Friday, 17 August 2012

Stripping people naked in public

Let us be honest with ourselves.  Occasionally, someone among the huge and faceless crowd will have the temerity and courage to admit that - as they do their daily errands and shopping - their eyes are all seeing, all leering, here and there and everywhere - drinking down the gorgeous beauty of those objects of attraction - which could be male or females of some certain agegroup [a hot buxom 25 year old brunette, a gorgeous 30 year old man, a pretty young boy or girl, or perhaps a horrible wrinkly old woman], or perhaps that object of attraction may even have more than two legs - assuming it is not an inanimate object [ for those who are attracted to the sidewalk, a daily stroll is an exhilarating experiences - literally fondling their beloved with their every footstep].

Why can't we be honest and outspoken about a lewd act each and every one of us commits every single day - we all 'voyeur' as we walk from A to B - we all strip countless people naked with our eyes, and with our imagination we subject them to every sort of lewd caprice and indecency feasible, IN PUBLIC, within the short space of time our eyes gaze upon them - whither then we commence with the next object of lust.

Would we even go out so much if this were not so?  Who would, in all honesty, want to go to the supermarket, if there was nothing to relieve the boredom just a little?  No, my friends - let us be frank, we admire the beauty of our fellow humans, and nonhumans, and that is a good thing - is it not?  Can you imagine everyone going outdoors in a state of apathy, anhedonia and blind violent hatred?  Not very nice.

So let me bear good tidings and admonish you thus - feel no guilt or shame when you strip people naked in public, only feel disappointed that you cannot, under the present cultural climate [a dicatorship which has the audacity to call itself 'democracy'!!!], strip them naked with your very hands and spread the pleasure!!!

Enjoy your mischief, your naughtiness, and feel free to share it more - others will admire you and thank you for it, that they too can begin to feel more open about those things we all do - and then, just perhaps, do it!


  1. would like to strip them, not only with gaze but with hands :(

    1. Begin by teasing and stripping naked your friends at parties - as I have done for many many years, and tell them to strip naked their friends. And of course - go to nude beaches, and make friends there. And don't forget swingers clubs. Spread the love and many orgasms for you my friend! :)