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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 2

Part 2 of the story 'Love' from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity' available on Amazon and Lulu - check my Books Of Sodom page for the links.

This has been banned on ebook on most eshops - but here it is on Lulu for any reader, for the time being at least...  ebook version on lulu click here

Some weeks later, a boy approached her, courted her, her stomach fluttered and her heart leapt.  She was in such a swoon she paid no attention to the girls and boys giggling some ten feet away.  For a week he courted her, then offered her first kiss.  Maureen closed her eyes and their lips met.  She wasn’t sure how to kiss, copying the others she opened and closed her mouth, the crowd roared and cheered in laughter.  Her ‘boyfriend’ started laughing yet still Maureen was too naive to catch on.  Only when he grabbed her by the nape of the neck, put his fingers down his throat and vomited into her mouth did it occur to her that it was all a con - another sick practical joke at her great expense.  Maureen was left on her hand and knees in tears, vomiting like a poisoned dog.  The Nuns were merciless on her dirt.  Her kissing and her vomiting evoked the most extreme hostility from the Sisters of Mercy, their eyes psychotic and demonic with lustful vengeful rage.  Three months to sulk and suffer in the dark room.  Plenty of time to figure that the boy deliberately courted her for a whole week just to make it hurt more.  Never get too hopeful.  The brazier in her darkening mind was getting hotter.  So much so that upon entering the lighter world again, she squeezed that boys balls leaving him hospitalised – his injuries so severe he required castration and she felt good.  Maureen, over the coming months went on a rampage of wrath and revenge, mercilessly beating dozens of girls into bloody pulps, breaking bones, squeezing balls, fighting with the nuns and seriously injuring several of them.  One priest had his face scalded by her eruption that took everyone by surprise.  Another nun had her right eye clawed out after suggesting perhaps Maureen is incapable of seeing the “Grace of God therefore lacking the ability to forgive those who hurt her due to letting the devil take away her good righteous eye”.

Maureen was now sixteen and quite uncontrollable.  After countless punishments which only made her more vicious everyone began to leave her alone.  Loneliness was her closest friend now, misery being relegated to the place of second best friend - it was to be the only triumph she would ever have in her life.  The Nuns also boycotted her, only ever giving her C or D grades for her work - she soon ceased trying too hard.  Still, she had her sexual needs, besides a constant vengeful violent urge that bound with her carnal desires.  The first victim of her passions was an 11 year old boy.  Dark hair, brown eyes, thin body, round but pert ass and substantially sized cock he was an occasional plaything for the priests and nuns besides the older boys.  He learned to avoid these advances, but Maureen was quick and relentless.  She predated upon him like a lioness upon a gazelle, pounced him and dragged him into a cupboard.  Stripped him, molested him, sucked and slobbered over every part of his beautiful little body.  Over that beautiful little body did her ugly countenance roam with relentless lust – relief at last.  She undressed herself and forced him to look at her ‘beautiful’ body, forced him to fondle and caress her, suck her left nipple, run his hand up and down the crack of her huge shitty ass, rub her cunt, suck her big erect clit.  It took some twenty minutes until she was satisfied, having orgasmed very violently three times, amidst her climax slapping him, squeezing his genitals, jeering at him.  Finally vomiting over him, Maureen ordered him to shit and piss whilst she spectated and mocked.  Fingerfucking his asshole she forcefully masturbated him till he came, making him feel guilty by reminding him that he reacted and ejaculated therefore obviously enjoyed her.  Where did Maureen learn so much about sex?  Only a fool would believe a place run by priests and nuns is devoid of sex talk - sometimes negative talk gives just as much insight as the playground whispers and exchanges in the confession box - the latter two being not at all uncommon.

The boy was left a shattered mess, and two days later a gorgeous blond boy of twelve was to follow in a single bathroom.  Her sexuality was now finding vent in vengeful fury.  This boy jeered at her quite horribly on many occasions, she was severe on him.  Forcing him to strip whilst she cooed and jeered, leaving him crimson with shame, her barks and fury left him trembling with fear.  After making him dance, stroke his cock, part has bumcheeks, fart, piss, roll back the foreskin, go on his knees and beg her for forgiveness.  The second phase had him watch her striptease and dance, a very off-putting sight but the boy was compelled to comment on how beautiful and sexy she was.  Maureen then lashed the lad with a leather belt, had him screaming and sobbing as red weltmarks colored his thin, white body.  Her clitoris was erect, her left nipple hard, he was compelled to suckle it lovingly like a baby. She breathed and heaved heavily, her hairy armpits stinking of heavy sweating.  Maureen then ordered him to fondle her body whilst he continued suckling, finger her cunt, stroke the clitoris til she shuddered, pull the labia to resurrect her, finger the asshole - and suck the shit off his fingers.  He balked, she screamed in fury, punched him, kicked him about the floor, shit in his mouth, pissed over his face, he vomited.  She rolled him in the vomit, beat him, left his face bloody, French kissing the bleeding mouth she sucked his blood whilst caressing him everywhere.  He had to finger her again, she fingered his asshole, sucked his mouth, deliberately coughing down his throat.  Forcefully sucked his cock til orgasm.  She teased him at his cumming - he obviously ‘enjoyed’ it.  This poor boy didn’t understand that erection is a reflex - he would never have another - like most males who encountered her regardless of his age.  Maureen bathed the boy clean, but he was not released from her grip till he tongued her stinking cunt and sucked her clit whilst she viciously pulled his hair and slapped his face.

Only hours later, her sexuality finally finding release, Maureen was in desperate need of more love, more orgasm, more caressing, more intimacy, more looking and seeing, more being admired as any woman wants admiring, more games, more everything - more revenge and triumph of the will.  A 14 year old boy, quite handsome but egotistic, always mocked her for her ugliness.  He was always hard on the ugly girls, Maureen got it worst.  He had a string of affairs in the Home, she was to be his last - he became a priest after this - apparently unable to get physically close to any female ever again.  Into the empty dormitory during dinner hour.  He was forcefully dragged by the hair down the long corridors.  When he threatened loud protest she slipped her big hand down his pants and threatened to squeeze - aware of what happened to the last pair of testicles she squeezed the boy quietly complied.  Stripped him, plucked out his young pubic hairs.  His cock was bigger, his balls hung more, his body was more muscular but still thin.  He had hairy armpits and she liked their smell - she was very, very wet and breathing heavily.  Squeezed his nipples, licked them, sniffed the armpits, licked them, sucked the balls, kissed his ass - save the cock for later.  Bend over, part his bumcheeks, plucked out the hairs, slapped his ass and face hard when he cried.  Tongued his asshole, besides the shit, which somehow excited her, there was a manly sweaty smell - the smell of male sex, and this really excited her.  Pinched his skin all over, twisted his fingers and toes, bit him, leaving her teethmarks on his arms, legs, torso and bumcheeks.  Punched him, kicked him, he tried to fight back but she furiously beat him into a pulp.  Kicking his stomach, back and ribs she left him winded on the floor, he vomited.  She sucked his mouth, licked the vomit, hissed imprecations with her burning eye staring straight into his.  Forced him to eat his vomit whilst she pissed over him.  He was compelled to watch her lay back and masturbate, she rubbed and fingered her big ugly vulva for ten minutes.  He could not escape, he was tied to a bedpost with linen, he was naked and she was lying on his clothes.  He was compelled to stroke his cock until erect, she examined it, frigged it, spanked the balls lightly, untied him and forced him to 69.  She came in violent tremors as he lay on his back sucking her vulgar cunt whilst he obediently caressed her body - disobedience resulted in punches and ballsqueezes.  As he brought her to orgasm, she sucked and tongued his cock vigorously, noisily, passionately - forcing him to come in convulsions he could not console for the love of trying.  The shame, this sense of defilement, was exacerbated by her logical explanation that he obviously enjoyed doing it and with that he was forced to French kiss with her for some ten minutes before being released.  Like the other two boys, horrible repercussions were promised if the spoke about their ordeals to any authority - these three boys were molested and bullied for several weeks in the manners just described.

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