Monday, 14 January 2013

The joys of debauchery.

Many of you have asked me "Why?"

Is it for attention?  The thrill?  To simply turn everything upside-down?  To insult and offend, shock and horrify?

The answer is all these things and a little more.  Two further reasons stand out:

There is the sheer pleasure of it, the 'hobby', the adventure, the joy of finding and experiencing new pleasures - and you can be assured I have indeed found many of those.  Everything from tickling the perineum from some obtuse angle to having ones nipples and anus horribly squeezed and prodded with odd devices, hanging from a web of ropes and pulleys, after suffering 4 hours of other sweet horrors.  Be assured - this is enlightening - and it takes us to our second reason.

There is the spiritual aspect.  The whole Sacred Ritual, and in Sodom there are many such rituals - every torture and sweet pleasure is to be considered as a journey along a fresh path which one has hitherto not traversed, perhaps even nobody has.  During ones sufferings - the countless lashes of the whip, the tugging of  nipples, genitals, anal tortures, tickletortures, scratchings, gratings, humiliations and teasings, even a dash of voyeurism or rampant exhibitionism and the wave of adrenaline that courses through ones veins, or the opioids in ones brain - here the biochemical and bioelectrical are supervened by a sense of Mind, a sense of Spirit, a wave of pathos - that supersedes the banality of everyday life.  One is delivered to a new realm - its essence is the Passion and the Sensation - it is Holiness embodied and embodiment divinated.  It is an Unio Mystica via the senses and the Will to proceed and never submit to anything other than the path itself.  Am I understood?

Those who practice Kink on occasion refer to 'subspace' - and it is this, to some extent, to which I allude.  Of course, there are many 'subspaces', many kinds of sacred dreamlike states that are the percept of the Dionysian frenzy of the debauch.  They themselves are the Apollonian aspect of the sweetness of suffering - the dreamlike cognizance of the phenomenon of anguish, and of orgasm.  In this - the convergence of these opposites in the embodied Magii of Sodom, One becomes absolutely One as the dreamer and See'r, and also becomes one with All as the Willed submission to the Dionysian frenzy, the passion, the sufferings and the relief - which itself is to look to Nirvana as oneself - self and all appraised once more, via another path, another debauch.

And in this hobby of the spirit - that one takes so seriously yet so carefree, one also spreads this 'Gospel of Sweet Suffering' to other lovers and libertines and offers to them new opportunities to perceive the Self and All, to feel this divinity embodied, as they hitherto may not have known or achieved or perhaps through oppression not been permitted.

This is my final reason - as both combined - by doing what I do, I emancipate.  I emancipate myself and others.  And this is the best thing I can do for myself and the best gift I can give to others.

I offer you an Orgasm - not a mere 'best wishes'...

I offer you...  The Wills Of Sodom:

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