Monday, 13 August 2012

A life of sensuality and exuberance - at all costs

I have absolutely dedicated myself to a life of utter debauchery, opulence, exuberance, libertinage, moral outrage and unfettered Sodom.  And upon my birthday, I reasserted my vows made some 15 years ago and furthermore - have vowed only to sodomise, immoralise at disgrace myself and everyone and everything in my midst with even greater fervour, vim and verve than ever before.

What other way is there to live?  What way holier than this?  Did God not lay a tabernacle before a certain asshole and say "eat of the Earth"?  The Earth was made for humanity - I say - not humanity for the Earth.  What responsibilities we bear - are for our own purpose and benefit - and none other, despite what some 'holy houses' and institutions demand.  Those who demand asceticism, forbearance and 'prudence' for the most part enforce such anti-values upon individuals to DE-INDIVIDUATE.  And what is the primary means of this de-individuation, this dehumanisation, this promotion of anti-pathos and as 'good feeling' and artificial bathos [the happy and sad melodrama, the TV soap, the theme park, the little Easter parade]?  That primary means is 'morality', of a 'transcendent' order - which in substance [if the word can be used] is always based on pure antinomy.  A vehement dismissal of all empiricism, realism, materialism, aesthetic, sensuality, passion and reasoning that comes to positive sum scenarios.

Turn away - my friend - from anything that takes from you and leaves you with less, or worse - harms itself and you at once, and prefers this over 'positive sum' scenario's where there is a spiral of mutual gain.  How can you identify such monsters?  It is simple - almost anything that tells you to worship some ghost or constitution that tends to the flattening of all emotions - where openness, sensuality, orgasm, and such like - are relegated to the behest of double standards, double think, 'goodness', obedience, sacrifice - with no end or reward here or, if we are honest, the hereafter [most ideas of heaven, in Christianity particularly - could not be more asensual, asexual, more tedious!]

Where it is impossible to reason through all this - I implore you - to dedicate yourself to two things:

Your pleasures, and the pleasures of others.

Focus only on the deepest orgasms - the tease, the buildup, the climax - suffering this bliss and giving this anguish to others.

Focus on joyful highs and drunkenness!  And laugh and dance as other dance high and drunk with you - naked - showing and sharing their beautiful bodies, genitalia and all netherparts freely displayed to titillate the eyes.

Positive sum indeed!!!

Focus on sharing good music, and the finest foods - stuff yourself daily with all fine dishes and sweet desserts, drink fine wines!  Kiss an ass and have your anus licked just after dinner, and after a hot soothing shower with the finest bodyscrubs.  Wear fine scents and share them, let your friends and lovers smell your beautiful body!  And smell their beautiful bodies in turn, kissing and licking all over, stuffed with good foods, and fine music playing, incense sweetening the scent of the atmosphere!

Fill all senses, the entire body, your own and the bodies of all others - with heaven on Earth!  And say:

"May the Lord Ineffable Atum bless you with these fine delights as the Holy Spirit incarnate forever and ever,  Amen"

And every moment of this blissful debauched life - always sing in devotion to the Divine - and this divine is the INTENSE experience, and the INTENTIONALITY of this INTENSITY - of affirming life in every way.  And what austerity and August practices are suffered, do them to the extremes and laugh!  Train like a Marine - so that you may eat and drink and fuck unperturbed - and enjoy the very intensity of that training, just as you enjoy the austere discipline of the most extensive debauch!  Giving and receiving the lash, the tickle, the orgasm, the next dish and glass of fine drink!

Gouranga, be happy my friends!  Spread this good news and be Emancipated and free!

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