Saturday, 2 February 2013

Vanity - Gods favourite sin.

I shamelessly confess - I am a vain man, and I love vanity.  I endorse it and promote it as one might promote a healthy sports food.  I love those who are vain - irrespective of their style, which is the mere 'surface' of vanity - it is the constructs of a persona, performing some given function - and that is entirely besides the point.

I see health in vanity.  I see vitality and love for life - love for ones self as well as love for others.  For when one puts effort into ones appearance - it is an appreciation for the self and others, besides being a social grace.  This is not some demand for fashion conformity - if it were I would not dismiss the surface of vanity as an incidental, some context specific peculiarity.  I love an Amazonian head dress and nakedness and bodypaints just as I love a three piece suit in London or a fine dress in Milan or Paris.

The naysayers will argue that vanity is a deviation from the true self - not true in many if not most circumstances.  Properly executed - that is not in blind fashion conformity - it is an expression of the true self, of ones very Will perhaps, if you are honest enough with yourself and self love, and love of life and others.  To be the opposite of vain - that itself is the most depraved and vile fashion conformity ever to dis-grace humanity.  And this so called 'humbleness' - is but the most vulgar pseudo-vanity ever to traverse human cultural landscapes.  Humility, self depreciation and abomination of the the beauty of others and the efforts toward beauty - is as anti-life as one can get.  Such an obsession with murder of life and joy for life - is a breach of the most basic commandments.  Surely then - vanity must be God's favourite sin?  And self destruction and demand for 'humility' as a social harm - is not only unholy, but anti-reason, for what philosophy would promote a principle of harm but one based on the most vulgar superstitions?  A philosophy and religion based on resentment, hatred for life, the self, envy against others and their success and beauty, envy even against self expression and individual Will!  Those who hate vanity hate the individual - and espouse collectivism for on their own, perhaps, they feel a little too powerless.  If that is not a dreadful and perverse vanity - then what is?

I tell you the truth, my friends - love vanity, and love the vain!  When a man wears a fine suit, cufflinks, gold rings and fine colognes and aftershave, when a woman adorns a beautiful dress and necklaces, when parents dress their children in the finest shirts, or even when someone is beautifully naked and tattoed - their bodyhairs removed and their skin oiled and glistening (be this man, woman or even a child) - give them a kiss and love them for their vanity!  For they have not merely made themselves beautiful to gaze upon - but they have shared something from their inner selves with you - and that is a profound friendship to receive, even from a stranger.  And love difference!  Love the naked, the three piece suit, the unique style of a Heavy Metal fan or the multiple colours of an alternative fashionista - love them all!  Especially the unique.  Love the effort each individual has put into his or her styles - even the fine details whether they be cufflinks or noserings.  Love them!  Love the detail and the finesse!  Discuss and encourage them to express further their inner selves, and revel in your own fascination with this unique work of art that is another Willing and life loving individual sharing their true inner self with you.  And bear in mind - even what the fashion hides, reveals something about the lovely person - and that is to be loved and respected.

When the resentful and the envious denigrate you for your vanity, for your unique haircolour, your nosering, your tattoo, your nakedness, your three piece suit or extravagant dress, your jewellery and perfumes - do not kowtow to their morality that demands your uniqueness becomes a slave.  Do not fetter yourself to a disgusting, life hating, person hating, slave morality!  Spit and vomit upon them!  Kill them where they stand for they endeavour to kill your Will!  And if they call themselves righteous remind them truly they are the Godless.  For how can the Creator, The Source, the Ineffable Atum, the Universe itself and All Being - love anything that abhors Being?  How can their philosophy and law be just if it degrades beauty and demands filth and ugliness?  How can their be liberty and fairness if one cannot express oneself, and explore the self through ones vanity?  How can one even participate in social grace if body odour, rags and the appearance of misery and decay are the sole surface of 'choice'???

Those who hate vanity thus even hate politics - as well as their own God or gods.  They hate themselves - and they hate society and even hate you.

Love yourself and everything more.  Be vain - buy those cufflinks, wear that cologne, be naked without hiding anything for 'shame', be extravagant, wear that dress, colour your hair, get the nosering.  Be what thy Will.  Be You and love yourself, everyone, life, society, God - for vanity is God's favourite sin for sure ;)

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