Monday, 7 January 2013

Why I miss the festivities

I have to confess it - I miss the festive cheer already!

Don't you just love the excuse to binge, debauch, be selfish and utterly greedy - yet GIVE like fuck, encourage excess, profligation, binging, fucking, puking, shitting, constipation and all the consequences of encouraged and even softly enforced gluttony?

Christmas and New Year are the ultimate festivity of our modern age, it is the celebration that defines us.  Just as the Triumph defined the Romans, or Ramadan defines Muslims.  Us?  We love eating like fuck, we love presents, we love to give too much and receive too much.  We love to encourage too much and be encouraged to indulge too much.  We love too much!  And we love to love it!  Such joy!

And it is in the festive season, that I begin to feel positively about Western civilisation once again - the rest of the year being a gloomy affair, where nihilism and hypocrisy overwhelm every soul [even the freest of free spirits must fly far and high to escape the anomie and deathly stench of Christian morality and social norms].  During the festive season - those things that show we are still a little healthy, and still have the potential for GOOD HEALTH - come to the foreground.  GOOD HEALTH is defined by ones motivation, ones desire, ones sheer unabashed Will to indulge, to take, and even to give.  This symptom of health - as opposed to the rest of the year symptoms of pathology [taking with a sense of guilt, never giving except out of false altruism, hypocrisy, constant need for fairytale justifications as 'morality', constant apathy, whining, learned helplessness, resentment and a hypocritical encouragement of so called asceticism [give your 10%, all power to the soviets, for the Republic, for 'freedom' etc]] - this symptom of health I say, as pure Will and its greed to BE MORE, give MORE, take MORE, without guilt, without recourse to fairytales [morality], to simply ENJOY and indulge carefreely and never judge those you love for doing exactly that - mutual encouragement of such a healthy spirit - such a healthy atmosphere, fresh air!  Such a change of climate that is!  Despite winter months it feels incredibly warming, to the heart and mind.  To the body.  How ready we are for Spring and Summer after our festive debauch!  Until of course - the bad atmosphere returns too quickly!

Am I understood?

How I fucked this Christmas and New Year!  Not only my wife, but a good few others!  And I encouraged all those I love and fucked to do likewise.  Sucking mouths passionately - mouths filed with wine and truffles - is much more genuine than a cold stiff handshake, be assured - try it and trust me.

How I ate!  I ate til I was heaving, vomiting, I needed laxatives to clear out the clog of my gluttony!  And get back to some good fucking and being fucked!  And the diarrhea, oh God and sweet heavens the deluge - that was a passionate experience in itself, believe me!  And to share ones shit even, that my friends, is love!

How I drank - I drank several different kinds of coffee in one sitting, 3-5 cups laid before me at once - I was half mad on caffeine highs!  And when not consuming coffee, wines and liqueurs and ales, until I spewed and pissed myself, rejuvenated hours later by some whimsome little orgy going on right beside me - several more coffees and large trays of chocolates and cake to revive me.

And the gifts, the sweet vanities!  Countless gifts I received as I gave and LOVED GIVING!  For there is POWER in giving - it shows one is powerful enough to have the resources to give, the love to give, the sheer self control to give, and the pleasure of giving and spreading pleasure - which is a far greater power than spreading misery, leave the latter to the moralists and other such spiritual weaklings and decadents.

I wore several colognes, aftershaves, lotions and deoderants at once - to stink of beauty despite the background reek of shit, piss and vomit - such sweet power is that!  And to have all the people that one loves, despite being naked and covered in their own filth and orders, to reek beautifully the same, after long sweaty orgies and banquets - that my dear friends, I assure you, is a power a man like Hitler, or other such half-creatures and degenerates, could never ever fathom.  And this is why I love Christmas - that most Pagan of festivities and Pagan it shall always remain [Santa Clause is most welcome of course!] - it is that time where we can be the opposite of that most sickly part of ourselves - that Hitlerian or moralist chauvinist part that is pathologically anti-pleasure, anti-life, anti-health.

Perhaps Christmas and New Year, that time of joy, refreshment, receiving and giving so carefree, is the very last light of health in the West, our last hope for rejuvenation and redemption - as opposed to the false redemption of all other ism's hitherto [and anities and ologies I should add].  I wish it could be Christmas and New Year every day - so that all year round, we could keep the vibe of GOOD HEALTH and GOOD TIDINGS, without guilt and apathy and resentment - but only with EXCESS as the ultimate expression of power and self control and reverence for life at its best.

How I try to live like this - the eating, drinking and fucking, and the Sacred Holy War to protect and promulgate this type of life - perhaps Santa should be made a god?  Santa as...  The last hint of Dionysos and good cheer in the West?

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