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The Ten Commandments have failed us. They have run their course and now we stand at an spiritual, existential and cultural cul de sac. These dead commandments have been dismissed and now replaced. I bear good tidings! The Edicts Of Sodom! THE LAW of the New Aeon! 

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I bear good tidings! Behold the many Wills that are the pleasures of Sodom! Those Earthly Delights denied to us by false moralities, religions, doctrines and philosophies!

I give you a magical and Holy book of the sweetest Revelations!
That encourage you to debauch! Eat, drink, indulge in every sexual pleasure and share every pleasure with every living thing!

This most sacred of books emancipates you! Encourages you to be free! Free spirited! And to suffer no shame but bare it shamelessly and enjoy the thrill of sharing your pleasure and begging to be pleased at the same time!

The time has come for us to emancipate ourselves! Free our chains from the yoke of centuries of lies!

An Archangel formed this book in me - and at the right time - has bit me to WRITE and bear good tidings to ALL!

LIBERATE YOURSELF SHAMELESSLY and spread the pleasure! Come - read and be happy and free! NAKED!

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I give you a new God and a new religion based entirely upon Pleasure. Everyone will call me their Antichrist when in truth I am merely asking you to be your own Saviour. Muslims will issue Fatwa's against me. Fundamentalist Christians will seek to ban and silence me - again. Even Pagans will find me blasphemous.

I give you a blasphemy against all morality, and even all immorality, at once. I give you emancipation - the liberty to find your true self in the midst of your own pleasures and even the pleasure of others.

I encourage orgasm and orgy. I encourage outrageous Hedonism, Sodom, debauchery. I give you the God Of Sodom - whose Son is Baphomet, and the forefathers of this God and his Son were Dionysos, Pan, Jesus and even Jehova or Allah.

Curse me or use this Holy Book as a means to better ends. Either way - I have assisted you and loved you.

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You are about to read a collection of the most inhuman, perverted, obscene and disgusting tales ever written - and those tales are written by the most perverted man in the world - Baldassare Cossa.  Hated by all of society, shunned and despised by everyone on every social networking site.  Feared, loathed, outcast - only a man so abhorrent could write stories so depraved.

These short stories make for an extreme philosophy - based on the choices people are forced to make in extreme circumstances.  What's worse - is Cossa shows that sometimes the most awful and extreme situations, that result in extreme and evil behaviuor - are the most banal, boring, routine, monotonous - the most moral lifestyles, that can lead to the most horrific consequences.

Sometimes the characters are victims of horror, sometimes victims of boredom, sometimes witnesses of horror or boredom or both - and sometimes the characters are simply psychopathic monsters with too much power and nothing to stop them doing what they do.

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fFinally I have managed to get this onto ebook format via Lulu - and hopefully iBook and B&N Nook will follow.  I don't know how long this will remain available.  So hurry up and grab it when you can!

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A poetic journey through dark catacombs of despair, betrayal, loneliness and a desperate search for love, enlightenment and divine bliss.
These poems will take you on a dismal rollercoaster ride through anguish, philosophic frustration, failed love and deceived loyalty. Explore the existential and ethical values that matter most in life - and consider how we should appraise life when cloaked in conceit, hopelessness, broken meaning and shattered opportunity. How can one still have faith, still love, still endeavour - when the spirit is broken more than once in the dark cataclysms? These poems portray deep hurt and spiritual suffering - and to the very end, to the last breath - insist not only on an affirmative life view - but even demand we find the strength to laugh and love once more. Let beneficence prevail through the darkest trails.

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Read TRUE STORIES about some of the most bizarre and depraved sex acts, crime, debauchery, filth and decadence that goes on in real life all around us every single day. The things we pretend to ignore, we are forced by censorship, political correctness and the moral high ground to ignore - I write about here. No editors or censors in the way. You have friends like this. You have done things like this - and so have some of your family members. And you are all going to do it again and again - and so are your neighbours. Here it is, as we truly are - the worst filth and pornography and debauchery that can go on in our daily lives without upsetting the social order - unless we stand up and admit. Have fun and live life ;)

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