Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines - True Love - shit, piss and vomit is better than flowers and chocolates!

I am a happily married man - as every true pervert and libertine should be.  Marriage is a show of strength, maturity, vitality, courage and Willpower.  Both my wife and I work together on equal terms and love each other.  We encourage each other toward more stupendous debaucheries.  I felt no quiver of jealousy when she leered at hot bodybuilders wearing tight Calvin Klein boxers, rubbing her lovebutton in sheer lust toward their big hot bodies.  Why would I???  It turns me on to watch her getting fucked and sexually tortured by gangs of men and women!

Today - we celebrated our Valentines as we do every day of the year.  In mutual love and understanding - mutual sexual torture and mutual horror.  For horror, my friends, excites the passions like no other experience.  That is why the excitement and pleasure of this lovely day reached its furore and fever pitch when my wife vomited into a basin, as I stood watching, whilst eating a big juicy meaty burger.  Mmmmmm! She retched violently and noisily, in a big huge gush followed by several gutteral croaks and groans that emitted several little spatters and bolus' of spew - which sadly fell upon the floor as the basin was discarded, half of it being spilled when dropped.

I did not let the spillage lead to a sense of tragedy - for I immediately rolled myself in the vomit, kneeled and raised my chin, mouth agape, and bid my wife to pour that basinful of hot emesis straight down my open gullet.  That she did with much glee and ado until the excess was overflowing and running down my cheeks.  I gulped and swallowed as heavily as I could.  And upon feeling my own guts churn I stood up and sucked my beloved passionately on the mouth and vomited violently her own spewings and my chunks of burgermeat straight down her throat.  There we stood, kissing heavily, balking and passing back and forth gushes and balls of vomit and stomach acid - as we fondled each others exhilarated bodies and genitals.  Finally our spare hands found each others anuses (isn't it lovely to know every tiny hidden 'shameful' part of another persons body???) and commenced fingerings and massagings, during heavy vomited laden kisses and mutual masturbation - but rather than cum we kept one another on edge for half the day.  Better to welcome the sweet sweet suffering of the need to cum, than let go of the urge for a mere orgasm 'came premature'...

The vomit was long licked up and shared and redigested when the time came to launch a turd.  We are naked as often as possible - we love nakedness, openness, and abhor any sense of 'shame' but only welcome that as a thrill.  The bathroom door is never shut - and any visitors even are forbidden to shut the door just as they are bid to strip naked and sit in very open poses during their time with us.  Thankfully we have good open minded friends.  Rather than deposit a very fine turd and flush it away it was decided that - being Valentines Day - chocolate would suffice as a gift.  We launched one anothers turds into each others mouths, and broke off half of each turd to rub all over our beautiful naked bodies, swallowing the rest.  When the need to vomit overwhelmed us - heavy French kissing ensued, until exhaustion verged.  Bodies now beshitted from head to toe - we rocked together in deep sex - meditating on the motions, eyes gazing placidly toward one another, until mutual orgasm ensued betwixt two human chocolate eclairs.  We shared everything with one another this lovely day - inside and out, every part of our bodies, beauty and horror - nothing hidden but all shared.  And that's what true love is all about!  Perhaps this weekend, we'll have a dirty orgy again - fucking others and getting fucked in front of one another.  Trust!  That's what true love is all about... Trust and sharing.

Happy Valentines all!  I hope you shared your day with your beloved with openness, trust, INTENSITY, no holding back, and with true care and Will and love as the mutual law without any reservations. :)

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