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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 9 Final

The final part of the story 'Love' from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity'.  I managed to get the book made available on several other platforms.  Grab a copy before the moral faggots decide you don't have the right to read what you choose:


The ebook is available here again for now at least:

Maureen then preyed upon four twelve year old girls on a daily basis for three months, beating them, mentally torturing them, sexually abusing and humiliating them.  She ensured they only got three hours sleep per night due to punishment homework and housework.  In a constant stupor they could never keep up with the barrage of impossible demands made by Maureen’s colleagues - who only laughed and winked as Maureen was given another excuse to discipline and punish.  Stripping them naked in front of dozens of leering boys soon woke them up, leaving them screaming in embarrassment, trying to cover themselves as Maureen and her colleagues held their arms and parted their legs.  Turning them every way, posing them in every manner, the girls turned crimson and almost died with shame as the boys were given the opportunity to fondle and grope at their will.  These punishments soon got worse, the boys were soon fucking them.  The girls fell pregnant, the fruits were beaten out of their swollen bellies, as they ran naked around the assembly hall trying to avoid the stick and the lash.  Two girls committed suicide; the other two never left the mental hospital.  The fact that everyone in the institution was complicit in Maureen’s crimes, even if to a lesser degree of severity, served only to maintain her impunity as she humiliated children at shower time, molested four year olds on the toilet when needing cleaned, abused and raped them with her clitoris, beat them to a pulp often leaving them to wander the corridors for weeks with gashes and fractures that were left to heal naturally.  Street children suffered the worst, as they were on no register - the colleagues turned a blind eye to their disappearance as they did each others and Maureen’s savagery.  The attic filled with little bodies who prior to their demise were forced to fuck and abuse each other.  Yes, now Maureen was having groups of children gang rape and beat another child senseless - that one victim suffering for weeks in the attic until it was finally killed in the artificial savagery as sterile as the institutes corridors.  Up to twelve street children, sometimes with three or four women and several elderly victims, now dwelt in that horrible attic, in their own ordures - at the behest of Maureen, several of her more depraved and perverted colleagues and the outside clients who numbered hundreds.  One by one they died in the most horrible ways: skinnings, immolations, amputations, gougings, eviscerations, beatings and trepanations (which were always followed with headfuckings).  On the latter note, Maureen became reknown among her victims for clitfucking a hole she drilled into the skull of a victim - adult or child.  Besides this, beheadings, sometimes posthumous, resulted in her clitfucking the oesophagus and trachea - both in the head and on the neck still connected to the torso.  It was teenage boys who usually, for some bizarre reason, suffered the most with the head punishments - although they were often skinned, amputated or burned beforehand.

These horrors continued nonstop for years, her colleagues being more or less complicit in either turning a blind eye, or participating partially or fully.  The attic became a room strewn with bones, skulls, rotting corpses, faeces, vomit and piss - the smell overpowering save for the clientele and Maureen and her accomplices.  It was not until 1996, when a fifteen year old girl, a twenty year old woman, a seventeen year old boy and two boys aged eleven with two girls aged ten and twelve, escaped, did all this come to an end and with it the career of Maureen.  The teenage girl had her left hand amputated and the stump burned, her left eyeball gouged out, her entire body was black due to being burned, her hair was tousled and melted - she was naked.  The twenty year old woman, naked, had all her fingernails and toenails removed.  Her entire body was covered in cigarette burns, lash marks, bruises and knife slashes.  Her inner labia were chopped off as was her left nipple, her left arm was broken.  The teenage boy had the toes of his left foot cleaved off, his back burned, his left hand and fingers smashed with a hammer, his right forearm broken, his jaw was also broken.  His foreskin was crudely circumcised and the penis was festering, he had not a stitch of clothing to hide what dignity remained after the onslaught of buggeries by countless men and Maureens passionate tortures he suffered for two relentless months.  The two eleven year old boys were generally in one piece, naked of course, only suffering knife slashes and welt marks all over their bodies.  It was these two cunning urchins who managed to breach the locks and lead everyone away to safety - being skilled thieves before visiting the institution.  The ten year old girl was in quite a bad way, both arms were cleaved off from the shoulders, the stumps burned, her head was skinned, her teeth torn out, nipples, clitoris and labia were removed.  She was very week after three horrific months of rapes and beatings culminating to this horror - her black and blue body was due to be terminated in three days.  The twelve year old girl, in one piece, helped the younger girl along, both were naked, the elder girl having only endured three days of fuckeries of every sort.  She was covered in shit, piss and vomit - as is the case for any victim in the first two weeks.  Besides some severe bruising on the bum due to passionate thrashings, a swollen sphincter and bruised vagina, badly bruised nipples due to squeezing, she was fine.  They made their way onto the streets at around 5am on a summer morning, hiding in the shadows, when the first commuters appeared they delivered a shocking sight.  Police and ambulances were called - the sight of uniforms terrified the victims, and the shocked social workers were sent away in a daze - the sight of them made the youngest girl die of fright.

Immediate investigations were made, the teenage girl dying several days later, the boy committing suicide within two weeks - both still giving a lot of information being the victims for longest after the deceased youngest girl.  Their stories were horrifying and were kept secret from the press.  The two young boys, the twelve year old girl and woman never mentally recovered, spending the rest of their lives in psychiatric care - still they gave their stories before psychosis completely ate their spirits.  The institution was shut down, and further investigations told countless terrible stories of degradation and abuse by young and old alike.  The attic brought its own horrific revelations, leaving several police officers and detectives in a mental hospital for six months.  Hundreds of skulls made mountains, bones and ordures littered the floor, rotting corpses hung all about the room creating a surreal sight.  Maureen was arrested, and after putting up a vicious fistfight with a dozen officers, was dragged off to a women’s prison, put through a hasty trial and callously sentenced to prison for the rest of her natural life.  The courts, the jury, the police officers, did not listen to her tragedy.  No one cared about how she was turned into a monster, only reigning abuse on her head.  She was beaten and humiliated daily in her cell.  When she mentioned these abuses the judge only laughed, the jury jeered, her own defense mocked her.  When she sought clemency and told her life story - again she was scoffed.  She asked for anonymity in the prison - she was assured her story would be made known to every female prisoner.  Again Maureen pleaded, this time asking only for compassion, even impersonal human love - borne through clemency, would do.  The judge roared abuse at her, the jury followed, the prosecution degraded her, her own defence barristers spat in her face - soon the whole court set upon beating her, led by the judge.  Dragged off to jail a bloody mess with all the hair torn out of her head, her own defence ensured her good eye was gouged out with a pen blinding her.  The judge broke her fingers, her scars were injured and bleeding, the jury broke her arms.  The prosecution stuffed the cases papers up her vagina and anus and set them alight.  All throughout this ordeal, she screamed for mercy, begged forgiveness, repented, recanted the story of her making - begging they punish the evil that made her possible.  Before passing out, in a veil of desperate tears, she asked for individual, or even a general, impersonal, human love.  She got nothing.

Dragged off to jail with terrible wounds, she sat in her cell for weeks.  The doctors gave her crude treatment, the vaginal and anal burns didn't heal properly, and it was painful to walk.  Her fingers didn’t set properly and were gnarled, her arms healed but not straight - no nurse genuinely nursed her.  A wild animal gets better treatment.  The women were thirsty to punish her, child killers, granny killers and sex abusers are not at all welcomed in prisons, especially women’s prisons.  Finally forced to leave her cell, by the butt of several female prison officers batons, Maureen wandered blind and terrified among the women.  They jeered as she awkwardly bumped into them, her hands reaching out, only to trip over a step to land on her face.  For weeks the prisoners merely teased her, not touching her, only pushing her, knowing her terror was a sound torment.  Constantly begging for clemency, constantly repeating that in all her years she only wanted someone to love, that no one loved her, that this hurt made her hurt in return.  Finally they set to beating her, these beatings lasting for 3 months, Maureen was a mental wreck.  At last, her relief came in that final dark hour.  For some days beforehand the beatings turned into relentless perverted tortures, keeping her awake at night, the prison officers were long complicit in the savagery.  They beat her, skewered her anus and vagina with knives, removed her beloved and infamous clitoris from the root, gouged out her tongue - the last word she spoke was ‘Love’ in the sentence “please, before killing me, just give me love”.  Her whispers were unheard in their savage screaming like hyenas.  Deliberately deprived of sleep for five days in the most intense mental and physical tortures, Maureen had every bone broken in her body, was hung by the neck over the stairwell where every cell in the wing could see her dangling corpse.  For three weeks they reveled at the sight, mocking and degrading her, hating her even in death.  Even in death she was deprived of one thing essential to the good life:  Love.

I hope you enjoyed this literary masterpiece!  Kindly support me by purchasing a copy so I can carry on writing more like this so we can all piss off the moral faggots. :)

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