Friday, 10 August 2012

Honesty, sincerity, transparency and realism in art

If we are to create arts that are a genuine reflection of human existence and human potential - the latter pertaining to ideals and 'higher values' [or preferably, keeping ones feet on the ground and head out of the clounds - 'virtue'] - surely such art, music, literature - should be completely honest about every human pursuit, and all the sidesalads and after effects that come with it.

Does a beautiful sports car not emit noxious exhaust fumes?  Does its engine not possess a violence and a fury that allows the vehicle to possess grace and valour?  Does a horse not also shit?  And would we not be deeply worried for the animals health if it did not shit?  Surely the horse would soon perish and cease to be a beautiful specimen if that very important defecation did not take place!

We humans love to gratify ourselves - and in our pretence take our virtues and successes to a point of sublimation that it ceases to represent the real thing in anything remotely near its original form.  Not unlike cheap frozen foods with many colourings and preservatives.

Why do we talk about sex - and make many depictions and videos of the act - and even when we are pretending to be 'anti-moralist', to be liberated and 'open minded' - we idealise it and call the studio performances 'pornography'.  And if one shows an image of the used tissue paper after the good deed is done, and the cum is mopped up - there is only revulsion about an act each and every one of us performs as a kind of 'afterthought'.  That is - we refuse to think about what follows.  And here, where everything stops - so do our myths, dreams, fairytales, virtues, and 'morality' begins - and this beginning is where superstitious values of hygiene, goodness, beauty - begin to corrode our healthy reality.

Be honest, sincere, earnest and transparent with your expressions!  Do not feel shame after you have conquered or indulged!  But only glory and triumph!

Let your ordures, and whatnots, be trophies to entice you to return to the playing field where they were sculpted and won :)

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