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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 3

Part 3 of the story 'Love' from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity' available on Amazon and Lulu:


This has been banned on ebook on most eshops - but here it is on Lulu for any reader, for the time being at least...  ebook version on lulu click here

Maureen did not leave girls alone either, when not stripping the victims she beat in the playground  and sexually humiliating them, forcing them to pose in the most revealing ways (the boys also had to endure this - even several sixteen year olds - in her fury Maureen had the strength of an ox), she was experimenting with them.  Maureen sometimes felt transient attraction to girls; she envied their bodies, envying what she did not have.  Furthermore, she was curious about their breasts and especially their genitals - which looked neater and more compact than hers.  A gorgeous blonde sixteen year old girl, a beauty queen who received constant attention from the boys, and a ringleader in many of the abuses Maureen suffered at the hands of her peers, this Barbie was perhaps deserving of what was coming.  Dragged into the single bathroom again, with its basic toilet, sink and bath - this girl was compelled to strip, expose herself, open her lips, show her clitoris, part her bumcheeks, pose from various angles then piss.  The girl refused, Maureen laid into her with the might of an infuriated Roman army.  The girl was left a cowering bloody mess, who on her back, legs apart, obediently pissed into the air - the yellow nectar raining back down upon her abdomen and breasts.  Maureen fingered her cuntily, then anally, sucked her sweet mouth, squeezed the breasts, slapped her, bit her everywhere, giving excessive attention to those perfect, round breasts.  The ass was squeezed, kicked, thrashed furiously with the leather belt until it was purple.  Maureen then stripped, the girl was to comment on Maureen’s beauty as she posed.  Maureen then received ass and cunt fingerings, French kissing, sixtynining til she orgasmed, nipplesucking and clitoral rubbing till she orgasmed again.  Maureen’s orgasms came in violent shudders with growling and grunting like a bear with a toothache.  They were unpleasant for the slave.  Maureen then pissed and shit over her Barbie slave, rubbed the shit all over her body and into her hair.  Due to her size, Maureens shits were as heavy as a bag of sugar, as dense as a brick and stank terribly.  The girl was then compelled to undergo the humiliating, deeply embarrassing and therefore difficult task of shitting whilst being watched.  Maureen observed the excretion up close, lavishing over the opening sphincter and its forthcoming manna.  Sniffed the turd, which was then rubbed over the girl.  Maureen tried very hard to fingerfuck and clitfrig that girl to orgasm, mauling her breasts until they were sore and bruised, fingering the ass till it hurt, the girl wouldn’t come.  Maureen beat and slapped her for her weeping, scratching and biting her, pulling her around the room by the hair, plucked out all her pubic hairs.  Sucked her cunt, fisted it, still the girl did not come.  Maureen bit her inner labia, bit the clitoris, rubbed that love button so hard it was bruised black and swollen to twice its normal size.  The girls vagina was bleeding, the whole vulva was bruised and sore.  Finally Maureen gave up, pissed in the girls mouth forcing her to swallow the lemonade.  The girl was bathed, molested, warned to keep quiet, received some good slaps on the face and was made suck Maureens clitoris to orgasm one last time before being chased with a bombardment of imprecations and degradations.

The following day two more girls, aged sixteen, buxom and beautiful, were dragged by the hair - one by each hand - down the corridor to the dormitory.  One girl was a wavy haired brunette, very beautiful, thin but curvy - lovely full chest and sweet face with a cherry mouth.  The other girl was raven haired, ruby red lips, green eyed, perfectly proportioned like her friend and wont to much attention from many male suitors.  Both were compelled to strip, fondle each other, open each others cunts and part each others bumcheeks - sniffing the aroma of the vagina and bumhole when the apertures were agape.  Then Maureen stripteased whilst they admired and cajoled, getting punched and slapped when there was not enough genuine bravado - Maureen wanted to hear that there was simply no one more beautiful than her.  The girls had to lay atop each other, exposing both vulvae one above the other, make love to each other - fingering, caressing, sucking, kissing, sixtynining, cunt to cunt rubbing.  The two girls made a sudden dash upon Maureen, hoping to overpower her.  In her fury, Maureen could find the strength of three men and the girls sorely regretted their audacious attempt. After being kicked and punched up and down the dorm, thrashed with the leather belt, they were forced to fight each other then thrash each other with the same belt - this amused and sexually excited Maureen very much.  Nothing more interesting than to see two naked teenage girls fight, everything jiggling.  More exposures, pubic hair pluckings, pissing on each others faces, Maureen pissing over them, shitting into each others hands, depositing the turds into their bags.  Assfingerings and shitty fingersuckings.  Ménage a trois.  Maureen would suck and explore a cunt and asshole as she was cuntsucked and fingered whilst also having the asshole vigorously fingeredfucked.  Again the girls tried to overpower her, even more furious beatings, the girls were left curled up on the floor, vomiting, winded and weeping in pain with Maureen still lashing them with the belt screaming in rage.  The girls were compelled to sixtynine each other, in turn sixtynine with Maureen till she orgasmed, then ménage a trois till she orgasmed again.  She had one girl fist her ass whist the other fist her cunt, meanwhile Maureen teased her left nipple and frigged her clitoris till she orgasmed once again.  Finally, farting in the girls’ mouths, she warned them to be silent and thrashed them out of the dormitory, still completely naked and with only two minutes to go before a crowd comes, she throws their clothes after them.  Gets dressed and takes her leave.  These two beauties became her playthings or ‘friends’ for some weeks before her interests diverted elsewhere.  These two girls in later life became crisis counselors.

Two spotty sixteen year old boys saved the above girls from further horror.  These boys were stupid enough to mock Maureen when everyone else finally had the sense to leave her alone - she was now respected as a very dangerous creature even by the Nuns.  To the bathroom she frogmarched them, resistance was met with brute force.  Bloody noses and ballsqueezes coaxed them to that dreaded room.  Humiliating strippings whilst she mocked and jeered at their skinny frames, found fault with their cocks, made them piss, shit upon each others chests and rub it over their bodies.  Finger each others assholes whilst watching her striptease.  As she fingered herself they were to masturbate commenting on how gorgeous she was, giving her their two cocks to suck and balls to spank.  They were both to insist they loved her very deeply - then to fight for that love.  As the lads fought, she mused at the wriggling writhing bodies, their balls and cocks flinging to and fro, their asscheeks parting as they wrestled.  She then set upon them, beat them, insisting that she could love two men at once.  The boys had a very difficult time maintaining their erections, but flaccidity was punished with ball squeezes.  The loss of her virginity – given willingly - was a memorable occasion for Maureen, for she lost the flower in a way most girls can barely dare boast of - both cocks entered the cunt together.  How many girls are so admirable to be fucked by two men at once in the first night?  She orgasmed like a pig rooting the ground, snorting, grunting, groaning, growling.  Each boy had to take turns sucking her mouth and nipple, licking her blind right eye for good measure.  The ordeal was not over for them yet, for she gave them her asshole, again they doublefucked it, for ten minutes of heaving until she finally moaned like a sick bear in her orgasm.  The boys begged to take their leave, she thrashed them, pulled their hair, mocked them, told them she loved them too much to let them leave just yet and good friends should get to know each other even better. She fingered herself anally and cuntily whilst watching the boys - under her compulsion - commit a variety of homosexual acts.  French kissing, gay sixtynining, assfingering, mutual masturbation, cock rubbing against cock, assfucking from a variety of positions, thrashing, biting, watersport, more shitting - managing to squeeze out mere turdlets this time they were punched and kicked some more.  Asstonguing, farting - which Maureen enjoyed receiving in her mouth.  Maureen launched several deadly farts into their mouths, they vomited, she made them lick it up.  The boys were now compelled to fuck her one in the ass, one in the cunt, Maureen regretted not have a third boy at this point.  Again grunting and panting till she came, the boy in her ass came also - with a few encouraging roars the boy in her cunt finally spat his sperm into her.  The boys were finally dismissed but would serve as her ‘boyfriends’ for a whole month, they were forced to say ‘I love you’ again and again, besides undergoing a variety of sexual treatments that left them impotent before their seventeenth birthdays.

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