Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kissing the ass of ones beloved

There are few pursuits more pleasurable than kissing the ass of ones beloved!  Oh sweet succulent rump!  Round plum pudding with that sweet mystery cleft!  How I love thee and sing odes to thee!

Of course, besides beholding the derriere of the [in my case] woman one loves [which well in your case could be a man, boy, girl, pensioner or animal of some sort - I will not judge you but only commend your pursuits] - one is, and must be, the connoisseur of all asses - for if one is not acquainted with the general beauty of the ass, that is the ass in the myriad forms of beauty in nature that it can and must take - one cannot claim to hold a virtuous statement or claim to the ass of ones beloved. After all, if one claims to love an ass more truly than any other - and that claim is to be legitimate, then respectively it must be virtuous. And what claim or statement is truly virtuous if it is not voluptuous?

Voluptuousness is the binding agent of sensuality, it is the matrix that gives the cake volume. Without that sweetness, one cannot eat of a philosophy that fills the belly to lead an active way of life. And if ones 'way of life' is to be life at all - it must indeed be full of events, activities, pursuits.

It therefore stands to reason - that if you truly claim to behold the ass of your lover above and beyond all others, then you must always keep your eye, hand, tongue and genitals, your entire active body, rent wholesale upon the every other ass in proximity.

Such is true love, true philosophy based on sound reasoning, sensual empiricism, lawfulness, legitimacy, and an earnest virtue bereft of double standards, sterility, inactivity, inconsistency 'in the mix' that leads only to flatness of affect [and subsequent passionlessness] - this true love and virtue supersedes all 'morals' and enforced blindness by many magnitudes!

Encourage your lover to partake of every ass! And furthermore, insist your lover encourages you! And in this true and virtuous love - arises the highest trust and bond!

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