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Tales Of Depravity - Love - Part 6

Part 6 of the story 'Love' from the banned book 'Tales Of Depravity' available on Amazon and Lulu:


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The ebook is finally available on Lulu for now at least - I don't know if or when it'll get taken down by the censors again:  ebook on Lulu

In the geriatric wing, old men and women suffered under her nursing.  One old man, who needed help onto the toilet, tried to avoid Maureen and her wandering hands.  Eventually, Maureen caught on, laughing as he sat tremoring in order to hold in his shit and piss in order to avoid Maureen.  She simply waited until he dirtied himself, hauled him off to the bath, mocking out loud how a fully grown man should know better. The poor old boy was forcefed his own shit, finger fucked, then forced to endure those shitty fingers up his nose.  After a very rough bath where his dignity was removed in a variety of forced poses, fingerfuckings and friggings.  His old cock was impotent, which resulted in a barriage of verbal humiliations.  Maureen then demanded he fondled her naked body, as usual commenting on her beauty, before fingering her to orgasm as she sucked his inert member.  A grumpy old woman soon regretted getting ratty with Maureen, as she was slapped, stripped, pissed on, fingered anally and cuntily and finally forced to suck that big clitoris with her toothless old maw.  Two old men were compelled to participate in a menage a trois involving homosexual acts and lewdness they barely understood.  Acts of lechery that did not occur to their old minds left them shaken and silent in disgust.  Three old women were smothered to death by Maureen, their corpses getting the mandatory frigging and clitfucking.  Two old men also died mid orgy at bathtime - the leather belt gave them a heart attack.  Another old woman, who suffered weeks of fingerfuckings up the ass and cunt, shitfeeding, smothering, strangulations and lashings finally gave up the ghost in shock and despair - in death her countenance was pitiful.  Another old man and woman were led to the attic, stripped, sodomised by the fearful clit, lashed, treated as a toilet, forced to copulate with each other and with Maureen, engage in various shitting acts and receive further lashings.  When they perished their corpses were left hanging by the wrist to the cot where they were bound.

After spending several years abusing the elderly, she returned to spend some time with the tortured young women again.  Not that she didn’t cross over to the other ‘wards’ to indulge in horrors with women and children, only it was done with less frequency and intensity.  A young Nun was administering the Women’s Refuge Ward, very pretty face, mid twenties, her thin figure obscured by the veil.  Maureen directed the nun into a conversation about sexual urges and how she controlled them.   The young Sister confessed to intensive urges for men that could only be cooled with masturbation.  Sometimes she found herself amorously fondling teenage boys, even making two of them cum in their pants and swear silence, and sometimes getting terribly excited when being bathed by her other sisters.  After winning more of the young Sisters confidence over several days Maureen finally had her confess to indulging in full sex with a young priest upon the altar, so passionate and intense they returned to commit the sacrilege several more times.  She got pregnant, aborted the foetus manually, fucked the priest several more times before the bishop moved him to another diocese after catching them in the act (yes, the bishop had his share of her, the priest removed only out of selfish envy).  The nun went on to confess how she had oral sessions with a fifteen year old boy, sucked the cocks of three young men, stripped before them and had them lick and suck her everywhere till she came in convulsions.  But that was not all, even bathing three year old boys, fondling their pricks, got her frustrated sex excited, she sucked the urchins off, and taught them to rub her until it ‘felt nice’.  As for bathing with other nuns, this was nothing less than sapphism - very common in convents since mediaeval times and Maureen knew this already - she just wanted to hear the confession.  Maureen tried to seduce the nun, but the sister refused her advances, finally admitting under duress that it was the behemoths ugliness that made it impossible for her.  Maureen’s fury was relentless.  The young nun was dragged to the attic and stripped naked.  What a gorgeous body!  How shameful it is to hide such beauty behind those obscure smocks!  How the Church should burn for chastising such delights!  The nun turned crimson in embarrassment, which only excited Maureen, who reveled in shame and humiliation due to what she suffered herself. Those perfect round breasts with pert pink nipples, flowing black hair over a long neck and slender shoulders.  A slender back, thin belly and pert little bellybutton, a lovely black mane upon the mons veneris, thin hips like young tulips, size ten, slender long legs with perfect knees and beautiful size four feet.  No man or woman could fail to be attracted to her.  When forced to twirl, her perfect, pert, round, succulent ass with a delicious crevice came to view - any viewers mouth would water.  The nun, in her shame, was made part her legs, expose her slit from various angles and from behind, part the bumcheeks exposing a beautiful pink anus.  Part the cuntlips, showing her all; pink inner labia, a lovely shaped hood with the clitoris shyly peeping beneath, below it a little round urethra and beneath that a gorgeous pink love tunnel leading into dark warmth.  To watch her piss was magical, to watch that lovely asshole launch dirty turds was divine.  The nun suffered terrible shame and embarrassment throughout, having a very conservative Catholic upbringing.  When interrogated how she managed to indulge so much with her priest and boy lovers she responded that there wasn’t the same leering criticism and deliberate attempt to embarrass and humiliate.  This pleased Maureen very much, the debauch went up a gear.  No act of lechery was forgotten in those liaisons the disgusted Nun was forced to endure.  Watersport games, pissing into each others vaginas, assholes, mouths and over each others bodies.  Coporophilia, coporophagia (a can of petrol makes anything possible), emetophilia.  The Nun often found her self lapdancing, plastered in shit, beside those rotting corpses now almost withered to the bone.  She was forced to engage in necrophilia, blasphemy, sacrilege with stolen communion wafers, and further necrophiliac acts with the young womans skeleton.  The nun had to use the femur as a dildo, the skull as a toilet, drinking piss from it like wine from a goblet.  The poor sister lived in fear for months, Maureen had such a powerful psychological grip that even when the sister had to shit or piss, she’d let Maureen know just so the monster could watch and molest her afterwards.  The terrified nun attended the attic for fear of anyone finding out about her lecheries with priests, other nuns, teenage boys and toddlers - plus the threat of murder at the hands of Maureen.  Eventually, the nun was prostituted to dozens of clientele, almost dying with embarrassment as she had to dance naked in front of ten men at once, showing everything before submitting to fondlings and fuckeries.  Broken, the Nun committed suicide knowing no other exit.

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