Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why I believe in violence.

We should not fight back - but tell the police.  We should not seek vengeance but turn the other cheek.  Such barbarism!  Such spiritual abomination and philosophic blasphemy!  Such demands as these at once remove all human dignity and the integrity of individuals and even entire social groups!  I say this - if ever there was a greater desecration of Human Rights it is the rubric of docility.  All around us docility is propagated, recommended, cajoled, and enforced as policy.  Laws and unspoken cultural norms force us to be 'free' only in the light of complete and utter pacifism in the face of persistent curtailments of ones own interests and security.  The subversion of these interests and personal security are sublimated unto the 'public good' - and the illusion of just returns or even some personal profit in a 'higher' sense, as well as feigned peace and security - are the final smothering cushion that veils the individual, or group, now dead to ones own self and even dead to the forum of the realpolitik.

Do you not believe that in a different world you would be richer?  That you would have more pleasures even if they do not include a cheap faux leather sofa and a flatscreen TV?  Which would you prefer - an orgy or an iPad?  Which would you prefer - the adrenaline rush of a pitched battle, even a hunt, or microwave food and boredom the pain of which is numbed by the persistent buzz of your mp3 player?

Am I suggesting we get rid of modern comforts?  Not necessarily - not at all in fact.  But what I am saying is that the costs of these and how they are acquired under our current political-economy must be given serious thought.  Presently the very way you are expected to use and enjoy these modern comforts destroys your body and your mind - it dulls the spirit.  You are expected to let your body atrophy - for it will never hunt or fight, it need not be fit for the orgy.  You need not defend yourself or even keep your very mind fit and active as your 'rights' are all taken care of under a package deal called representative democracy.  Your vote is your signature in a social contract where you give away all your verve and acumen.  In some states and more will follow in future - you are legally obligated to vote or at least register to do so.  You are not expected to challenge this obligation, fight it, question it, or disagree with it.  Immediately a certain political violence/violation has been performed against you, and this is rendered as lawful.  What human rights do you genuinely have if you cannot fully opt out from the social contract per se or challenge it at its roots?

But let us cut to the chase.  In a world where two men can no longer have a duel, to fight their personal battle between themselves, or where one cannot rightfully defend ones own property or person or ones given interests lest one has disobeyed the state (and of course, the laurels upon which it is rested - its false god and religious morality) - two men are not two men and one is not one.  In such a world there is a permanent displacement and abasement of the self or any relationship between persons one care to consider.  Be that a group with shared interests or two men at duel - they do not exist as they are not permitted to execute their own Cause of Honour as they see fit.  What about Class Action and similar pursuits you may ask?  The point  has already been made - none are permitted to execute their own Cause of Honour as they see fit.  At every juncture they plaintiff most run to the superior and seek succour there.  Never can one secure ones interests and make ones own rules or challenge the rules set.  There is not right to violence whatsoever therefore there is no right to anything beyond begging for quarter and crumbs under the table.

I tell you this - if you cannot make your own rules and laws and cannot challenge rules, laws, and consensus openly and even with coercion where there is no reasonable dialogue and mediation (even taking into account asymmetries of capacity and not breaching their quantities) - then you cannot do anything and you are subject to the greatest violation.  For this you are permanently vulnerable to the most terrible violence and when it comes you will be so conditioned into a state of docility you will like neither wit nor muscle to countervail it.  The state itself could abominate you and call it justice - you can be arrested and framed, very easily, and this certainly happens in states where docility has been so severely enforced and has been so widely accepted it is regarded as 'normal'.  The state could fall to another state or some violent invading force and you would not have the experience or guile to defend and promote your interests in any state of war or even a 'state of nature'.  Your home can be robbed, you may be raped, your family dishonoured, you may be debased at your place of employment until your mind is broken - and if you fight back you are criminalised, if you seek police assistance - nine times out of ten nothing will happen.  The police are only interested in you when they gain from it - either by arresting and destroying you, or chasing your perpetrator so they may have your glory.  What is your glory they take?  When the police do bother to arrest the one who rapes your daughter or sister or steals from your home or murders your parents - they receive the prize and the praise for the 'good work' they do.  If you sought redress personally - you are another 'violent criminal'.  Am I understood?  The Glory of your redress is when you make your own laws and punish the one who has done evil against you as you see fit - and your prize may be the compensation you demand from their property, their flesh, their lives.

When you cannot pursue your grander political or economic or cultural interests without risk of severe coercion or some cunning form of silencing - and then to countervail this cunning violation of liberty to speak and act and do you use violence as a tool to remedy the political landscape and restore balance more in your favour, to restore the demos itself even such that you and those people and things you value are given adequate representation by your winning the competition by restoring fair play to suit your laws and Will - then you cannot even claim to be a real living human being with rights.  For you cannot genuinely live, do politics, seek your own rational interests or cultivate your tastes as suits your passions, you cannot genuinely speak, act, or even defend or secure yourself - you are not even a carbon copy - but at best a dead blunt instrument.

I tell you the truth - violence is good, violence is politik, without violence there cannot be politics, without violence there cannot genuinely be free economics and good enterprise or even fair welfare where the needy has a voice, there is no genuine culture and certainly no religion beyond spiritual bastardy and barbarism.  Then only possible outcome is that eventually violence becomes the only means and end - for the deepest instincts that cannot be sublimated tend to explode and seek only to destroy everything before all can be rebuilt.  Have we not seen such horrors in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, the Middle East, N Ireland, and S America?  Do we not even see it in our own ghetto's?  In this sense violence begets violence and that is a good thing - it is the last hope.  When the state, its bastard churches and false religious bodies, its quango's and 'think tanks', dehumanise and use 'Human Rights' to turn human beings into Fukuyaman 'happy dogs sleeping in the sun' - then the greatest violence has been done, and only the greatest violence can restore humanity.  When Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, the state, Communism or NeoConservatism even - engage in this ultimate violation of human liberty by compelling - then only that most base instinct that is the compulsion to lash out and destroy can give any space for values to grow again.

If then, the greatest violence against state, political paradigms and religions are clearly justified - so obviously is your own violence against invaders of your property, your interests, your pleasures and those people and things you love.  Clearly you have liberty to set your own rules and relations in the social spaces you inhabit and make.  If you are compelled to indulge other than you wish in those habitats and relationships - there is no true politics for you have no space you can call your own.  Your space has been violated and you are at best a slave even if you 'are' at all.

Violence restores!  Violence gives hope!  Violence protects, makes, gives pleasure!  Violence is an instrument of justice!  Let it not be taken off you!  Violence itself thus is a pleasure!  Let it also be yours!  Do  violence unto those who do it to you!  Any other practice is choosing death over life - nonbeing over being, weakness over strength - it is a curtailment of your very Will.  That is a violation against the self and those people and things you love.  Defend your property, your dependents and your pleasures and interests as you see fit!  Even against the state, the police, religions and political doctirnes!

Hail Sodom!

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