Friday, 2 May 2014

10 things you have to do before you die

We see lists like these all the time filled with the usual trivial crap such as "take a hot air balloon ride" or maybe even go up the Eiffel Tower.  Pure pish the lot of it.  I say - if you're going to do 10 things - make a mark.  Do something that will REALLY etch itself into your memory and soul - and the memory and soul of the whole world around you.

A dozen 10 things lists could be drafted easily.  I say you should write up your own.  And feel free to write another 10 afterward.  Why not?  What's stopping you?  A number 10 rule?

Fuck it.  Here's 10 of mine:

Sodomise a cop - we should all grab a cop on duty, particularly during an angry protest, and sodomise that fucker good.  Make that cop enjoy it!  And enjoy making the cop enjoy it!  Get on in there!  It helps if the TV camera's are on you.  Get your friends to join in.

Have sex with an animal - go all the way and try something new.  We're tired of the usual mundane good sex guides and love live advice.  Why do we continue feeling sexually bored and frustrated no matter how many shit TV shows and 'good sex guides' we read?  Because it's designed to keep you bored to the point of impotence and frigidity.  Break the mould - spice things up.  Choose your animal and fuck it.

Conjure up a demon - commit some sacrilege, break the first commandment, call up some Djinn for a bit of banter and a bender.  Make sure Christians and Muslims bear witness to your apostasy.  Have fun.  Oh, and don't bother drawing a circle - if you do - break it or step outside and dance with the devil.  You say you have faith in God?  Well then - let's put THAT to the test!

Go naked in public - and do it lots.  Feeling a bit shy?  Well enjoy the thrill of emancipation then.  Go to a naked beach.  Then go naked off the naked beach.  Do it as often as you can at the most public places you can find.  Enjoy yourself!  Don't be ashamed if you get turned on.  Go all the way.

Have full sex with a stranger including cumming inside - applies equally to both men and women of course.  Girls - let a hot stranger cum inside you, just enjoy it.  Men - be men and don't be fucking cowards worrying about babies.  Roll with it.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy the ultimate risk.  Feel free to combine this one with going naked in public - believe me, double thrills means double pleasure.  Take your favourite pet.  If the cops come - well sodomise them.  Meaning you've done 3 things in one.  By the way - all that shit about unwanted preganncy and STD's is spoiling the fun.  Sure, bad things can happen, but sometimes people go on fairground rides only to lose limbs or vomit all over themselves :)

Live penniless or modern comforts for a month - go out into the wilds.  For your feed and watering you have to steal.  What you steal can be exchanged for coin at the pawnshop, that's the price of your feed.  Enjoy the thrill of theft an survival in a pure state of nature.  Live outwith the boundaries of the state.  Fuck Hobbes Leviathan - you don't need it.  Fuck Aristotle and his idea of being a good citizen as opposed to being a 'barbarian outside the city'.  I say be free - be wild - be your raw self with no shit, conformity, media or mod cons to get in the way between you and you.  So in a nutshell - this one of ten things to do simply says - go find yourself.

Have an orgy - we all want it.  And there is way more meaning to this than just fun wild sex.  Throw away all those bullshit superstitions about good behaviour, throw away that veil of morality with which you cover your soul.  Go truly naked - and be truly free.  Force yourself to be free - that means throw away the fetters of shame.  Scared of scandal?  Good!  When scandal comes - face it.  Too dangerous to do that?  Then fight it.  But one way or another - force yourself to be free, face it or fight it.  Fighting is always more fun though :)

Get into a fight with a pro MMA fighter, Navy Seal or some other such hard bastard.  If you're not by nature strong - be brave.  If you're already a tough nut - prove it to yourself or prove yourself wrong.  But either way - be brave and face up to it.  Not so hard after all are you?  At least you had the strength and courage to face that.  Knew you were weak?  Good on you for seeing in through.  It was fun wasn't it?  The adrenaline rush was almost as good as public sex eh?  Almost as good as fucking that cop or stealing that watch just to eat?  You only know your strengths and weaknesses when you really face up to them.  By the way - no harm in joining a dojo and doing this every day you know...  Get off the fucking sofa!

Become your logical opposite - challenge and re-evaluate all values!  So you're a Communist?  Go join the Neo Nazi's right now, for a whole month or three - literally BE a Nazi in every way.  Oh you're a Nazi already?  Then logically you'll be joining the Reds then won't you?  Have fun!  Christian?  Become a Satanist.  And so on.  You get it - for that whole month or three - you literally change your personality, your thinking, ALL your beliefs, everything, all your behaviour and activities and social attachments.  And do the opposite.  At the end - assess everything, see what you learned from taking the opposite perspective.  Now ask what you could learn from all the perspectives in between you and your opposite?

Join a secret Mystical Order.  What are you afraid of?  Yourself?

No doubt the astute reader observes one thing in this list of 10 - every action has a purpose.  To get nearer to the Truth, to reality, to your real self - casting off all the crap of the world that binds you in a delusion of meekness.  Blessed are the meek?  Do you feel blessed?  Or are you tired kidding yourself?  Take the leap over the Abyss!

Monday, 22 July 2013

On Mastery and Slavery

Pursue your own Greatness otherwise be a slave to others Greatness.

There is no choice in your pursuit, only optimal decisions.  Suboptimal decisions are symptoms of decline.

Declining types justify their suboptimal decisions by demanding a liberal 'equality' to 'choose' declension and expect Greatness to kowtow lowly until of equal height.  Sometimes this is called Liberalism, Socialism, Feminism, or some pseudo-religion such as Christianity followed by 'moral reform'.

Merit is derived from the optimal response to a context – it is never a free choice.  "Do only thy Will" and none else.  Seek exit from context to overcome others Extension over and against you.

Slavery begets Slavery.  Mastery beholds slavery – and besmirches it when it seeks to extend over Mastery.  Slavery only ever begets itself.  Mastery extends, holds and besmirches.

Slavery demands equality to itself – ever in decline.  It demands all decisions to be suboptimal in accord with the habitus of declension.  This is maintained by institutional facades of 'equality' that gerrymander the unique geometry of the individual and force that shape into equal form.  The resultant anhedonia and collective anomie is misconstrued as equilibrium or 'goodness'.  Decline is hidden by persistent panic.  The nanny state, nationalist chauvinism, moral panic, the corruption of banana republics – all have slaves as 'masters'.

In such habitus' – endeavour and merit seldom gains respect, only utility for the 'greater good'.  Utilitarian institutions enslave and never encourage difference beyond the remit of utility.  There is an illusion of respecting difference resentfully expressed as 'meeting needs'.  The opportunity costs for such 'care' and 'equality' is high – commanded loss of libido and all deviation skewed to a standard.  A little red book of slogans puts each into an assigned quintile.  Decisionmaking is taken from you in return for a docile happiness, a social contract of vague illusions (peace, order, regulation, opportunity even!) becomes the decisionmaking process to the individuals 'benefit'.

Resentment is strongly expressed against optimal decisionmaking that deviates from the norm of slavery.  Vague illusions and poetics serve to undermine the focused endeavour toward Greatness.  These chimeric statements of "happiness, equality, opportunity, peace, hope, correction, rescue" are lens that give myopic vision and lack of clarity of insight.  The subversion of Mastery and Self Mastery.  Self Mastery, with the irony of slave talk that only begets itself (a decadent serpent biting its tail!) – is now proposed as an asceticism that serves only to destroy the entire organism and its spirit!  All libido is 'concupiscence'.  Will itself is regarded as an illusion - we have at once 'all is relative' for pro-choice then 'destiny as fate' for complete submission to the normative.  Resistance to slavery is propagated as pathology.  But only a discourse beget by slavery foments a 'moral science' of pathology – pathology begets pathology!

Self Mastery, Mastery in itself, requires only its own libido – the Pleasure of its own Power, 'happy' in itself and never seeking happiness.  At peace with its Greatness and never at peace with its context, never submitting, but only making optimal decisions to reconstitute its own plenary Orbit.  Mastery is bereft of hope – hope has no place where there is endeavour and clarity of vision.  There is no equality – only difference.  There is no correction or regulation – only its unique displacement in context and redistribution of its own Power-Pleasure geometry.  There is no rescue where there is no hope – only cunning and optimal decisionmaking.  Wit controls fear.  Sympathy yet never pity.  Mastery is never jealous and bestows bounties unto merit alone.  Care for difference – not need, even in misfortune – there is never a significant opportunity cost at the juncture of endeavour akin...  No burden is too great for Mastery – not even the burden of beholding slavery gracefully.

Look up unto the stars, then into - and say "Happily I drink from this cup", no cowardice, no meekness.

Blessed are the Willing, for they shall inherit the Great Heights!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why I believe in violence.

We should not fight back - but tell the police.  We should not seek vengeance but turn the other cheek.  Such barbarism!  Such spiritual abomination and philosophic blasphemy!  Such demands as these at once remove all human dignity and the integrity of individuals and even entire social groups!  I say this - if ever there was a greater desecration of Human Rights it is the rubric of docility.  All around us docility is propagated, recommended, cajoled, and enforced as policy.  Laws and unspoken cultural norms force us to be 'free' only in the light of complete and utter pacifism in the face of persistent curtailments of ones own interests and security.  The subversion of these interests and personal security are sublimated unto the 'public good' - and the illusion of just returns or even some personal profit in a 'higher' sense, as well as feigned peace and security - are the final smothering cushion that veils the individual, or group, now dead to ones own self and even dead to the forum of the realpolitik.

Do you not believe that in a different world you would be richer?  That you would have more pleasures even if they do not include a cheap faux leather sofa and a flatscreen TV?  Which would you prefer - an orgy or an iPad?  Which would you prefer - the adrenaline rush of a pitched battle, even a hunt, or microwave food and boredom the pain of which is numbed by the persistent buzz of your mp3 player?

Am I suggesting we get rid of modern comforts?  Not necessarily - not at all in fact.  But what I am saying is that the costs of these and how they are acquired under our current political-economy must be given serious thought.  Presently the very way you are expected to use and enjoy these modern comforts destroys your body and your mind - it dulls the spirit.  You are expected to let your body atrophy - for it will never hunt or fight, it need not be fit for the orgy.  You need not defend yourself or even keep your very mind fit and active as your 'rights' are all taken care of under a package deal called representative democracy.  Your vote is your signature in a social contract where you give away all your verve and acumen.  In some states and more will follow in future - you are legally obligated to vote or at least register to do so.  You are not expected to challenge this obligation, fight it, question it, or disagree with it.  Immediately a certain political violence/violation has been performed against you, and this is rendered as lawful.  What human rights do you genuinely have if you cannot fully opt out from the social contract per se or challenge it at its roots?

But let us cut to the chase.  In a world where two men can no longer have a duel, to fight their personal battle between themselves, or where one cannot rightfully defend ones own property or person or ones given interests lest one has disobeyed the state (and of course, the laurels upon which it is rested - its false god and religious morality) - two men are not two men and one is not one.  In such a world there is a permanent displacement and abasement of the self or any relationship between persons one care to consider.  Be that a group with shared interests or two men at duel - they do not exist as they are not permitted to execute their own Cause of Honour as they see fit.  What about Class Action and similar pursuits you may ask?  The point  has already been made - none are permitted to execute their own Cause of Honour as they see fit.  At every juncture they plaintiff most run to the superior and seek succour there.  Never can one secure ones interests and make ones own rules or challenge the rules set.  There is not right to violence whatsoever therefore there is no right to anything beyond begging for quarter and crumbs under the table.

I tell you this - if you cannot make your own rules and laws and cannot challenge rules, laws, and consensus openly and even with coercion where there is no reasonable dialogue and mediation (even taking into account asymmetries of capacity and not breaching their quantities) - then you cannot do anything and you are subject to the greatest violation.  For this you are permanently vulnerable to the most terrible violence and when it comes you will be so conditioned into a state of docility you will like neither wit nor muscle to countervail it.  The state itself could abominate you and call it justice - you can be arrested and framed, very easily, and this certainly happens in states where docility has been so severely enforced and has been so widely accepted it is regarded as 'normal'.  The state could fall to another state or some violent invading force and you would not have the experience or guile to defend and promote your interests in any state of war or even a 'state of nature'.  Your home can be robbed, you may be raped, your family dishonoured, you may be debased at your place of employment until your mind is broken - and if you fight back you are criminalised, if you seek police assistance - nine times out of ten nothing will happen.  The police are only interested in you when they gain from it - either by arresting and destroying you, or chasing your perpetrator so they may have your glory.  What is your glory they take?  When the police do bother to arrest the one who rapes your daughter or sister or steals from your home or murders your parents - they receive the prize and the praise for the 'good work' they do.  If you sought redress personally - you are another 'violent criminal'.  Am I understood?  The Glory of your redress is when you make your own laws and punish the one who has done evil against you as you see fit - and your prize may be the compensation you demand from their property, their flesh, their lives.

When you cannot pursue your grander political or economic or cultural interests without risk of severe coercion or some cunning form of silencing - and then to countervail this cunning violation of liberty to speak and act and do you use violence as a tool to remedy the political landscape and restore balance more in your favour, to restore the demos itself even such that you and those people and things you value are given adequate representation by your winning the competition by restoring fair play to suit your laws and Will - then you cannot even claim to be a real living human being with rights.  For you cannot genuinely live, do politics, seek your own rational interests or cultivate your tastes as suits your passions, you cannot genuinely speak, act, or even defend or secure yourself - you are not even a carbon copy - but at best a dead blunt instrument.

I tell you the truth - violence is good, violence is politik, without violence there cannot be politics, without violence there cannot genuinely be free economics and good enterprise or even fair welfare where the needy has a voice, there is no genuine culture and certainly no religion beyond spiritual bastardy and barbarism.  Then only possible outcome is that eventually violence becomes the only means and end - for the deepest instincts that cannot be sublimated tend to explode and seek only to destroy everything before all can be rebuilt.  Have we not seen such horrors in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, the Middle East, N Ireland, and S America?  Do we not even see it in our own ghetto's?  In this sense violence begets violence and that is a good thing - it is the last hope.  When the state, its bastard churches and false religious bodies, its quango's and 'think tanks', dehumanise and use 'Human Rights' to turn human beings into Fukuyaman 'happy dogs sleeping in the sun' - then the greatest violence has been done, and only the greatest violence can restore humanity.  When Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, the state, Communism or NeoConservatism even - engage in this ultimate violation of human liberty by compelling - then only that most base instinct that is the compulsion to lash out and destroy can give any space for values to grow again.

If then, the greatest violence against state, political paradigms and religions are clearly justified - so obviously is your own violence against invaders of your property, your interests, your pleasures and those people and things you love.  Clearly you have liberty to set your own rules and relations in the social spaces you inhabit and make.  If you are compelled to indulge other than you wish in those habitats and relationships - there is no true politics for you have no space you can call your own.  Your space has been violated and you are at best a slave even if you 'are' at all.

Violence restores!  Violence gives hope!  Violence protects, makes, gives pleasure!  Violence is an instrument of justice!  Let it not be taken off you!  Violence itself thus is a pleasure!  Let it also be yours!  Do  violence unto those who do it to you!  Any other practice is choosing death over life - nonbeing over being, weakness over strength - it is a curtailment of your very Will.  That is a violation against the self and those people and things you love.  Defend your property, your dependents and your pleasures and interests as you see fit!  Even against the state, the police, religions and political doctirnes!

Hail Sodom!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The sweeter the suffering - the greater the pleasure.

Did you notice that in every aspect of life how much suffering and anguish you endure will reap magnitudes more pleasure?  And that the quality of that pleasure itself is dependent upon the profundity of the suffering?  Immediately we are compelled to ask a couple of questions before proceeding:

Is all suffering beneficent?  What does 'sweet suffering' entail?  After all - mainstream religion and the laws developed by the State are quite obsessed with your enduring much negative and body and soul destroying suffering without any challenge or question.

The second question is more direct - 'which pleasures'?

When I speak of sweet suffering I insist that every moment of agony irrespective of how extreme and unbearable that be - is itself experienced as a form of pleasure, for it is comcomitant with pleasure just as pleasure is the very apogee of sweet suffering.  Positive suffering is equally connected with the pleasurable outcome as the head is connected to the body.  Sweet suffering is the embodiment of pleasure itself.  That suffering which 'cuts the head off' must be dismissed, its very source destroyed - for it gives no liberty whatsoever (positve or negative or in layspeak neither opportunity nor freedom).  Respectively - all sweet suffering must be nurtured, even when it makes the enjoyer of that suffering whimper and beg for quarter.  For from that comes greater opportunity for greater experience, a wider gamut and profundity of experience - more depth and breadth - 'more freedom'.  Thus it may be said that it is from sweet suffering all true hope manifests as 'Will to Power' - a Power that surges one forth body and mind into the apogee of Life itself.  The 'agon', the persistent tumult of resistance and battle, the anguish of yearning and gasp of release is the Existential hub of ones being wherein Power and Pleasure are entwined as two aspects of the Spirit.

Which pleasures?  Is there any difference between the agony of rock climbing and reaching the top, the sexual tortures of a kink dungeon where the lashings of whips, persistent humiliations, edging unto orgasm followed by orgasm denial, and the eating of a very hot spicy albeit juicy and quality kebab?  I watched my wife, nigh upon the end of her pregnancy, suffer terribly as she consumed one mouthful after another - refusing to take water as her tongue and throat burned and her forehead and cheeks sweated in anguish.  One week prior we tried the same kebab without spice only to find it so utterly mediocre we vowed henceforth to welcome the sweet suffering with open arms.  What is most interesting is that the apogee of this act of spicy gluttony was not the swallowing of the last hot mouthful - but every single mouthful, the very act of torturous consumption itself.  By welcoming the suffering - we enjoyed a better meal.  It is no different with rock climbing, or hard trekking in the Himalaya's - the view is always worth the pain.  Each lash of the whip, each humiliating cheer from the audience as you piss yourself once more in your stark naked disgrace which keeps one in that permanent subspace of semi-orgasm is just as important as the orgasm itself.  Pleasure is Pleasure.  Power is concomitant with Pleasure and Power is to be found in and through every Act Of Sodom that is the magnitude and quality of your existence.

I urge you to seek out suffering - the sweetest and most unberable suffering - suffering beyond what you can presently endure or even imagine.  Seek suffering that enlightens, emancipates, liberates, gives experience - and in every experience there is Pleasure.  Seek positive sweet suffering in every aspect of your life: eating and drinking, sex, sport, war, competition, even relaxation (consider the ordeals of Yoga).  Without suffering - there is no true pleasure.

And anything that recommends against suffering, be it religious, cultural or political - destroy it.  For without sweet suffering there is nothing.  Such a terrible 'God' is emptiness!  Nothingness is the ultimate negative suffering - the most destructive torment - for your own Black Flame that is Desire will consume you for want.    Then you will become an eternal Void.  Eternal agony without relief, capitulation, or hope...

Hail Sodom!

The dreams you give your father are marks of your glory and success.

We make our own dreams and pursue or dreams.  Or our dreams are given to us as hope and alternatives to  an unacceptable reality.  Our dreams are the fabric of our ambitions and that fabric to a great extent comes from the world around us.  We may appreciate that world or as I already said choose to dream an alternative.  Dreams are also milestones to better dreams - higher and holier things, and battles against false ideas of what is higher and holier.

But when do you know you are on the right track with the formation of your dreams?  When are your dreams truly a mark of your own Spirit - and respectively a mark of your own Glory, which is inexorably bound to and with your Spirit?  When your dreams have spilled out on to the world around you and begin to make their mark - you could claim to be on the road to success if not already having achieved what you desire.  It isn't hard to see that this crucible can be a great stumbling block of delusion and barriers of illusion.  Then what certainty have you that you are truly on the right track - that path that is truly yours?  It is not merely a mark of your Glory to have painted a few walls.  Any fool can write on the wall.  But when others read "the writing on the wall" that is yours and say "and so it goes" - then surely you are on the right path.  For then you have been recognised in your truest form, all masks and illusions of who and what you truly are removed from the view of all spectators before you.  Furthermore - you have made your mark not merely on a wall but have become in the minds of others another totem around which to dance or from which to flee and dread.  Either way - your territory and path has been marked as yours.  But the greatest recognition comes from ones own family.  Your neighbourhood and town may fail to recognise you for their ignorace - but when your father sees your path then your own prophethood has been observed.

What dreams you give your father - or mother or siblings - are the most sincere mark of your Glory.  Glory - not merely everyday 'success' such as career or other trivial achievements recognised by the State and other empty dehumanising institutions.  That lacks spirit, humanity and relationship in all dimensions.  When your father sees your path, dreams of your path and actions - your being and doing - and reiterates that to you - surely you come to know thyself as he has come to realise you in your growth.  Let me give myself as an example.

When I was 22 years old - my father called me to his room, with the most severe countenance - no expression have I ever seen on that mans face more solemn and severe than on that day.  I stood before him expecting some battle until he raised his eyes to the ceiling and raised his hands and said emphatically:

"I don't know how or why this came to me but it did.  And I blame you for my 'bad dreams'."  He smiled mischievously and I could only ask "Why? What???"

And his words were as follows:

"I dreamt that I was running away from the cops with several friends.  We hid in a farmyard owned by two wealthy and very proper old ladies.  Wearing gold rimmed glasses, immaculate grey hair, pearl earrings and necklaces and crisp well ironed white blouses.  These old women gave us permission to hide in their farm.

As we moved around the outbuildings we saw you and your closest friend preparing for pranks.  There you were, pulling all the farm animals by their ears, shoving them from behind, bringing them together to copulate out in the open.  You were causing all the animals to participate in a giant farmyard orgy - laughing hysterically to yourselves, as you put pig upon sheep, sheep upon goat, horse upon cow and so on.

We walked by these copulating animals - which were everywhere, all grunting and mooing and baaing and groaning.  Shit and piss was everywhere - and you spread it around with large yard brushes.  And then my friends and I walked between two tall towers more than ten feet high - made completely of animal dung.  The stink was unbelievable.  Atop both towering dungheaps you placed pigs who were now fucking one another and shitting from above.  My friends and I were so ashamed and horrified yet you and your friend were rolling in hysterics.

The old ladies stood sternly at the porch of their house, looking on in dismay.  I approached them and asked lamely "I'm very sorry about all this.  Can we still stay here?"

The old ladies simply said "No.  You can't stay here any longer.  Look what your boys have gone and done. You can't stay, I'm sorry."

We apologised once more and vacated the property as you and your friend remained, cajoling all the animals in their orgy."

My father could only stand with a wry grin as he finished his dream, and stood on in shock as I laughed.  He argued that I caused his dream - for this is "what I'm all about and nothing else".  My point is clear - I am the Prophet Of Sodom and I bring an end to excessive chauvinism represented by those old women.  This my father recognised very early on.  It was in his deepest mind an immutable fact and never again did he argue against any of my actions or words on these matters.  For four years prior since I was 18 he could not believe my role in this world, the nature of my Spirit or Glory - but I wrote on the wall often enough that it became imbued in his dreams.  My dreams were in his.  There was no further denial.

Quod erat demonstrandum!

Be yourself and push yourself to the absolute limit such that nobody can continue to deny your true nature and Path!  Make them dream your dream then surely they will know you and appreciate you for who you are.

Hail Sodom!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Beatitudes Of Sodom

The Beatitudes Of Sodom:

Blessed are the free in spirit – for theirs is the Garden of Pleasure

Blessed are those who rejoice – for they will spread comfort and be rewarded with comfort.

Blessed are the strong – for they shall guard and govern the Earth and reap its fruits.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for unending Pleasure – for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the Just and merciful – for they shall delegate justice and obtain mercy.

Blessed are those with open hearts and minds – for they shall know the Supreme Absolute.

Blessed are those who wage war on Repression, Suppression and Oppression, for they are the children of the Supreme.

Blessed are the perverts and outcasts, for they shall enlighten the Earth.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of making Pleasure – for theirs is the Kingdom Of Pleasure.

The Edicts Of Sodom


Worship all our Divine Aspects.  Let thy eyes behold all the Neter!  For we are One and All.

Chant aloud all our Holy Names and Neter.  Do not silence our myriad aspects in vain!

Choose thy Neters as ye Will and let others do the same.  Those who abase Holy Liberty shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!
When faced with poverty and starvation – theft is Holy!

When faced with slavery – theft is Holy!

When thy Honour is at stake – plunder is Holy!

Theft otherwise is weakness and dishonour.  Rent it asunder without pity!
When you catch a thief seizing your property, take liberty with his or her property, his or her lovers and family, his or her servants – do what thou wilt with them.  Let them be your slaves and prostitutes if ye Will.  If ye Will, bear Clementatis and let not the perpetrator forget thy grace, for then thou art dishonoured and thence plunder is Holy!  THE LAW is yours.

Murder without precedent is evil and you will be flung into the Black Flames of the Abyss – for you have abased The Orbits.  Where decadence prevails against you, or any evil that besmirches the Orbit of your Will or shames your Honour – cull the evildoers who shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!  Culling with precedent is not murder but justice.  Shirk not justice lest ye be flung in the Black Flame!

Cull mundanes who openly shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!  For they dishonour you and your brethren and seek to distil Time, such barbarism is decadence.  Time is the Arm of God.  Om Tat Sat!

Betray not thy Brethren, thy lovers nor thy Family! Dishonour is death!

Covet thy neigbours goods and aspire to greater Honour, for that is strong and Holy.  Encourage aspiration and display thy fine remaints and glorious Triumph, for Triumph is Holy, a gift from Us.  Those who hide their Triumph dishonour their own Will and betray their Brethren.  To silence Glory is to shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon and to turn away from the Holy Guardian Angel.  For the voluntarily meek the Black Flame awaits – an evil homecoming!

Restore the Honour of those whose Will has been broken, dishonoured and betrayed – for you spread Pleasure and restore THE LAW of the New Aeon.  Love is THE LAW!  Love under Will.  Restore the harmony of the Orbits! Om Tat Sat!

Honour your lovers – your Power must disperse Pleasure lest you do dishonour and shirk THE LAW!  Love is the Law.  Love under Will.  Om Tat Sat!

Do not stop the Power of another giving Pleasure to others – for this is to disturb the harmony of the Orbits.  Such shirk will be flung in the Black Flame.  An evil homecoming!

Higher and Holier is the Power that distributes more Pleasure.  This disperses Honour and Glory.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

Resent not the Triumphant, for this is to shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon and will receive no reward.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

The Power that does not give and restore Honour and disperse Pleasure will be dragged down into the Abyss where the Black Flame consumes all Desire!  Destroy that which is not beneficent – otherwise you fail to serve your Honour and maintain the Orbits, such shirk betrays your Brethren and will know no reward.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

Cull those who cull Pleasure!  IAO Sodom!

Moral purity starts in the Pleasure of the body!  Hari Om Tat Sat!

The body is beautiful – hide it not, for it is the finest raiment.  IAO Sodom!

All days are Holy.  Indulge them as ye Will.  Celebrate the festivities and let thy Will disperse Power and Pleasure on the Holy Days.  Hail Sodom!  Agape!

Sow no discord nor feign morality, betray not thy Brethren nor those innocent of shirk or unwarranted violation – for this abases Power.  True Power spreads Pleasure.  All otherwise shall know only the Black Flame of curtailed Desire.  An evil homecoming!  Love is THE LAW.  Love under Will.  Pleasure is the THE LAW.  Power for Pleasure.  IAO Sodom Abrahadabra!  Hari Om Tat Sat!

THE LAW of the New Aeon is yours, a gift from Us.  Let not Leviathan nor any other seize upon it and dishonour you.  Let none dishonour any other within THE LAW.  Love is THE LAW.  Love under Will.  Pleasure is THE LAW.  Power for Pleasure.  IAO Sodom Abrahadabra!  Hari Om Tat Sat!


Delivered unto the Prophet Of Sodom on 10th April 2013 after 3 days of Meditation, and 1 day of preparation on the day prior, 7th April 2013.

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