Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Incipit Baldassare Cossa!  The Lord of Libertinage!

Behold, my first blog, of many to come - I will spew upon these e-pages all of my most capricious dreams and fantasies.  I will share with you my art and writings and inform you of my publisihings cooking on the printing press - ready for your avid consumptions.  Be a glutton!  Be a pervert and a libertine, a madman or madwoman or whatever in between or outwith these 'genders'!  Simply be present and share with me my incendiary lust for caprices that would make the Divine Marquis De Sade himself blush for shame!

De Sade, my dear friend, that most debauched of philosophers and authors, is as yet unsurpassed in his musings and caprices - no letters written since surpass his genius.  Let us liven up our tired world - with a little bit of libertinage and mischief.

Some of you may bray disagreements in some form - reneging to ethereal ideals of no substance - and it is so  easy to challenge thee!  What of your ghostly fears?  All I must do is present six hot young women, and six hot young men, among a myriad of other delights - boy, goats, turkeys and a big mastiff dog to add a final hint of spice to this dish - and as you one simple question:

Won't you join me???

To which there can be only one answer, gasped in awe, exasperation and deep desire:


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