Surreal Art

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Anal Torture

Waiting to be reborn

Free Spirits

Hand gently cupped upon the vulva

 Teasing the vital points

The focal point of sensual suffering

Invoking Symbiotic Orgasm

Spinning out from moral controls

Staring into the vaginal orgasm

Karmic wheel of Purple Passion

Mutual yearning

A flurry of sensual anguish

Invoking the cycle of Seven Orgasms

The Dove of Sexual Love

The Star Of Voluptuous Teases

Thrashing in sexual agony

In the midst of symbiotic orgasm


Aftermath of the Orgasm

Sensual Lights

Gentle Kisses Upon the Mons Veneris

The 6D Massage

Vortex of Teases

Kissing the Big O

Purple Passion

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