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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 4

Part 3 of the story 'Love' from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity' available on Amazon and Lulu:




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Finally, after several months, and a few more victims aged 11-16, Maureen was ganged upon, beaten and had her face slashed with a knife.  The Nuns stitched her themselves, and the scar was deep and permanent.  The result?  Maureen found herself a knife, and compelled a gang of twenty boys and girls to strip and engage in total sexual pell mell, Sapphic acts, homosexuality, shitting, pissing, vomiting, thrashing, several getting slashed across the face, chest and abdomen for trying to overpower her, several beautiful girls left with permanent facial scars.  The Nuns and priests stepped in, one Nun immediately fell with a stab wound, but the old rake survived somehow, to ensure Maureen was sent to a borstal for girls until the age of 21.

At seventeen years old and weighing twenty stone, in the borstal Maureen immediately became known as Big Maureen.  On her first day she beat to a pulp half a dozen girls who tried to bully her, breaking their arms and noses.  Her first night in a shared cell was intensely amorous - as it continued to be for two weeks until the poor girl, two years older but utterly terrified of the beast preying on her, finally plucked up the courage to request another cell.  Maureen put the poor thing through every bodily examination, sexual practice, mutual masturbation, sixtynining and cunnilingus technique humanly possible.  Maureen needed sexual release more and more, it was the only pleasant feeling she had in life - the orgasm.  She knew of nothing else to live for, for nothing ever gave her a chance except that which she took.  Her partners were always taken like stolen goods - just as everyone stole the light from her.  Maureen’s sexual practices and needs were getting more subtle now; she wished to indulge in the passions and techniques with the greatest detail, with finesse, with intense refinement and from every angle.  She learned to fuck mouths, asses and cunts with her large clitoris - though it took smaller, lighter girls with skinny asses to make anal fuckeries possible.  Several seventeen year old girls, who were petite and bony due to anorexia and bulimia nervosa, trembled when Maureen came within twenty feet from them.  Maureen knew it, and remembering her own terror, didn’t intend to be on that side of the fence again.  Better to reign in terror rather than serve in fear.  Maureen forced girls to fuck with girls, sometimes in groups of six or seven - her ugliness, violence, perversion, brute strength and pitilessness had everyone so terrified of her no one dared defy her will.  Not even the most dominant girls in a prison of several hundred challenged her.  Those who did came to suffer more elaborate punishments, more sadistic yet also more sexually degrading.  Broomhandles and on one or two occasions knives and forks up orifices, besides cups and plates, became a common practice.  Fistfuckings also became a favourite pastime, her big forearms bringing much suffering to her victims.  Asphyxiation, smothering, jabbing clitorises with needles were a few more of Big Maureen’s pleasantries.  A new male bodyguard came to assist the butch female prison officers.  Maureen got her hands on him, dragged him into a cell, forced him to strip after beating him to submission, had ten other girls piss and shit all over him, vomit in his mouth, fist him, squeeze his nipples and balls, kick him to near unconsciousness.  The girls then fucked him one after another, each one orgasming being so glad to have some cock, the guard being warned that if he came he would be castrated.  The knife at his balls ensured he kept control.  Finally Big Maureen fucked him, forced him to come, before finally breaking his arms and throwing him over the railings outside the cell onto the floor 30ft below.  The female bodyguards found his naked dead body, but no single culprit could be punished as none of the girls dared compromise Maureen (they were also hoping for more bodyguard incidents).  Maureen’s ‘friends’ were constantly compelled to pander to her, to ‘love’ her, to fulfill her demands - often to the detriment of their physical and mental health and their friendships.  Maureen didn’t care, no one ever cared for her, so now she was making up for that - everyone would care for her at their expense.  Several more bodyguards were to suffer the same fate - no more men were willing to work in such a hazardous place.  Nothing is more dangerous than a sexually frustrated tribe of young women desperate for cock - especially if they come from troubled backgrounds - and especially as troubled a background as Big Maureen’s.  Sex and violence leads to a dangerous reactionary vengefulness in the female, being of a nature that works very much in the here and now, her response to immediate environmental cues becomes intense regardless if her reaction is slow or fast.

Two butch female prison officers had the sheer stupidity to cross her, having her condemned to solitary confinement - plenty of time to think and reminisce.  Soon after her release back to her wing, she personally led ten girls who dared not challenge her authority into stripping and handcuffing the officers to the cell bars, smashing their knees and shins with their own batons, breaking their fingers, feeding them bucketfuls of shit, rammed the batons up their asses and cunts, Maureen herself thrashing them with their own waistbelts.  Apart from spending some time in the orthopaedic ward in hospital, they were incapacitated with PTSD, turned into nervous wrecks incapable of even filling a kettle.  Over the next five years, Maureen learned to personally avoid blame for the countless mutilations, bone breakages, burns, scalds, vaginal and rectal haemorrages and weltmarks that dozens of girls accrued besides the terror inflicted on prison officers who dared cross her.  She learned to indulge in the most depraved acts of vengeance and sexual gratifications she pleased by the age of twenty.  Setting one girl on fire, pouring bleach into her seared flesh, Maureen was extremely excited at the prospect of another girl being uglier than she.  The girl suffered over 90% burns to the 3rd degree, spending two agonising years in hospital, she was left in a grotesque state that made Maureen look like a beauty queen.  Several other girls had caustic soda thrown in their faces - always the girls who were the most beautiful.  As they lay screaming in agony, their hands clutching their faces and permanently blinded eyes, their fingers burned to the bone, Maureen molested them, fisted them, shit over them, kicked them, and masturbated for some time whilst watching their wriggling naked bodies writhe in agony.  A young girl, only seventeen, entered the borstal and within two months was molested and assaulted in every imaginable way.  This poor young creature then had her left leg sawn off from the upper thigh in a two hour agonising ordeal - held down by several other sadistic girls.  Maureen put three other girls through the horrors of a clitorodectomy, labia minora removal, sphincteral slicings - all with a rusty old razor leaving them with terrible infections.  Nipples were also shaved off, faces sliced, ears cut off, noses and lips removed.  Entire bodies were sliced and mutilated by that same razor, all for the sake of Maureen’s vengefulness and need for orgasms by violent means.  One young woman, aged 21 and only two weeks from freedom, had the brass neck to insult Maureen’s appearance.  The woman, after spending half a day covered in shit and undergoing every imaginable act of sexual humiliation before a dozen other fat girls, horrified the prison officers as she ran screaming to them.  Her hands were amputated at the wrists, her breasts lopped off, her vagina and asshole mutilated beyond repair - clitoris removed from the root (Maureen enjoyed removing a woman’s source of pleasure), she was then turned into a human fireball before being released down the corridor.  She burned for several minutes before reaching the officers to be extinguished - the rest of her life was a mental and physical prison worse than any POW camp on earth, to say the least.  The young woman’s friends were terrified to find Maureen was wanting them.  After removing their fingernails she compelled them to finger her, finger each other and lick each others fingertips.  One was compelled to amputate the hand or foot of another, remove a layer of skin, an ear, a nose, an eyeball, the lips - the constant threat of fire rendered them deferentially obedient.  Three young women, handless, footless, blind, earless, noseless, lipless, were then fucked by Maureens clitoris, kicked and abused by a dozen jeering fat slags, slashed with knives, pissed on, shit on, vomited on, forced to shit, piss and vomit.  Finally - after being burned with caustic soda stolen from the cleaning storage cupboards, they were permitted to crawl to the prison officers for help.  The officers, though horrified at these events, genuinely weren’t interested in the welfare of any of the girls in their care - therefore anything was permitted to happen.  Maureen was a victim of this culture, now she was the product of that culture.  When the prison officers decided to show some interest in maintaining law and order in the borstal - just to ensure their jobs stayed easy - they got their answer.  The most senior wing officer was kidnapped, stripped, sexually abused for six hours, skinned alive and hung by the neck from the railings of the stairwell, her intestines hanging from her belly.  Maureen was left alone, she eventually turned 21, the officers and girls breathed a sigh of relief at her formal release.

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