Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Creating naughty art when NAKED

When creating a piece of art - in my case photography - one must not only be in a state of mind, and in an environment with the materials suitable for ones creation - it is important also that ones body is in the right state, including mode of dress.

I, being an utter pervert, sodomite, lecher and libertine, a fanatic for debauchery and outrage - am best suited to the state of outright nakedness when doing my work.  How can one create an art that speaks of mischief, depicts libertinage, lewdness, Dionysiac emancipation - when dressed like a vicar or a sheikh?  It is simply not possible.  No - if an artist is photographing nudes, or sensuality or mischief in any form - it is imperative that he or she [or whatever outwith or in between] is in the right frame of mind, which requires a body framed in requisite form - essentially naked if the pathos and substance of the work and its passion is to be duly portrayed - and furthermore fully imbued deep into the mind of the viewing, voyeuring, audience!

It may not surprise you thus, that presently, I am creating my art, and even writing these blogs - so far as is possible - in a state of complete and utter NAKEDNESS!

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