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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 8

A story certainly to tell your beloved on Valentines Day and the day after for good measure.  Part 8 of my notorious story from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity'.  I have no idea why it got banned!  Do you?  Hmm?  :)

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A thirty year old woman, quite rough, experienced in streetfighting with years of living in the streets, proved to be no pushover.  Upon being deceived into the attic, she immediately gave a vicious onslaught of fists and feet.  Breaking the tight skinned scars, Maureen bled and stung.  Rage overcame her and bad memories.  Bad, bad memories that gave her inglorious strength in the most sedate moments.  The woman was soon, for the first time in her career, beaten unconscious into the corner where Maureen did not stop.  After 10 minutes of vicious punching and kicking, Maureen collapsed with exhaustion before her swollen enemy.  Stripping the unconscious wretch and binding her to the mattress, she set to slicing her breasts off, removing the clitoris and inner and outer labia.  No pleasure now for her - Maureen was going to ‘love’ her as best she could, but now would only use her.  The woman woke up in agony, finding the skin neatly removed from her face, head, neck and shoulders only to be neatly ‘transplanted’ onto the corpse of the 18 year old heroin addict.  The woman lay horrified and in terrible pain, as Maureen cursed and roared at her.  Showing the victim what ‘love’ she was missing out on whilst indulging in sapphisms with the refreshed corpse.  “The skin is our source of pleasant sensation and it is unpleasant to have it damaged” growled Maureen.  “You do not deserve pleasure!  You refuse it!  You refuse to love anybody!  You do not deserve your skin!  I’ll give it to her!” Maureen fumed, pointing to the girls corpse - informing the woman the girl was ‘loving’ with her in life and shall be resurrected again.  Maureen stroked the hair - the woman’s hair on the dead body for everything from the shoulders upwards was neatly removed to make a perfect mask on the girl.  Maureen could still enjoy the woman’s flesh, but love someone who genuinely wanted it.  The woman’s breasts were hung where breasts once sat on the girls dilapidated chest.  The clitoris and vulva were glued onto the blue-grey area where once there was a menstruating hole.  The woman squealed and shivered in pain, shrieking when Maureen fondled and molested her raw flesh, massaging the shoulders and scalp.  Over the next four hours, the woman endured unspeakable agony as all her skin was carefully stripped off and placed on the girl.  Passing out several times Maureen waited until she regained consciousness ensuring she was aware of every scrape of the knife.  Completely skinless, she watched in her agony as Maureen sowed the skin onto the corpse and for the next eight hours indulged in a variety of sexual acts before returning to the women who in her agony only begged for death.  In response to these pleas, Maureen molested her, fisted her (getting turned over to be anally fisted, then turned frontwise again, all whilst skinless is a very unpleasant experience), shit in her mouth, pissed over her, rubbed the raw flesh everywhere and sucked it for good measure – big  passionate slurps.  The screams were loud and terrible.  Finally the woman was a constantly screaming hysterical wretch begging to be killed outright.  Maureen doused her in whisky, which was to inflict even more terrible agony on the woman, and set her on fire.  The whiskey burned for less than a minute, leaving the woman a blackened, shivering wretch, the flesh congealed creating a protective ‘skin’ like a bandage this ensured she lived for several more days - which was Maureen’s intentions.  The slow agony of her death in that gloomy attic on its own would be unpleasant to say the least, a monster like Maureen only adds to the trauma, that ugly monster coming from the shadows in the peak of mindblowing agony only to put the victim through unspeakable savage debaucheries.  The fingers were snipped off with large pincers joint by joint, the toes removed, then the hands and feet - the stumps burned with stinging whiskey.  The woman finally gave up the ghost - Maureen leered over the corpse for days, as it lay in waiting for the maggots upon that old mattress.

Maureen now came to spend most of her time in the children’s wing, much to the chagrin of the deprived urchins who dwelt there.  She was the most authoritarian monster out of a cast of sadistic and sick authoritarian monsters consisting of nuns and half trained social workers, who enjoyed nothing more than bullying children into submission.  These children received a third rate education which though low in quality, was high in quantity.  Rotten with religion, their education consisted in repetitive English exercises, memorising cities for geography, times tables and punishment exercises.  Trying to make a 10 year old write 1000 words on the meaning of life or the need for a good conscience when they forget to learn another long prayer or do poorly in another spelling test is not just verging on the ridiculous - it is insane.  Few adults have the capacity for such abstract reasoning let alone children.  Maureen knew this style of pedagogy well, resented it, but had no capacity to transcend it - never having been given the conscience or reasoning ability to do so.  Her capacity for physically abusing children, leaving them bruised and cut, was ignored by her colleagues who enjoyed taking their own anal frustrations out on helpless urchins just the same.  Regarding the denigrations the children had to suffer, the constant barrages of verbal abuses, no one was not guilty of roaring into the ears of these urchins imprecations even prisoners of war would rarely suffer.  When these children weren’t enduring useless schooling, doing punishment homework’s or getting abused they were treated as slaves.  Those long institutional corridors, the dormitories, the leaking toilets, the classrooms, all had to be kept clean - plenty of children to do the dirty work saving on the costs of cleaners (much of the money was embezzled - cleaners and amenities were paid for but didn’t really exist).

A young boy and girl, both aged eight years old, were lured into the attic with the simple promises of toys and sweets.  Perhaps the children should have known better, Maureen was very severe on them for the slightest indiscretions.  She enjoyed taking their underwear down before everyone and lashing them furiously - sometimes even stripping them naked and whipping them around the room or playground whilst enticing all the other children to whoop and cheer at their nudity. She loved embarrassing and humiliating, it gave her a kinky, vengeful buzz.  Perhaps it was her deceptive change of spirit that attracted them, that need for warmth common to institutionalised people young or old, sucked them into the trap like moths to a flame.  The little boy, when naked, was thin, bony, wiry, pert arsed and had a little cock and balls that any adult could fit into the mouth in one gulp.  The girl, a thin bony frame similar to the boy, completely flat chested bar two larger round nipples, a slightly rounder arse and hips barely noticeable, a little slit that is so tight it completely conceals the clitoris and inner labia unless the legs are completely spread asunder.  The outer lips, though slightly puffy, resemble a baby conch shell.  The urchins were quickly ushered into sexual foreplay, posing, sixtynining and ass-sucking.  The latter two pleasures had to be coerced due to children’s black and white concepts of hygiene, it was at this point the rift started to widen into a gulf forming an impasse where love ceased to cross.  As tensions mounted and the children’s naivety about the more sophisticated aspects of debauch, let alone their total repugnance towards coporophilia and sucking Maureen’s clitoris, increased Maureen’s resentment at their failure to exchange love and tender feelings let alone ‘play dirty games’, that gulf turned into a black abyss.  Maureen in her fury strangled the girls’ neck, the child’s face turned blue and the mouth choked and gaped for air - at this point Maureen let her turd tumble out of that stinking anus.  The little girl was left choking and vomiting on the floor, her blonde hair all tangled.  The boy was next, Maureen slapping him as he cowered into a corner of that dreadful attic, stumbling over bones as he retreated.  Asphyxiation and a gusher of vomit from Maureen’s mouth left him in the same repose as his little girlfriend, his dark hair all tousled.  Maureen wanted them to make love to each other then to her.  Understandably they were not in the mood for lovemaking, and were scared by the bones and rotting corpses in the room.  Maureen warned them they would take their turns on the mattress if they refused to make love, explaining what happened to that skinless woman cursed by her failure to love.  Terror and massagings, besides a plethora of poses and cunny showings from the girl, raised the boys prick.  They had sex.  The boy came - eventually - the girl was brought to orgasm later on with a variety of cunnilingual, massage and fucking techniques.  Nothing is more beautiful than the sight of children enjoying their first orgasms, their confused pleasure ridden countenance, the shudder of their little bodies rattled by the most pleasant sensations.  Maureen hugged them, kissed them, pawed them all over.  The children became like dolls with glass eyes, their utterances of “I love you” become monotone.  This annoyed Maureen, who in a sudden turn set upon lashing them, forcing them to shit.  They couldn’t, enemas were administered - the children forced to administer to each other.  “Help your boy/girlfriend to empty” were Maureen’s commands.  Diarrhea everywhere, the children soaked in oozing shit, they were now whimpering and wanting to end the whole affair.  Having become totally uncooperative, they were lashed furiously around the room and chained naked to the cot beside the other corpses.  No one heard their fearful wails at night, no one heard their screams by day as Maureen tortured them - all the other children were wailing with nightmares or screaming under batterings anyway.  They complained about the smell and ugliness of the corpses, the noise of rodents scared them at night.  Maureen plucked their eyes out, stuck knitting needles into their eardrums, burned their nostrils and for good measure cut their tongues out to keep them quiet - children should be seen and not heard.  Clients were still willing to fuck them in this state, staring at their naked and battered little bodies, the young girls’ vagina now like a raw wound when she sat with the mandatory open legged pose.  Cigarette burns scorched their skin all over, little bones suffered greenstick fractures.  Finally, they perished and for weeks their decomposing bodies were savaged until there was no more to abuse.  Maureen picked whole lumps of meat off their bones feeding it to the children, women and elderly in the canteen - a food poisoning epidemic lasted for weeks and killed many elderly, a dozen women and two dozen children.  Nobody cared for the dead, nobody missed them - the state saved some money in the debts it created.

Tell your friends, enemies, the priest and the cops about this fine piece of literature :)

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