Monday, 22 July 2013

On Mastery and Slavery

Pursue your own Greatness otherwise be a slave to others Greatness.

There is no choice in your pursuit, only optimal decisions.  Suboptimal decisions are symptoms of decline.

Declining types justify their suboptimal decisions by demanding a liberal 'equality' to 'choose' declension and expect Greatness to kowtow lowly until of equal height.  Sometimes this is called Liberalism, Socialism, Feminism, or some pseudo-religion such as Christianity followed by 'moral reform'.

Merit is derived from the optimal response to a context – it is never a free choice.  "Do only thy Will" and none else.  Seek exit from context to overcome others Extension over and against you.

Slavery begets Slavery.  Mastery beholds slavery – and besmirches it when it seeks to extend over Mastery.  Slavery only ever begets itself.  Mastery extends, holds and besmirches.

Slavery demands equality to itself – ever in decline.  It demands all decisions to be suboptimal in accord with the habitus of declension.  This is maintained by institutional facades of 'equality' that gerrymander the unique geometry of the individual and force that shape into equal form.  The resultant anhedonia and collective anomie is misconstrued as equilibrium or 'goodness'.  Decline is hidden by persistent panic.  The nanny state, nationalist chauvinism, moral panic, the corruption of banana republics – all have slaves as 'masters'.

In such habitus' – endeavour and merit seldom gains respect, only utility for the 'greater good'.  Utilitarian institutions enslave and never encourage difference beyond the remit of utility.  There is an illusion of respecting difference resentfully expressed as 'meeting needs'.  The opportunity costs for such 'care' and 'equality' is high – commanded loss of libido and all deviation skewed to a standard.  A little red book of slogans puts each into an assigned quintile.  Decisionmaking is taken from you in return for a docile happiness, a social contract of vague illusions (peace, order, regulation, opportunity even!) becomes the decisionmaking process to the individuals 'benefit'.

Resentment is strongly expressed against optimal decisionmaking that deviates from the norm of slavery.  Vague illusions and poetics serve to undermine the focused endeavour toward Greatness.  These chimeric statements of "happiness, equality, opportunity, peace, hope, correction, rescue" are lens that give myopic vision and lack of clarity of insight.  The subversion of Mastery and Self Mastery.  Self Mastery, with the irony of slave talk that only begets itself (a decadent serpent biting its tail!) – is now proposed as an asceticism that serves only to destroy the entire organism and its spirit!  All libido is 'concupiscence'.  Will itself is regarded as an illusion - we have at once 'all is relative' for pro-choice then 'destiny as fate' for complete submission to the normative.  Resistance to slavery is propagated as pathology.  But only a discourse beget by slavery foments a 'moral science' of pathology – pathology begets pathology!

Self Mastery, Mastery in itself, requires only its own libido – the Pleasure of its own Power, 'happy' in itself and never seeking happiness.  At peace with its Greatness and never at peace with its context, never submitting, but only making optimal decisions to reconstitute its own plenary Orbit.  Mastery is bereft of hope – hope has no place where there is endeavour and clarity of vision.  There is no equality – only difference.  There is no correction or regulation – only its unique displacement in context and redistribution of its own Power-Pleasure geometry.  There is no rescue where there is no hope – only cunning and optimal decisionmaking.  Wit controls fear.  Sympathy yet never pity.  Mastery is never jealous and bestows bounties unto merit alone.  Care for difference – not need, even in misfortune – there is never a significant opportunity cost at the juncture of endeavour akin...  No burden is too great for Mastery – not even the burden of beholding slavery gracefully.

Look up unto the stars, then into - and say "Happily I drink from this cup", no cowardice, no meekness.

Blessed are the Willing, for they shall inherit the Great Heights!

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