The bowl of water reflected the beauty of the sky perfectly.  Then I was awoken.


She told me of the dream as soon as she woke - I awoke at the same time.  And immediately I knew of its Divinity and validity.  And we have discussed the dream between ourselves over and over again.

The main points in the dream were:

The sadness of The Prophet.  His eyes and expression were sad upon meeting, and as he showed us the bowl of water.  His voice was sad.

The bowl of water, symbolised clarity.  Spiritual purity, purity of mind and heart, of soul - is not the 'moral' chauvinism that has corrupted us all globally.  It is a clear mind, the reasoning of the mind not perturbed by lies, false concepts, bad logic, and skewed and distorted emotions - which is of the heart.  And there the soul is pure and carefree - free to think, and choose, and all feeling will be good in the heart and for the heart.

And the night sky, the creation of Al'lah, is reflected perfectly in such a soul.  We were in awe of its beauty in the dream.  And upon being told the dream, I can see it, and further I am in awe.

Finally, the yearning of The Prophet was such that he was, without words but by pathos, feeling, requesting we help Him spread The Message - to open a path that can lead people back to Him, such that everyone can purify their souls - for Al'lah, or God, and be happy.

But for us, this is such an unusual task - we do not live a life any Imam or so called 'Muslim' would favour.  We do not live a life any Christian church would favour.  We find all of them abhorrent.  And what is more - many people have become cynical and sickened by their corruptions.

Look now, Christian bigots harass Muslim bigots - and you tear each other apart.  All of your churches and mosques are rotten with corruption - as the Pope's own butler, about to stand trial without jury, indicates.  And the Nepotism in the Saudi Kingdom - is anything but the honesty for which The Prophet was reknown.

Is it any wonder people have become rebellious and seek succour in debauchery?

Now, for me, there is the most confounding task.  A man who has taken the name Baldassare Cossa, and his wife who is devoted to him.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why do we look at porn?

It has occurred to my mind that the reasons given for why we look at porn - like the reasons given for many things - are the wrong way round.  What can be expected when we live in a world of 'morality' where if one is to be indulgent or sensual at all, some kind of hypocrisy, excuse or double standard must be followed?  Or worse, a world where one must feel 'guilty' and even accuse oneself as a criminal [or even a pre-criminal] when the beauties of the flesh and sensuality become the drivers of our actions [or, if we're honest, spectating rather than 'doing good sport'!]

The moralists, and their unhappy science, would have us believe that pornography, or anything erotic or sensual, drives us to some form of 'evil' or at the very least concupiscence.  But let us be honest - it is the opposite that is true.  How often do you look at porn, or a beautiful person, to 'get horny'?  Only when you're not feeling healthy.  But when in good health - it is good health itself that impels you to your passions.  That is, you seek pleasure in life - and where it is lacking - even seek it in some artform, some form of media - as humans have done for millenia [consider ancient sculptures!  Porn and erotic art are not new!]

But the false moralist, who hates life and hates you enjoying it - would prefer you believe that abstinence prevents what they deem 'immoral', criminal, or of course - with their slippery slope argument -what leads to crime.  In their eyes, marjiuana results in crack cocaine addiction, and somehow - if we are stupid or terrified enough to believe them [be smart and brave! Be yourself!], eroticism and pornography lead to violent and horrific rape and murder crimes.  But bad dreams and horrific fantasies are the figments of a mentally ill imagination.  Yet we submit to that!

I tell you this - straight to the point, with no twisting of reality - it is a healthy body and mind that seeks and loves sensuality, the erotic, even the so called pornographic.  It suffers no neurotic fear of it.  Does not feel it needs some illogical morality that dicates one should avoid anything pleasant.  It loves beauty and orgasm because it is healthy!  And who or what could  claim otherwise but a body and mind that is sick, cowardly and resentful?

Throw away such moralities based of cowardice, envy and resentment!  Throw away anything that has to twist logic and turn reality on its head!  Throw away anything that requires morbid fantasy to justify its very existence, and requires that you come to exist less - by living less - to simply hold itself at all in relation to you and anyone that is healthy.

Enjoy your porn and eroticism, enjoy your naughty fun!  For that is a sign of good health - not evil, not sickness, not psychiatric neurosis or 'paraphilia' as is argued by the sick moralist and his unhappy science.

Live your life and live it with those you wish to mutually pleasure.  And that - requires no morality or false science to justify itself or stake illegitimate claims as do the sick and the resentful, those who today call themselves 'good' [and we still 'believe'!!!]

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Women should enjoy bodybuilders as they do chocolate cake without shame.

I have debated with a number of women throughout my life - usually those with whom I have debauched, and this morning I had the same debate with the woman I am going to marry.

A man will happily indulge a hot female without any sense of guilt or shame - it is the most natural thing to him.  Try telling him otherwise and you are simply wasting your time.  It is not merely because he has been raised to believe he can and should do this - as some backdoor religious conservatives posing as some kind of emancipator of humanity try to have us believe [those fake socialists, feminists and so called libertarians who - when push comes to shove - are as moral as the most horrendous priest].  Not everything is nurtured - after all, can you teach a dog English and algebra?  Can you get the dog to stop humping your leg and sniffing your netherparts?

However, it is not untrue that 'all is nature' either - we are not absolutely born with some instinct that cannot be pruned or redirected.  But my point is this - what ideas we use to direct the instincts, are important for our mutual happiness - and we must get rid of all double standards and backdoor morals that inhibit our pleasures.

Why use false ideas of equality, liberty, happiness, to curtail a good thrill?

Don't you ladies just love a big hot hunk with a very large and thick cock, perfect chest, smile, ass, biceps, as much as you love a good thick heavy chocolate cake?  Look how your eyes widen at the windows of the baker shop!  Now - why is it, despite diet fads and moralities that force you to starve yourself until your sex drive is dead, your eyes widen and you drool before the Divine trip chocolate gateaux?  But when six big hot cocks present themselves, grinning and redolent with male vitality, well... You can't help but evoke a small smile, even if it is a Mona Lisa smile - but morality, and even ideas of 'being equal', prevent you from LEERING and DROOLING as you truly desire.  And furthermore - false concepts of decency - prevent you from throwing yourselves amidst those stallions and screaming to be stripped and sexually teased and tortured for 4-6hrs without mercy.  Why!  Why not!  Do it!

You can see that I am trying to do two things here.  First, get rid of the chains of chauvinism that repress BOTH men and women!  After all, when you feel you cannot immerse yourself amidst the hunks - they also are losing out in what could be a very thrilling and endearing experience for all.  Second - I absolutely must emphasise that the double standard of morality creeps in by the back door, and gives you a false sense of freedom and peace, false 'rights'.  What good is it if it is said that:

"Oh, men should not leer at women!  That is abuse!"

But then you are not being admired as you wish to be - doesn't it make you smile to be dearly admired?  Don't you fantasise about showing off, and throwing yourself amidst the hunks, naked and carefree, to suffer one overpowering orgasm after another???

BOTH men and women are repressed by this false concept of 'gender equality' or the more general phrase 'equal rights' - that horrid specter of religious morality still shackles both men and women!  Away with this nonsense!  This is no better than the original double standard where men can be 'ravenous beasts' because it is 'merely natural' [it is indeed - but there's more to it than that!] and women must be docile, weak and 'proper'.

Away with all these false morals and double standards - away with social chauvinism!  And let us be careful it does not return by the back door and repress us once again - through bad concepts and policies of 'equality', 'protection', 'privacy', and so on.

Take care when you hear such phrases - and demand primarily not your 'liberty' - but your pleasure and the mutual pleasure of you and your friends and playthings!  That is the FIRST LIBERTY.  The freedom to indulge, the freedom to feel and share pleasure unhindered by false ideals and moral ghosts.  When this is the first principle, all else follows in a genuine Constitution of Emancipation.

My girls - all of you - fuck!  Enjoy yourselves shamelessly!  I endear and encourage you!

Let us debauch together, freely, come with me!  Come on!

You know you want to :)

Don't be shy :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

Privacy in the home

We all believe our home is our sacred and private space - a place where our most intimate affairs and business proceed unhindered from the outside world.  But in many parts of the world - particularly places that feign to be 'democracies' or 'workers states' and this is certainly not true.  Incidentally - the more 'pro worker' the state pretends to be - the more public interference we suffer in private life - even in the depths of our homes, bodies and minds.

Look at an egalitarian utopia like the USA, or consider semi-Socialist Europe with its myriad legislation's designed to 'protect' the public [women and children are the usual favourites - let the state protect the child, as Hitler would say, and everyone else will protect the state], and don't forget the UK with its huge welfare nanny state, to guide the poor and naive - supposedly, and you can see that private spaces for ones own business, and to be an individual, and to have a damn good fuck - are rare indeed.  Take it further to Communist utopia's such as N Korea and China, or once upon the time the USSR - and you see the problem of private space to do business as one sees fit, live ones life and rear ones family as one sees fit, and  debauch oneself as one desires, and speak ones mind even - are somewhat rarer than diamonds.  Hens teeth perhaps.

Of course - there are regimes that use theosophies of some sort, 'religious guidance' so dearly loved by the masses who fear their own subjective morality, their own inner voice, more than the voice of a Dictator or Ayatollah - and in these regimes the home again is sacred only in that public space bared naked before the state 'for God'.  But even in our Western democracies - religious fantasy, and its chauvinist moralities, those terrible opiates of the masses that demand we all deviate closer to the middle of the bell curve, to be 'good', 'normal'. decent, predictable, utterly moronic and plebian - anything but an individual with ones own personal  world, an EXISTENCE, this horrid religiosity is used too often by the state and its lackeys [tyranny of majority or minority?  One can never tell - but tyranny is tyranny] to invade the private space, and turn privacy itself into something horribly regulative, controlling, limiting, demanding and commanding - anything other than the liberty of ones own being...  I will talk a little more about privacy in a separate short and sweet blog.

The consequences of not having a genuine private spaces are grave and obvious - and felt by us all if we consider only for one moment the quality and tedium of our lives.  And if this is a little too much of a stretch for a severely fettered imagination - consider a few following scenario's.  Purchase a gun, or even several guns, for your home, a few swords and perhaps even a small cache of explosives - for your personal security or enjoyment.  Acquire a few hot concubines to serve as waitresses, housemaids, cleaners and such like, get yourself a pretty little girl to admire naked, a ballerina or gymnast, and shower her with kisses and adulations, perhaps even a hot arab boy, or a bodybuilder - whichever suits you.  Acquire a few animals, exotic ones, for some odd and arcane Sadean debauch - and don't forget to build a BDSM dungeon down in your basement, even keep a few willing slaves encaged there, for your amusements - bask in mutual sweet suffering, sexual delights, as your naked housemaids care for all your chores, and of course - kiss you and love you for being their Master or Mistress [or something in between if it suits you - it's your business and your prerogative].  Get yourself some nice fine cocaine, from a very reputable dealer, or LSD or Ecstasy, heroin even - however the latter does not aid and abet a good fuck session but rather hinders it.  To top all this debauch off - even deal some drugs from the very privacy of your own home - but never outside your garden.  Sell some slaves, engage in some trivial 'illegitimate' business, those forms of business not considered very fashionable as they are believed to upset a status quo that somehow considers itself to be in a delicate, perhaps even precarious, balance [the Catholic Church, seemed to be deeply concerned about all things 'heretic' - for it knew full well, that if for one second its lies and abuses were duly considered - its hegemony would wither - today the state, and those players who pull at its levers, which incidentally includes many millions of psychologically impoverished cultural plebs who cannot bear to think of other human beings enjoying a more fruitful life than their own self imposed misery].

The point I am making is simple - you are very far from free to live your life, in your own home, as you see fit.  Raise your children in some alternative fashion, perhaps as hedonist nudists who enjoy a little LSD on occasion, and have a complete disregard for the state imposed school curriculum, and gain their education by some private and superior means - train your children for war on top of all this, teach them chemistry, self defence, teach them about countercultures - and life for you and your family will become a little difficult.  You and your spouse, or spouses, or gang of lovers, all of you interact a little more splendidly and exorbitantly than 'normal', and be assured you will receive attention.

Your home is an open house - for the state, for the public, for legitimate reasons of course...  Tax assessments, means assessments, health and safety assessments, criminal checks, and then those state employees who come and insist upon giving their 'good advice', as it is the law to do so.  Your home can be turned upside down by a search warrant for the most trivial reasons - a small orgy with some drugs, a couple of animals, target shooting naked in the back yard and of course, the naked whores, slaves, dancers, and your children and the children of your friends, as well as an Anarchists Cookbook, a small Islamist manual of some sort, and you can be assured you will be the subject of some inquiry for a considerable time.  And in truth - should you be?  For living a life somewhat more energetic, interesting, fulfilled and vivacious than 9-5pm, tv and bed?

Try watching the wrong movies, and you will get the knock on the door - try making them and your door will be knocked down.  Try some wheeling and dealing - Godfather's are no longer respected in our over publicised democracies, where all confession is public before you ever plead guilty.  And the masses, believing themselves strong in a tyranny of majority, kowtow to some minority, who kowtow back - in a play of emptiness.  Those individuals with a taste for stronger things, bear more creativity and acumen to make a good House - their home as a Family home doesn't follow the petty bourgeois standards of the meek little family, ever dependent on the state and public opinion, to maintain an atmosphere of banality - and you are privy to that.  You are not you, and you have no private space, not even in your own mind.  What privacy you have - is your own political prison cell, its culture as bare as the grey walls.

In Ancient Rome, a Republic, the home was sacred - and could not be breached save for the most grave circumstances, and those were rare compared to our time and sense of insecurity.  Romans turned their houses away from the street, to face their own inner courtyard, windows were small and high - and what business and pleasure went on in there - was not the business or pleasure of anyone not invited.

This is how it should be - if the West is not to become more like China, Iran, N Korea, or the defeated USSR - if the West is not to become further degenerated by destructive infantile 'Leftist' [or Right wing 'religious] movements.  And if we in the West degenerate further - what for the rest of the world???

What humanity, good business and intense pleasure will exist?

Fight my friend, for your home, and all that you do in it - and may that be much pleasure and plenty business!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thoughts of crime

We all think of committing crime - or at the very least engaging in 'inappropriate' behaviour - what stops us from doing what we think?  Fear of reprisal?  Psychologists are very aware that threat of punishment is a poor deterrent - if this were not so then crime would be a matter for history.

Ask most people about a controversial matter, such as consuming drugs, or fucking a fifteen year old, or having a homosexual orgy, or even killing someone in a duel - and the person you ask will often argue it is not their business to hold an opinion.  Pressed a little more - that same person will add "I will do and believe what the law says is right".

Most people don't trust their own instincts and thoughts, lack confidence in the self - suffer a certain cowardice and weakness - and respectively delegate all their thoughts, feelings, and even their indifference as well as something that was hitherto the personal business of the criminal and victim [the winner and the loser in the duel, and so on] - to the state.  Everything becomes a matter of 'public interest'.  And respectively, many private matters - though they may be reprehensible or immoral - the death through duel or drug addiction is never nice - now become public, 'criminal justice' matters.

When a private matter becomes public - we are all expected to make much noise about the ugly aspects of the scene, and dismiss all contexts [why take drugs?  Why duel? Why the underage relationship? Why steal?] - effectively our emotions are expected to be uncontrolled, and our reasoning - about the contexts - are set aside, and all reasoning is a matter for the state - not the people, not the individual - just as the private duel, or the protector of the property against thieves, is a matter of state and not between the said two.

We avoid committing crime primarily because we have already sold our souls, our minds and actions, to the state - given ourselves away, let ourselves be herded - so that we may not be participant in judicial, or political, processes in any genuine sense.

We cannot claim that we are genuinely working to survive, that we are competing or succeeding.  For these things require actions that are always reprehensible, Machiavellian, criminal even.  Nor can we even claim to be enjoying ourselves - for to have a good decent drink, fight, fuck, orgy and conquest - at some point, will always require behaviour that is 'criminal'.  Few people know what a 'good weekend out' is.  And even fewer know what makes a good orgy or even a good practical joke.  Nor have many people even enjoyed the thrill of a good fight, feud or riot - or better still a civil war or full scale war.  Simply due to utter conformity to ideas of criminality that encourage and demand a state of being that is utterly banal, displaced, diluted.

My friends - think of crime - and feel no fear.  That fear you feel when faced with words or deeds that do not conform to rules of 'good behaviour' - is a form of conditioning you absolutely must overcome!  For that conditioning that ensures you conform and live a banal and stunted existence - is itself a crime against humanity!  A crime that prevents you from flourishing, reaching your full potential [inevitably to to this you must commit crime!] and living life to the full.

You will never have the strongest orgasms, dares, thrills, hangovers and beatings until you become indifferent to rule of law as we know it, and instead demand a Common Law based on personal integrity and honour - that I assure you, is better for you and all.  Since the 19th Century we have lost that integrity and lost ourselves.

Back to basics!  Back to Sodom!  Bring in a world of unabashed fucking, fighting, raping, stealing, fraud, cunning, all these things are natural and real - face them honestly!  Without these things - and even today the most dull human being MUST commit these crimes - you cannot survive.  These 'crimes' are what keep you from starving, and used cleverly, can help you become very successful indeed.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The freedom to speak of the naughty things we imagine

Some things only need the briefest discussion - not simply because there is not much to say, but because it is of the utmost importance to cut to the chase.  Why?  Not simply for practical reasons - which are good enough.  But because, if we talk ourselves out, mediate, indulge in some rhetoric - all we do is give more time, and more verbal garbage, to enemies of humanity and freedom who love to 'talk the senate to sleep' and worse - use the most reprehensible forms of pseudo-logic, pseudo-science and psuedo-theology to enforce upon everyone a tyranny that is at once of both majority and minority.  And it should be noted - pseudo-logic, pseudo-science and pseudo-theology for the most part are pieces played together, in tandem across the board over several moves.

We all want to speak freely, we even make the mistake of assuming we take this right for granted.  Do we really?

How many of us think of some obscene and ludicrous debauchery, some sexual caprice, some odd and depraved kind of orgy, or perhaps fantasise about how one might feel on a binge of drugs?  How many of us think about killing an enemy or even killing a very evil and dangerous person - of being a hero [which, can easily result in a jail sentence as long as that of a very unpleasant criminal].  How many of us think of kinky sexual teases with strangers in public, that hot woman, or even that hot schoolgirl [or schoolboy] perhaps, or perhaps even a homosexual act.  On the latter points - to fantasise of debauching a schoolgirl, and confessing ones sin, is tantamount to suicide - and to think of homosexuality, despite its formal legitimacy, will for the most part result in social exclusion even if it is only of the most subtle shade and hue.  The point is this - we are forced to inhibit our speech at every turn, and the resultant is that at every juncture our very thoughts are policed and even suppressed and filtered by our own minds - something which Freud understood very well, he is not quite so obselete as some contemporary psychologists claim.  How could he be?  Considering that many sociologists remind us that we are still 'in the 19th Century' and think very much in terms of their double standards.

Go back only three centuries and you will see in their writings a candour we no longer have.  We may not have the Church threatening to burn us alive for contravening its doctrines [we have the state and all its penal instruments and institutions instead] - but we cannot speak about fucking, pissing, shitting, vomiting, fighting, killing, debauching and whoring as someone in the supposedly more socially rigid Tudor era could.

If we so much as fart - we are criminal.  If one falls deeply in love with a hot schoolboy, or a goat, or a wrinkly old woman, or even some odd object such as a public streetlamp - we are a leper.  If one imbibes a little white or blue powder, to find God or find pleasure, ones friends or self - then again one is some unclean thing that must be ostracised, analysed, penalised - and all at great public expense.

It is of no surprise that we suffer large tax bills in the USA, UK and EU - when we insist upon social regulations that cut so deeply into our lives we can barely think about a little mischief, a little 'drinking, fighting and fucking'.  Where do these regulations take us but deeper into insecurity which needs... More security and regulation - more doublethink, more doublestandards, more thought crime legislation - less free speech unless it is in concord with 'public interest' [which incidentally, is something very different from 'will of the people' - and will of the people is something that concerned Madison and his kind very deeply].

We need to re-enforce the liberty to think as we may, genuinely - and we will know we can do that when we can speak as we may - even if that speech be absurd and obscene, so ludicrous and debauched it would make the Marquis De Sade himself blush in shame.  If one cannot talk about dirty and disgusting debauches with freaks, dwarves, disease infested whores and horrible wrinkly old women, and little boys - then we suffer the very severe problems I have briefed upon here - problems that threaten to lead the entire Western world, and consequently the globe, down cultural cul de sac - the personal and existential consequences of that are already being felt.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Eat, drink, fuck, and be merry!

My fiancee and I have performed a small experiment for the past two weeks.  We have completely contravened all 'good advice' thrown at us from the media, the medical establishment, the moral establishments, the state and its institutions and architects.  We ignored the countless bubbling and seething superstitions and social mores that 'come and go', little fashion fads, regarding keeping good health, good diet, a disciplined and ordered lifestyle - and what it means to be a 'good citizen', a 'moral person', these two dimension of which - ironically - are required if one is to be considered an 'individual'.

But we cast away all those little routines, practices, rules of thumb, dictates, norms and taken for granted 'moralities' - and therein found our bodies again.  Our bodies are hidden by morality, 'good' medical and other advice, health warnings, demands from the state, insurance companies, and various ministries.  How can one genuinely claim to enjoy the taste of food and drink, and the feeling of sex, when veiled with such obscurantist crap?

We ate like fuck - huge meals, with rich sauces, thick fried sausages, Aberdeen Angus beef burgers dripping with extra creamy mayo and extra mature cheeses, layered with crisp tomatoes and cucumbers not for health reasons - but simply because vegetables improve the flavour of the dish - this reason and this alone.  We drank vast quantities of coke, we drank wine, we consumed extra coffee - strongly brewed, we had extra rich and moist dark chocolate cakes, coffee cakes, muffins, with heavy rich icings, sweet and delicious fruit smoothies - again because it tasted wonderful, and not because it is proper and healthy to do so.  We did it because we love it - perhaps we are lucky our high tastes demand we consume 'healthy' things - although try to live on a diet of fruits alone and see how you manage, you will be thin and 'healthy' - but will fuck seldom.

During this fortnight, we lost weight - considerably.  We look brighter, healthier, stronger - we could walk further and faster, carry heavier loads, do more manual work, exercise with far greater intensity, and have ludicrous amounts of intense and vigorous sex - we believe lots of cola helps with the latter.

We are still debauching ourselves to the utmost extremes - tonight having enjoyed a huge meal of chips [or French Fries], extra thick cut, deep fried in lard, with 2 large fried battered fishes, and 2 tubs of thick and creamy garlic mayo to wetten the already oily dish.  We ate til we were heaving and groaning with sweet sorrow - and soon we shall debauch upon an large pizza, laced til overflowing with extra thick toppings, washed down with cola.  We have no reason for guilt - after all, we took a long brisk walk at 3am, enjoying the night air, and sexually tortured each other in the quiet streets, pretending they were busy at it was three in the afternoon - everyone staring at us, naked, bloated, disgracefully whoresome and capricious in our mutual Sodom.

We do not simply speak this philosophy, we live it - and we live it artfully, and practice and experiment like scientists.  My friends!  Debauch yourselves!  Whore and sodomise!  Throw away the chains of medical-moral pseudoscience, social norms and demands, institutional and state and corporate based 'commandments', the dictates of false 'churches' and such like.  Ignore the tyranny of the majority - the mob of conformity that enforces these norms that totally disembody us, that take us away from our own bodies, our own pleasures, and do all our thinking, reasoning and choosing for us - throw away all these 'thou shalts'!!!

Eat like fuck!  Drink like fuck! Fuck like fuck!  And be merry!  And spread that good cheer with friends - have statistics not shown anyhow that an atmosphere of good cheer aids weightloss and decreases heart disease?  Doesn't bad air, bad blood and excessive repression not lead to neurosis, depression and general mental ill health that is bad for the body and mind?  Free your souls and share that bliss, gathered round the table overladen with food and drink, NAKED all of you - unashamed in front of your friends, share your food and your sexual urges, feed each other drink, and encourage good cheer, NAKED, unabashed, free spirited!

And there is to good health my friend!  Good cheer and friendship, and there with your friends and lovers - all as one [both friends and lovers that is], you will find yourself.  For the moralities and norms will be silenced, and you can feel your body and hear your mind once again.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Stripping people naked in public

Let us be honest with ourselves.  Occasionally, someone among the huge and faceless crowd will have the temerity and courage to admit that - as they do their daily errands and shopping - their eyes are all seeing, all leering, here and there and everywhere - drinking down the gorgeous beauty of those objects of attraction - which could be male or females of some certain agegroup [a hot buxom 25 year old brunette, a gorgeous 30 year old man, a pretty young boy or girl, or perhaps a horrible wrinkly old woman], or perhaps that object of attraction may even have more than two legs - assuming it is not an inanimate object [ for those who are attracted to the sidewalk, a daily stroll is an exhilarating experiences - literally fondling their beloved with their every footstep].

Why can't we be honest and outspoken about a lewd act each and every one of us commits every single day - we all 'voyeur' as we walk from A to B - we all strip countless people naked with our eyes, and with our imagination we subject them to every sort of lewd caprice and indecency feasible, IN PUBLIC, within the short space of time our eyes gaze upon them - whither then we commence with the next object of lust.

Would we even go out so much if this were not so?  Who would, in all honesty, want to go to the supermarket, if there was nothing to relieve the boredom just a little?  No, my friends - let us be frank, we admire the beauty of our fellow humans, and nonhumans, and that is a good thing - is it not?  Can you imagine everyone going outdoors in a state of apathy, anhedonia and blind violent hatred?  Not very nice.

So let me bear good tidings and admonish you thus - feel no guilt or shame when you strip people naked in public, only feel disappointed that you cannot, under the present cultural climate [a dicatorship which has the audacity to call itself 'democracy'!!!], strip them naked with your very hands and spread the pleasure!!!

Enjoy your mischief, your naughtiness, and feel free to share it more - others will admire you and thank you for it, that they too can begin to feel more open about those things we all do - and then, just perhaps, do it!

Monday, 13 August 2012

A life of sensuality and exuberance - at all costs

I have absolutely dedicated myself to a life of utter debauchery, opulence, exuberance, libertinage, moral outrage and unfettered Sodom.  And upon my birthday, I reasserted my vows made some 15 years ago and furthermore - have vowed only to sodomise, immoralise at disgrace myself and everyone and everything in my midst with even greater fervour, vim and verve than ever before.

What other way is there to live?  What way holier than this?  Did God not lay a tabernacle before a certain asshole and say "eat of the Earth"?  The Earth was made for humanity - I say - not humanity for the Earth.  What responsibilities we bear - are for our own purpose and benefit - and none other, despite what some 'holy houses' and institutions demand.  Those who demand asceticism, forbearance and 'prudence' for the most part enforce such anti-values upon individuals to DE-INDIVIDUATE.  And what is the primary means of this de-individuation, this dehumanisation, this promotion of anti-pathos and as 'good feeling' and artificial bathos [the happy and sad melodrama, the TV soap, the theme park, the little Easter parade]?  That primary means is 'morality', of a 'transcendent' order - which in substance [if the word can be used] is always based on pure antinomy.  A vehement dismissal of all empiricism, realism, materialism, aesthetic, sensuality, passion and reasoning that comes to positive sum scenarios.

Turn away - my friend - from anything that takes from you and leaves you with less, or worse - harms itself and you at once, and prefers this over 'positive sum' scenario's where there is a spiral of mutual gain.  How can you identify such monsters?  It is simple - almost anything that tells you to worship some ghost or constitution that tends to the flattening of all emotions - where openness, sensuality, orgasm, and such like - are relegated to the behest of double standards, double think, 'goodness', obedience, sacrifice - with no end or reward here or, if we are honest, the hereafter [most ideas of heaven, in Christianity particularly - could not be more asensual, asexual, more tedious!]

Where it is impossible to reason through all this - I implore you - to dedicate yourself to two things:

Your pleasures, and the pleasures of others.

Focus only on the deepest orgasms - the tease, the buildup, the climax - suffering this bliss and giving this anguish to others.

Focus on joyful highs and drunkenness!  And laugh and dance as other dance high and drunk with you - naked - showing and sharing their beautiful bodies, genitalia and all netherparts freely displayed to titillate the eyes.

Positive sum indeed!!!

Focus on sharing good music, and the finest foods - stuff yourself daily with all fine dishes and sweet desserts, drink fine wines!  Kiss an ass and have your anus licked just after dinner, and after a hot soothing shower with the finest bodyscrubs.  Wear fine scents and share them, let your friends and lovers smell your beautiful body!  And smell their beautiful bodies in turn, kissing and licking all over, stuffed with good foods, and fine music playing, incense sweetening the scent of the atmosphere!

Fill all senses, the entire body, your own and the bodies of all others - with heaven on Earth!  And say:

"May the Lord Ineffable Atum bless you with these fine delights as the Holy Spirit incarnate forever and ever,  Amen"

And every moment of this blissful debauched life - always sing in devotion to the Divine - and this divine is the INTENSE experience, and the INTENTIONALITY of this INTENSITY - of affirming life in every way.  And what austerity and August practices are suffered, do them to the extremes and laugh!  Train like a Marine - so that you may eat and drink and fuck unperturbed - and enjoy the very intensity of that training, just as you enjoy the austere discipline of the most extensive debauch!  Giving and receiving the lash, the tickle, the orgasm, the next dish and glass of fine drink!

Gouranga, be happy my friends!  Spread this good news and be Emancipated and free!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Honesty, sincerity, transparency and realism in art

If we are to create arts that are a genuine reflection of human existence and human potential - the latter pertaining to ideals and 'higher values' [or preferably, keeping ones feet on the ground and head out of the clounds - 'virtue'] - surely such art, music, literature - should be completely honest about every human pursuit, and all the sidesalads and after effects that come with it.

Does a beautiful sports car not emit noxious exhaust fumes?  Does its engine not possess a violence and a fury that allows the vehicle to possess grace and valour?  Does a horse not also shit?  And would we not be deeply worried for the animals health if it did not shit?  Surely the horse would soon perish and cease to be a beautiful specimen if that very important defecation did not take place!

We humans love to gratify ourselves - and in our pretence take our virtues and successes to a point of sublimation that it ceases to represent the real thing in anything remotely near its original form.  Not unlike cheap frozen foods with many colourings and preservatives.

Why do we talk about sex - and make many depictions and videos of the act - and even when we are pretending to be 'anti-moralist', to be liberated and 'open minded' - we idealise it and call the studio performances 'pornography'.  And if one shows an image of the used tissue paper after the good deed is done, and the cum is mopped up - there is only revulsion about an act each and every one of us performs as a kind of 'afterthought'.  That is - we refuse to think about what follows.  And here, where everything stops - so do our myths, dreams, fairytales, virtues, and 'morality' begins - and this beginning is where superstitious values of hygiene, goodness, beauty - begin to corrode our healthy reality.

Be honest, sincere, earnest and transparent with your expressions!  Do not feel shame after you have conquered or indulged!  But only glory and triumph!

Let your ordures, and whatnots, be trophies to entice you to return to the playing field where they were sculpted and won :)
I have spent the entire day in Bohemian exuberance - NAKED.  There are few things more pleasurable than to wander and wallow around NAKED, stretching and flexing and relaxing the entire body, carefree and hiding nothing, then to recline into mutual caresses, peers, leers, tickes, teases, fondles, effluages and special 'rubrubs' that lead inexorably to the deepest orgasmic sexual intercourse.

All this followed by an delicious pasta topped by a very high quality cheese, followed by a succulent Aberdeen Angus burger of the finest quality, with the crispiest lettuce, cucumbers, onions, succulent red tomatoes and creamy mayo - lots of it without the slightest hint of guilt of sin.  What's more, after such gluttony, homebaked chocolate cake of the finest quality warms to room temperature, awaiting consumption as one and ones lover recline naked - making fine art based on the theme of 'sex and food' - entirely NAKED still, as we have been for the entire day, musing upon means to attain wealth and power during interludes from our sexual escapades, unabashed eating and drinking, or artistic creativity.

Now, one is horny again - deeply so - after some peering and leering, indulged as my beloved assisted me in a 'studio shot' of an inflatable lovesheep named Barbara - whom after years hidden in a box was resurrected with a long 'blow job', photographed NAKED [the sheep and we] and photographed again as a dominatrix with her whip.

Did you ever imagine immoralising yourself with an inflatable dominatrix lovesheep? Hmm?  After a long summers day in the nude, engaging in sexual and culinary indulgence whimsically and carefree, utterly indifferent to all social mores and 'good advice', health warnings and admonishments about a 'proper' lifestyle - which in truth is seldom so productive as it claims.

Now as the sun sets, one muses upon the literature one shall write, that will speak of the most profane and even evil things - of debaucheries and outrages far from Bohemian and whose excess blind todays reclinations as 1000 suns would blot out a candle.

Ahh, I am hungry and horny again - I bid thee good evening!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Creating naughty art when NAKED

When creating a piece of art - in my case photography - one must not only be in a state of mind, and in an environment with the materials suitable for ones creation - it is important also that ones body is in the right state, including mode of dress.

I, being an utter pervert, sodomite, lecher and libertine, a fanatic for debauchery and outrage - am best suited to the state of outright nakedness when doing my work.  How can one create an art that speaks of mischief, depicts libertinage, lewdness, Dionysiac emancipation - when dressed like a vicar or a sheikh?  It is simply not possible.  No - if an artist is photographing nudes, or sensuality or mischief in any form - it is imperative that he or she [or whatever outwith or in between] is in the right frame of mind, which requires a body framed in requisite form - essentially naked if the pathos and substance of the work and its passion is to be duly portrayed - and furthermore fully imbued deep into the mind of the viewing, voyeuring, audience!

It may not surprise you thus, that presently, I am creating my art, and even writing these blogs - so far as is possible - in a state of complete and utter NAKEDNESS!

Admiring the beauty of the ass and the face

Why is it, that if one admires the beauty of a face, or perhaps the hands or even the fingernails, such commendations and adulations are welcome without protest?  But once one fixes the leery gaze upon the ass, letting the eyes consume all that plum pudding voluptuous beauty - one is compelled to endure a flurry of  protests and berations with no foreseeable end?  Why, one can even be deemed a 'criminal' now for admiring the beauty sculpted by nature!

Women, and men, among others [even children, if we dare be so honest and non politically correct; and transexuals and the elderly for that matter] - spend much time grooming and painting their faces, to improve their attractiveness, to be more 'comely' - and furthermore, the ass is often adorned in such ways that you simply cannot help but notice it waving and dancing daintily atop the legs as it is walked around in public [yes! public!!!] - yet to go against the grain of the 'double standard', some feigned 'morality', and be earnest and honest in commendation - to simply try to sanctify that altar of sensuality - to give a 'confidence booster' to the one[s] you admire - rather than such commendations be received as gifts, they are treated as insults.

What has become of us and our culture that commendation and admiration is treated as crime and insult?  Yet we all have the pretence to abhor totalitarian regimes, Iran for example, yet here we are - a mere kiss, pat, or glance upon a beautiful bum - and a reign of terror that would make Cromwell blush for the shame of such chauvinism - ensues and skews our culture, distorts and should I say 'perverts' our body politic - such that we cannot any longer be honest or truly perceive what is a genuine 'assault', or 'sexual harm', and such like - and furthermore, we live under a yoke of banality, bereft of voluptuousness - that 'morality' replaces virtue, and 'statute' replaces law and honour - to the extent none of us any longer even have the right to be admired, let alone the right to admire!

My friends!  Spread voluptuousness, and when your admirations and worships are admonished - tell the receiver of your adulations - "Have no fear my dear!  There is no threat - only my love!  Now turn around please and enjoy yourself!"

There is no harm in that?  Is there?  Hmm? :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kissing the ass of ones beloved

There are few pursuits more pleasurable than kissing the ass of ones beloved!  Oh sweet succulent rump!  Round plum pudding with that sweet mystery cleft!  How I love thee and sing odes to thee!

Of course, besides beholding the derriere of the [in my case] woman one loves [which well in your case could be a man, boy, girl, pensioner or animal of some sort - I will not judge you but only commend your pursuits] - one is, and must be, the connoisseur of all asses - for if one is not acquainted with the general beauty of the ass, that is the ass in the myriad forms of beauty in nature that it can and must take - one cannot claim to hold a virtuous statement or claim to the ass of ones beloved. After all, if one claims to love an ass more truly than any other - and that claim is to be legitimate, then respectively it must be virtuous. And what claim or statement is truly virtuous if it is not voluptuous?

Voluptuousness is the binding agent of sensuality, it is the matrix that gives the cake volume. Without that sweetness, one cannot eat of a philosophy that fills the belly to lead an active way of life. And if ones 'way of life' is to be life at all - it must indeed be full of events, activities, pursuits.

It therefore stands to reason - that if you truly claim to behold the ass of your lover above and beyond all others, then you must always keep your eye, hand, tongue and genitals, your entire active body, rent wholesale upon the every other ass in proximity.

Such is true love, true philosophy based on sound reasoning, sensual empiricism, lawfulness, legitimacy, and an earnest virtue bereft of double standards, sterility, inactivity, inconsistency 'in the mix' that leads only to flatness of affect [and subsequent passionlessness] - this true love and virtue supersedes all 'morals' and enforced blindness by many magnitudes!

Encourage your lover to partake of every ass! And furthermore, insist your lover encourages you! And in this true and virtuous love - arises the highest trust and bond!
I am so eager now to spread my wings and cast my comforting shadow across the internet, so that you may bask in the shade, as chicks seek comfort and surcease under mother hens wings - come forth you wearied by morality - and rest with me, and share your tales of Sodom and wishes for caprices with me.  I will listen with an earnest ear and not judge you.  Instead I will unveil marvels of the Passions to you.  Now that I am awakening from a long slumber - let me stretch my bones.  Bear a little patience as I unveil my art and my writings, as I share with you all my thoughts and feelings, whims and passions, lusts and desires - values and ideas as yet commonly unshared.  For none hitherto have had the rectitude or courage to speak and unveil as I shall.

Oh, I'm starting a little deviantart site too:

and in the not too distant future, will publish some good books, for you to share with your grandparents and children:

Do drop a comment, I am keen to hear from you :)

Penning ones Passions

What would a Libertine living in the 21st century, with access to bloggers, do with his spare moments?  The answer is simple - make his confessions a very public affair.  We live in a world of televised confessions, e-confessions, where every thought and feeling simply cannot be private whether or not it ought or must be.  And in the face of such social winds - one is compelled to ride the wave - and let ones own debauchery and social deviance be a surfboard!

Oh waves of Passion on the oceans of Sodom!  Let your light disperse and be a guide to countless lost ships on this open sea!  Let them convoke and convene in one place, for one orgy, for one banquet, for one capricious dance and song of lust and whim!  Before sailing out yonder once again - into the dark night across endless still waters - until the next light, riding another wave as the passions surge and swell from the deeps to bestir calm waters once more!  For never, in all eternity, can there be enough concupiscence to abrogate from the banality of ineffable stillness!

Come my friend, don't be shy or afraid, sit beside me, come visit me again - for more awakenings.  I will shock and surprise you, and enlighten you, and leave you livid and mad and wanton for more!


Incipit Baldassare Cossa!  The Lord of Libertinage!

Behold, my first blog, of many to come - I will spew upon these e-pages all of my most capricious dreams and fantasies.  I will share with you my art and writings and inform you of my publisihings cooking on the printing press - ready for your avid consumptions.  Be a glutton!  Be a pervert and a libertine, a madman or madwoman or whatever in between or outwith these 'genders'!  Simply be present and share with me my incendiary lust for caprices that would make the Divine Marquis De Sade himself blush for shame!

De Sade, my dear friend, that most debauched of philosophers and authors, is as yet unsurpassed in his musings and caprices - no letters written since surpass his genius.  Let us liven up our tired world - with a little bit of libertinage and mischief.

Some of you may bray disagreements in some form - reneging to ethereal ideals of no substance - and it is so  easy to challenge thee!  What of your ghostly fears?  All I must do is present six hot young women, and six hot young men, among a myriad of other delights - boy, goats, turkeys and a big mastiff dog to add a final hint of spice to this dish - and as you one simple question:

Won't you join me???

To which there can be only one answer, gasped in awe, exasperation and deep desire: