Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Why bestiality should be legalised and promoted on TV

No doubt many moralists and mindless sheeple will be deeply 'shocked' by the headline to this post.  I emphasise 'shocked' to insinuate that in truth - there is no emotion at all, but only script following dramatics - no real thinking, feeling or Being whatsoever - thus such subhumans may be immediately dismissed from our Forum and Court...

But I am deadly serious when I say that not only should fucking animals be permitted but also promoted on TV as a campaign against one final form of discrimination prevalent in our 'Christian' chauvinist social world.  That is - species discrimination.  We have witnessed much resistance against many forms of discrimination - racism, sexuality, gender, ageism (although this has a long way to go - as I will discuss in the future).  Much of the resistance has come from a mixed bag of social groups, who themselves are utterly bereft of a coherent worldview nor are they even capable of such (and to believe that Socialism, Liberalism or Feminism as we know them, are anything remotely near a well round system is a sympton of such decadences itself).  But in future - I know that resistance will come from a more spiritually enlightened social movement - itself eclectic yet Unified in themselves.  These resistances will address those issues hitherto only partially addressed by partisan and infantile political and social groups - all bereft of healthy spirits!  And it is for this that I speak with such confidence - for that time has come on every calender!

We depersonalise animals as we depersonalise ourselves - for it takes an impersonal relationship, in an impersonal social world with its politically chauvinist scripts that we all 'ought' to follow (one must laugh at such deontics!).  We all have pets - we interact with them - treat them well, make them part of the family, we  care for them as we do our children, sick and elderly - yet we pretend that these animals do not have a voice, that they do not, cannot - and for the sake of the status quo - must not speak.  But that is to say that every living creature is as dead as a rock - with no behaviour or interaction whatsoever - that they have no Will.  And that is how we make ourselves when we follow such scripts!

I tell you this - that when you make love to an animal - your dog for example, or a sheep or a donkey, a goat or a horse (choose freely!) - you are not only giving that animal its liberty and sharing pleasure with it - you also liberate yourself and become closer to nature and All Being.  You become more human and less barbaric - you have thrown away the last yoke of discrimination that compels you to abuse, enslave, remove from their orbit, the Willpower of another, without any justification.  Furthermore - you not only have ceased to discriminate against a species - but you have ceased to discriminate against another sexual taste (or 'sexuality' - as our mundane 'modernist' intellects like to categorise such tastes and passions ever so neatly and conveniently to police and discriminate).  It is equally mala in se to remove from another person - be that person an animal or human - the liberty to debauch, fuck and enjoy pleasure as they choose.  Do you yet notice how these chauvinist scripts - often promoted through TV and Mass Media - serve only to cull pleasure, to regulate pleasure and bodies, to control Power and kill it?  To kill the Will of all?

We live in a culture of death - quod erat demonstrandum - and by promoting something a little more 'pro-life' on TV - we would make a key shift away from that.  I speak against discrimination of all kinds and against bestiality and species discrimination here not merely to empower another because it is 'moral', it is 'nice', the 'right thing to do' - these are such artificial reasons.  I have provided better and more spirited reasons - reasons that can be holistic (which the abovementioned ism's cannot achieve) and carries greater honour and integrity.

Some of you may believe this is also a justification for vegetarianism - which I assure you it is not.  I am not against meat eating, or even hunting - at all.  And this is another debate, which I shall write here soon enough - but this separate debate obviously follows nicely from what I discuss here.

I use bestiality, species, discriminations, debauchery and Sodom - as a means to greater spiritual, intellectual and political integrity.  This is not 'moral' - if it were - I could not even have this conversation - for I would be following Christian prescriptions and other politically correct scripts - I would not think and only discriminate, never being me...

Am I understood?

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