Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Edicts Of Sodom


Worship all our Divine Aspects.  Let thy eyes behold all the Neter!  For we are One and All.

Chant aloud all our Holy Names and Neter.  Do not silence our myriad aspects in vain!

Choose thy Neters as ye Will and let others do the same.  Those who abase Holy Liberty shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!
When faced with poverty and starvation – theft is Holy!

When faced with slavery – theft is Holy!

When thy Honour is at stake – plunder is Holy!

Theft otherwise is weakness and dishonour.  Rent it asunder without pity!
When you catch a thief seizing your property, take liberty with his or her property, his or her lovers and family, his or her servants – do what thou wilt with them.  Let them be your slaves and prostitutes if ye Will.  If ye Will, bear Clementatis and let not the perpetrator forget thy grace, for then thou art dishonoured and thence plunder is Holy!  THE LAW is yours.

Murder without precedent is evil and you will be flung into the Black Flames of the Abyss – for you have abased The Orbits.  Where decadence prevails against you, or any evil that besmirches the Orbit of your Will or shames your Honour – cull the evildoers who shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!  Culling with precedent is not murder but justice.  Shirk not justice lest ye be flung in the Black Flame!

Cull mundanes who openly shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon!  For they dishonour you and your brethren and seek to distil Time, such barbarism is decadence.  Time is the Arm of God.  Om Tat Sat!

Betray not thy Brethren, thy lovers nor thy Family! Dishonour is death!

Covet thy neigbours goods and aspire to greater Honour, for that is strong and Holy.  Encourage aspiration and display thy fine remaints and glorious Triumph, for Triumph is Holy, a gift from Us.  Those who hide their Triumph dishonour their own Will and betray their Brethren.  To silence Glory is to shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon and to turn away from the Holy Guardian Angel.  For the voluntarily meek the Black Flame awaits – an evil homecoming!

Restore the Honour of those whose Will has been broken, dishonoured and betrayed – for you spread Pleasure and restore THE LAW of the New Aeon.  Love is THE LAW!  Love under Will.  Restore the harmony of the Orbits! Om Tat Sat!

Honour your lovers – your Power must disperse Pleasure lest you do dishonour and shirk THE LAW!  Love is the Law.  Love under Will.  Om Tat Sat!

Do not stop the Power of another giving Pleasure to others – for this is to disturb the harmony of the Orbits.  Such shirk will be flung in the Black Flame.  An evil homecoming!

Higher and Holier is the Power that distributes more Pleasure.  This disperses Honour and Glory.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

Resent not the Triumphant, for this is to shirk THE LAW of the New Aeon and will receive no reward.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

The Power that does not give and restore Honour and disperse Pleasure will be dragged down into the Abyss where the Black Flame consumes all Desire!  Destroy that which is not beneficent – otherwise you fail to serve your Honour and maintain the Orbits, such shirk betrays your Brethren and will know no reward.  IAO Om Tat Sat!

Cull those who cull Pleasure!  IAO Sodom!

Moral purity starts in the Pleasure of the body!  Hari Om Tat Sat!

The body is beautiful – hide it not, for it is the finest raiment.  IAO Sodom!

All days are Holy.  Indulge them as ye Will.  Celebrate the festivities and let thy Will disperse Power and Pleasure on the Holy Days.  Hail Sodom!  Agape!

Sow no discord nor feign morality, betray not thy Brethren nor those innocent of shirk or unwarranted violation – for this abases Power.  True Power spreads Pleasure.  All otherwise shall know only the Black Flame of curtailed Desire.  An evil homecoming!  Love is THE LAW.  Love under Will.  Pleasure is the THE LAW.  Power for Pleasure.  IAO Sodom Abrahadabra!  Hari Om Tat Sat!

THE LAW of the New Aeon is yours, a gift from Us.  Let not Leviathan nor any other seize upon it and dishonour you.  Let none dishonour any other within THE LAW.  Love is THE LAW.  Love under Will.  Pleasure is THE LAW.  Power for Pleasure.  IAO Sodom Abrahadabra!  Hari Om Tat Sat!


Delivered unto the Prophet Of Sodom on 10th April 2013 after 3 days of Meditation, and 1 day of preparation on the day prior, 7th April 2013.

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