Sunday, 6 January 2013

They BANNED my book for being too extreme and pornographic!

So... I tried to put my book Tales Of Depravity onto Amazon Kindle, iPhone and iPad - and perhaps not too surprisingly they have banned my book for being in violation of their very vague terms.

I was unsurprised yet at the same time rightfully pissed off - why do they have the 120 Days Of Sodom, 50 Shades Of Grey and American Psycho on Kindle - all of which are very graphic?

Here are the said books:

And to make it even more ridiculous pornographic books such as Tickle Torture by Penny Birch are available:

My own book is of real literary and sociological value, even philosophic - despite the prose being intentionally formulated for the average reader.  In my work, the graphic scenes are to bring certain points of concern out into the open - not merely to entertain, and I am perfectly fine with those who CHOOSE to be entertained by my work.  Something Amazon is not giving you the freedom to do!

In a nutshell, Amazon is using its 'policy' to shirk Constitution, Rule Of Law, and unfairly dismiss and discriminate at its own arbitrary whim.  Since when could a Corporation decide on what we can say, hear, read, write, sell and buy?  Is this Corporate Mafia Governance?  Is it 'crony capitalism' and not genuine free markets because they permit big publishers to print what they want but not anyone else?  Is this 'tyranny of the minority' because they claim a certain group of people are 'offended' by such literature therefore we should all kowtow to them in the name of democracy?  Or is it 'tyranny of majority' in that "everyone won't like this therefore it must be banned" - two tyrannies equally as bad as Corporate Mafia Governance without recourse to Rule Of Law.  Can a Corporation even claim they are "protecting the public from bad writing"?  How can that lawfully be determined?  When serving the public - it must be done fairly, transparently and without arbitrary discrimination - the entity [here Amazon] opens its property to the public to do business therefore must adhere to 'Res Publica/Public Interest' and never engage in opaque discriminatory behaviours that reflect dictatorship or tyranny!

In the longterm, the freedom of every individual mind is at stake here for the abovementioned reasons.  Those who have ears let them hear!  Those who have minds - choose now!  Tyranny or liberty?

I implore you lovers of freedom, to support me, comment here, spread the word about my case, sign my petitions, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter - the time is now to defend liberty!  Tomorrow never comes.


Finally I managed to get an ebook version on Lulu - available to read on any reader device such as iPad or Kindle.  I don't know how long I'll get to keep it up.  It's also 'pending review' for iBookstore and Nook - but I doubt I'll get past the censors.  Please support me by signing the petitions!  And if you can - grab a copy of the ebook here before it gets taken down again!

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  1. The print edition of the banned book - I don't know how long I'll manage to keep this in print before it's totally banned: