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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 7

Part 7 of the story 'Love' from my banned book 'Tales Of Depravity' available on Amazon and Lulu:

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The ebook is available on Lulu for now at least, having been banned on Amazon, so get it while you can:

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A young woman of 18, just off the heroin and alcohol, came to the refuge to stay away from violent boyfriends, false friends and temptations to return to drugs.  Understandably, the girl wasn’t in the most sociable mood, suffering from depression and paranoia besides the constant craving for drugs and strong drink.  This poor creature was so unfortunate to have insulted Maureen’s polite advances, which often consisted of countless questions about ones personal life, ones miseries, bad memories and sexual experiences and desires in every detail.  Within several days, the girl had “signed out” on Maureen’s shift, the girl found a new home in the attic.  Sitting trembling amidst the bones, the two old corpses still chained to the same cot to which she was now handcuffed, there were comforts in the room if she needed them.  The girl was given many days to think deeply about herself, Maureen only visiting with bread and water, whispering psychologically manipulative sweet nothings and curses into her ears.  The poor creature was traumatised, doleful, weepy and overwhelmed with cravings - the comforts sat before her offering the tempting relief.  On a silver ashtray there rested a needle full of heroin, one joint generously filled with marijuana, one bottle of whiskey.  The girl gave in.  For one month the creature was fed this horrible stuff, in minimal doses leaving her with a constant craving of even greater intensity.  She hung over the abyss wishing she never climbed back out, never climbed back in.  During the blur of days and nights, the monster visited her more frequently, only ever whispering degrading suggestions, doing things to her.  Molestings, fondlings, suckings, her genitals and asshole could no longer be considered ‘private’.  Turds rested everywhere across the attic floor, old ones dried to a chalky texture, crumbling away, her own fresher - often little more than a scittery spray of sludge upon which she sat and slept.  The stench of decomposing flesh, shit, vomit and urine was overwhelming.  When the doses stopped, the girls sweats came on with desperate screams, she now lay on an extra blanket of vomit.  Her skin was all scourges and sores, now made worse by Maureens lashes and beatings with the broomstick upon which she was forced to kneel like St Catherine of Sienna for hours at a time.  Several months passed of whispered mental torture, lashings, beatings, kneelings, on and off the heroin like a yo-yo, molestations and clitfuckings, the girl became a gibbering wreck barely able to utter one coherent word between sobs.  Pitiful eyes in the dark, wide pupils, tear strewn cheeks, whimpering, only received Maureen’s demonic glare.  That one ‘all seeing eye’ looked terrible in the shadows, the blind eye, as evil as the gaze of an octopus observing its prey in the deeps.  The poor creature was forcefed the turds, old and fresh, besides the freshest - the excretions direct from Maureen’s anus straight down the gullet.  Pity, long left Maureen, who remembered her own wretched weepings for mercy and help with the coldness she received the present – the awful here and now that is forever part of history.  No pity now even for herself due to hope being long lost. Redemption dead, clemency perishes too - the girl was only inviting more malice - for this was all that Maureen now had to give.  Maureen, doing her best to love and reach out to another human being, increased her vehement abuses to fever pitch.  The girl who knocked on the door for compassion and redemption from her horrible life, in a seven day barriage of horrible battery, fistfuckings, molestings, burnings with cigarettes and scaldings, quietly perished.  The corpse was left dangling from the cot, not to rest in peace, but to endure weeks of further mutilations before boredom made Maureen move on.

Two more young women quickly followed, twin sisters, aged nineteen.  Quite pretty, fair haired and nicely built, attractive regardless of their underclass backgrounds.  Having escaped from their father who abused them mentally, physically and sexually from their earliest memories, sought refuge and peace.  Maureen coaxed them to her secret place when they sought to smoke marijuana without offending or being branded as offender for such a trivial thing.  Bewitched by Maureens seeming liberality, they soon regretted walking into the attic.  Forced to handcuff themselves to the cot and throwing away the key, the girls knew they were doomed.  Before giving in to Maureen’s demands, an attempted mutiny only resulted in deep gashes in the face of one and the left breast of the other - Maureen’s strength and sharp kitchen knives forced obedience from strong men - these girls should never have bothered trying for it would have meant a (minimally) easier transport to death.  Safely bound, their clothes were cut off; cheap clients immediately took advantage of their indignant position by the dozen.  Overwhelmed by embarrassment bound naked before a dozen leering men, they were forced to pose, expose pussies, shit, piss, even vomit and endure a plethora of assaults of every imaginable sort over three months.  Not one day off did those girls have, having been fucked every evening by over 900 men in 90 days, their vaginas and assholes were dilated and sore.  Now Maureen was to have her fill, lashing the cunny and asshole with a steel chain, rubbing their nipples with sandpaper, punched, kicked, slashed everywhere until they resembled a live Picasso, the girls were soon quite a mess.  Their bodies and faces then subject to hundreds of cigarette burns which formed horrible scabs, they were suddenly very unattractive.  Their minds gave in to psychosis and constant terrified weeping, still they were made perform the most indecent sexual acts with each other - their lunacy made them comply like cattle shocked with the prod - malleable as putty they even shit, pissed and vomited into each others mouths without the slightest hesitation (fear ensured immediate compliance and this was part of the psychosis - compulsive obedience just as any slave in a nunnery soon develops).  Refuge and peace is what they first sought, Maureen gave love and compassion in the only way she knew how - nonstop lashings and fuckings.  The girls, one after the other in the space of two days, expired, overused, overabused, torn apart by the injustice of humanity and nature.  Maureen was a little saddened at their passing, they were nice girls for all they endured.  Maureen knew she became an embittered monster, deformed in the inside as on the outside.  She wished she hadn’t, but it was too late, wasn’t going to blame herself - and interacted with people as best she could, even if it was ‘depraved’.  Though many would call her evil, Maureen surmised, with one photon of light she still tried to be good.  The corpses were treated like dolls - but dolls from an abuse victim are mothered with ambivalence at best.  With a saw, the arms and legs were removed, lovingly nurtured, sawn into pieces.  The torsos were cradled like babies - then gutted.  The maggots reclaimed all in their leisure.  Maureen had to seek love elsewhere once again.

Happy Valentines!  Share this story with your girlfriend, your secret girlfriends, your parents, your friends, your enemies, your social worker and the cop who always catches you :)

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