Thursday, 16 May 2013

The sweeter the suffering - the greater the pleasure.

Did you notice that in every aspect of life how much suffering and anguish you endure will reap magnitudes more pleasure?  And that the quality of that pleasure itself is dependent upon the profundity of the suffering?  Immediately we are compelled to ask a couple of questions before proceeding:

Is all suffering beneficent?  What does 'sweet suffering' entail?  After all - mainstream religion and the laws developed by the State are quite obsessed with your enduring much negative and body and soul destroying suffering without any challenge or question.

The second question is more direct - 'which pleasures'?

When I speak of sweet suffering I insist that every moment of agony irrespective of how extreme and unbearable that be - is itself experienced as a form of pleasure, for it is comcomitant with pleasure just as pleasure is the very apogee of sweet suffering.  Positive suffering is equally connected with the pleasurable outcome as the head is connected to the body.  Sweet suffering is the embodiment of pleasure itself.  That suffering which 'cuts the head off' must be dismissed, its very source destroyed - for it gives no liberty whatsoever (positve or negative or in layspeak neither opportunity nor freedom).  Respectively - all sweet suffering must be nurtured, even when it makes the enjoyer of that suffering whimper and beg for quarter.  For from that comes greater opportunity for greater experience, a wider gamut and profundity of experience - more depth and breadth - 'more freedom'.  Thus it may be said that it is from sweet suffering all true hope manifests as 'Will to Power' - a Power that surges one forth body and mind into the apogee of Life itself.  The 'agon', the persistent tumult of resistance and battle, the anguish of yearning and gasp of release is the Existential hub of ones being wherein Power and Pleasure are entwined as two aspects of the Spirit.

Which pleasures?  Is there any difference between the agony of rock climbing and reaching the top, the sexual tortures of a kink dungeon where the lashings of whips, persistent humiliations, edging unto orgasm followed by orgasm denial, and the eating of a very hot spicy albeit juicy and quality kebab?  I watched my wife, nigh upon the end of her pregnancy, suffer terribly as she consumed one mouthful after another - refusing to take water as her tongue and throat burned and her forehead and cheeks sweated in anguish.  One week prior we tried the same kebab without spice only to find it so utterly mediocre we vowed henceforth to welcome the sweet suffering with open arms.  What is most interesting is that the apogee of this act of spicy gluttony was not the swallowing of the last hot mouthful - but every single mouthful, the very act of torturous consumption itself.  By welcoming the suffering - we enjoyed a better meal.  It is no different with rock climbing, or hard trekking in the Himalaya's - the view is always worth the pain.  Each lash of the whip, each humiliating cheer from the audience as you piss yourself once more in your stark naked disgrace which keeps one in that permanent subspace of semi-orgasm is just as important as the orgasm itself.  Pleasure is Pleasure.  Power is concomitant with Pleasure and Power is to be found in and through every Act Of Sodom that is the magnitude and quality of your existence.

I urge you to seek out suffering - the sweetest and most unberable suffering - suffering beyond what you can presently endure or even imagine.  Seek suffering that enlightens, emancipates, liberates, gives experience - and in every experience there is Pleasure.  Seek positive sweet suffering in every aspect of your life: eating and drinking, sex, sport, war, competition, even relaxation (consider the ordeals of Yoga).  Without suffering - there is no true pleasure.

And anything that recommends against suffering, be it religious, cultural or political - destroy it.  For without sweet suffering there is nothing.  Such a terrible 'God' is emptiness!  Nothingness is the ultimate negative suffering - the most destructive torment - for your own Black Flame that is Desire will consume you for want.    Then you will become an eternal Void.  Eternal agony without relief, capitulation, or hope...

Hail Sodom!

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