Friday, 28 September 2012

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visited my wife in a dream

I cannot claim that I or my wife are of the requisite background or character to receive a visitation from any of the Prophets or Sages.  Despite my ultralibertine and ultralibertarian philosophy and cultural values - in a certain way however - we live lives more earnest than most.  Freespirited we are, and in that sense we would be denounced as 'wine drinkers and fornicators' by orthodox 'Muslims', and branded sodomites and 1000 other accusations besides we would receive from many so called 'Christians'.  Then there are the worshippers of The State, they too would deem us 'lawbreakers' and break us they certainly would.

My point is simple - although I speak against hypocrisy, the life my wife and I live is not one we would feign to be 'morally pure' - the very concept of morality vomited by corrupt bishops and cardinals, or Imam's or senators or ministers - is anathema to us.

But my wife, who comes from a social background and part of the world where people who call themselves Muslims are only an embarrasment to Islam and a shame unto themselves, are unpopular and despised by her equally among others, has received a visitation from The Prophet.  My wife knows nothing of Islam, any more than most people who have learned of Islam from the media.  She knows nothing about the Qu'ran, has not read it, does not know any description of The Prophet, and did not even know that the night sky of Saudi Arabia was beautiful and shimmering with stars (ideal for stargazers).

Despite our lifestyle - we are compelled to share her dream as follows:

The Dream

I was walking through the desert with my husband. The night was still, the sky was full of twinkling stars. We were walking hand in hand, not talking but taking in the stillness of the night, the peace.

Then a tall man approached us.  He was wearing a white robe.  He had dark skin and long dark hair, deep set eyes and a perfect nose that accentuated a perfect mouth.  I was in awe, I never saw a vision so Divine.  Such radiant beauty and perfect features.  He then said “I am Muhammad and this is my Kingdom.  Do not be afraid.  I am not a bad person.  Follow me.”

My husband and I followed Him in silence until we reached a place where we could see countless bright stars.  There were other people in white robes walking before us.  The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then took a basin with water and held it under a cluster of stars shining in the sky above.  He looked sadly into the water saying “I am sad with what is happening everywhere in the world.  This is not what I wanted.  This is not what is supposed to be.  I wanted purity.  Purity of the mind and soul.  It should be as clear as this water – like a mirror where you can see all the stars.”

The bowl of water reflected the beauty of the sky perfectly.  Then I was awoken.


She told me of the dream as soon as she woke - I awoke at the same time.  And immediately I knew of its Divinity and validity.  And we have discussed the dream between ourselves over and over again.

The main points in the dream were:

The sadness of The Prophet.  His eyes and expression were sad upon meeting, and as he showed us the bowl of water.  His voice was sad.

The bowl of water, symbolised clarity.  Spiritual purity, purity of mind and heart, of soul - is not the 'moral' chauvinism that has corrupted us all globally.  It is a clear mind, the reasoning of the mind not perturbed by lies, false concepts, bad logic, and skewed and distorted emotions - which is of the heart.  And there the soul is pure and carefree - free to think, and choose, and all feeling will be good in the heart and for the heart.

And the night sky, the creation of Al'lah, is reflected perfectly in such a soul.  We were in awe of its beauty in the dream.  And upon being told the dream, I can see it, and further I am in awe.

Finally, the yearning of The Prophet was such that he was, without words but by pathos, feeling, requesting we help Him spread The Message - to open a path that can lead people back to Him, such that everyone can purify their souls - for Al'lah, or God, and be happy.

But for us, this is such an unusual task - we do not live a life any Imam or so called 'Muslim' would favour.  We do not live a life any Christian church would favour.  We find all of them abhorrent.  And what is more - many people have become cynical and sickened by their corruptions.

Look now, Christian bigots harass Muslim bigots - and you tear each other apart.  All of your churches and mosques are rotten with corruption - as the Pope's own butler, about to stand trial without jury, indicates.  And the Nepotism in the Saudi Kingdom - is anything but the honesty for which The Prophet was reknown.

Is it any wonder people have become rebellious and seek succour in debauchery?

Now, for me, there is the most confounding task.  A man who has taken the name Baldassare Cossa, and his wife who is devoted to him.


  1. The Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said:

    The one who sees me in a dream has truly seen me for indeed the devil can not take my shape to deceive people.

  2. Peace Brother,

    thank you for sharing such a beautiful dream. It truly is a privilege to experience such a dream. It shows me that God loves you and your wife a great deal. Did you ever get it interpreted by an imam or shiekh? Has this made you or your wife look at Islam further? I have had a similar experience when i was an agnostic, but not a dream of the Prophet (saw) but of Allah. And back then i never thought i would fully expect Islam.

    In your post you mention some of the corruption of some Christians and Muslims. As a Muslim myself even i am saddened by this. But we are all not like this. yes there is hypocrisy in all religions. But there are the few of us who try to be good and kind to all humanity. So I hope you have not written of religion or Islam for that matter or have been discouraged to seek more interpretation on this dream. I really hope you did go and seek an interpretation, it would make an interesting follow up to this post.

    Peace :)

  3. Thank you Brother Gaia and Peace unto you. We did indeed seek some guidance from Imam's but were met with hostility and deceit. When we were not treated as something evil, we had men telling us we should give all our property and possessions to the mosque, completely submit to their 'True Islam' - and each True Islam was very different from the previous except perhaps on matters of violence. My own personal experience of the Qu'ran is much richer and more blissful than any of the malfeasance I have experienced when trying to talk to Imam's or such like. They have not felt The Book in their hearts.

    I never attack any religion per se - but I do attack false representations of religion, which entails much of what is called Christianity, and of course 'Islam-ism', as well as the pernicious Nationalist forms of Judaism and even Hinduism and most recently Buddhism (Myanmar). All this 'religion' is but political pornography - and that is something I find truly evil.

    My wife and I wander our own way across the deserts with Peace and Divinity in our hearts. We do not need mosques with corrupt and vicious Imam's. I speak as I must speak about the political evils and false religiosity of which I have been painfully aware since my Submission at the age of 6.

    There is very little religion in the world now - including Islam. Not much left. Not even possible. In that way - I must speak. But never, ever, against the Divine (Al'lah) itself.

  4. The Savior has emerged...the promised Paraclete from Jesus to the Christians, the messenger from Elijah to the Jews calls you to God. Messenger from imam Mahdi (AS). The Mahdi that is born during the end of time. Imam Ahmad AlHasan supported by thousands of visions & miracles.

    1. Whoever you are GreenLantern - I think you have entirely missed the point. This video with its persistent morbid and violent imagery, and that dull 'message' drawled out in poorly locuted Arabic - reflects the very depths and depravity of your delusion.

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  6. Not all mosques are evil. Not all imams are evil. There is good and evil in the Islamic ummah.