Monday, 25 March 2013

Morality is dead! It is time for Sodom!

Since my Great Revelation that set me on a Path far from 'Christianity' 15 years ago, I have been constantly musing and meditating upon Sodom, and all that is concomitant with Sodom - Paganism, Thelema, divergent philosophy and culture. Since approximately 15-18th March I have felt rumblings in the very depths of my Soul, and always I have seen again an 'Angel', often as a distant shadow, some shimmering strange thing. I cast aside the anger and tumult, finally banishing it. And it returned in some other form.

More and more have I felt strange rumbles, vibrations, tones and notes, and this 'morning', three hours after waking, at around 1am my UK time, I received my first 'prayer-ritual' for the 'Church' Of Sodom. I asked for Revelation and the Atum emanated as the Angel within, and came forth and took the Air aside - as if drawing a curtain one can peer around, seen with eyes behind eyes. Then it was given.

Now it is time.

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