Monday, 27 August 2012

Privacy in the home

We all believe our home is our sacred and private space - a place where our most intimate affairs and business proceed unhindered from the outside world.  But in many parts of the world - particularly places that feign to be 'democracies' or 'workers states' and this is certainly not true.  Incidentally - the more 'pro worker' the state pretends to be - the more public interference we suffer in private life - even in the depths of our homes, bodies and minds.

Look at an egalitarian utopia like the USA, or consider semi-Socialist Europe with its myriad legislation's designed to 'protect' the public [women and children are the usual favourites - let the state protect the child, as Hitler would say, and everyone else will protect the state], and don't forget the UK with its huge welfare nanny state, to guide the poor and naive - supposedly, and you can see that private spaces for ones own business, and to be an individual, and to have a damn good fuck - are rare indeed.  Take it further to Communist utopia's such as N Korea and China, or once upon the time the USSR - and you see the problem of private space to do business as one sees fit, live ones life and rear ones family as one sees fit, and  debauch oneself as one desires, and speak ones mind even - are somewhat rarer than diamonds.  Hens teeth perhaps.

Of course - there are regimes that use theosophies of some sort, 'religious guidance' so dearly loved by the masses who fear their own subjective morality, their own inner voice, more than the voice of a Dictator or Ayatollah - and in these regimes the home again is sacred only in that public space bared naked before the state 'for God'.  But even in our Western democracies - religious fantasy, and its chauvinist moralities, those terrible opiates of the masses that demand we all deviate closer to the middle of the bell curve, to be 'good', 'normal'. decent, predictable, utterly moronic and plebian - anything but an individual with ones own personal  world, an EXISTENCE, this horrid religiosity is used too often by the state and its lackeys [tyranny of majority or minority?  One can never tell - but tyranny is tyranny] to invade the private space, and turn privacy itself into something horribly regulative, controlling, limiting, demanding and commanding - anything other than the liberty of ones own being...  I will talk a little more about privacy in a separate short and sweet blog.

The consequences of not having a genuine private spaces are grave and obvious - and felt by us all if we consider only for one moment the quality and tedium of our lives.  And if this is a little too much of a stretch for a severely fettered imagination - consider a few following scenario's.  Purchase a gun, or even several guns, for your home, a few swords and perhaps even a small cache of explosives - for your personal security or enjoyment.  Acquire a few hot concubines to serve as waitresses, housemaids, cleaners and such like, get yourself a pretty little girl to admire naked, a ballerina or gymnast, and shower her with kisses and adulations, perhaps even a hot arab boy, or a bodybuilder - whichever suits you.  Acquire a few animals, exotic ones, for some odd and arcane Sadean debauch - and don't forget to build a BDSM dungeon down in your basement, even keep a few willing slaves encaged there, for your amusements - bask in mutual sweet suffering, sexual delights, as your naked housemaids care for all your chores, and of course - kiss you and love you for being their Master or Mistress [or something in between if it suits you - it's your business and your prerogative].  Get yourself some nice fine cocaine, from a very reputable dealer, or LSD or Ecstasy, heroin even - however the latter does not aid and abet a good fuck session but rather hinders it.  To top all this debauch off - even deal some drugs from the very privacy of your own home - but never outside your garden.  Sell some slaves, engage in some trivial 'illegitimate' business, those forms of business not considered very fashionable as they are believed to upset a status quo that somehow considers itself to be in a delicate, perhaps even precarious, balance [the Catholic Church, seemed to be deeply concerned about all things 'heretic' - for it knew full well, that if for one second its lies and abuses were duly considered - its hegemony would wither - today the state, and those players who pull at its levers, which incidentally includes many millions of psychologically impoverished cultural plebs who cannot bear to think of other human beings enjoying a more fruitful life than their own self imposed misery].

The point I am making is simple - you are very far from free to live your life, in your own home, as you see fit.  Raise your children in some alternative fashion, perhaps as hedonist nudists who enjoy a little LSD on occasion, and have a complete disregard for the state imposed school curriculum, and gain their education by some private and superior means - train your children for war on top of all this, teach them chemistry, self defence, teach them about countercultures - and life for you and your family will become a little difficult.  You and your spouse, or spouses, or gang of lovers, all of you interact a little more splendidly and exorbitantly than 'normal', and be assured you will receive attention.

Your home is an open house - for the state, for the public, for legitimate reasons of course...  Tax assessments, means assessments, health and safety assessments, criminal checks, and then those state employees who come and insist upon giving their 'good advice', as it is the law to do so.  Your home can be turned upside down by a search warrant for the most trivial reasons - a small orgy with some drugs, a couple of animals, target shooting naked in the back yard and of course, the naked whores, slaves, dancers, and your children and the children of your friends, as well as an Anarchists Cookbook, a small Islamist manual of some sort, and you can be assured you will be the subject of some inquiry for a considerable time.  And in truth - should you be?  For living a life somewhat more energetic, interesting, fulfilled and vivacious than 9-5pm, tv and bed?

Try watching the wrong movies, and you will get the knock on the door - try making them and your door will be knocked down.  Try some wheeling and dealing - Godfather's are no longer respected in our over publicised democracies, where all confession is public before you ever plead guilty.  And the masses, believing themselves strong in a tyranny of majority, kowtow to some minority, who kowtow back - in a play of emptiness.  Those individuals with a taste for stronger things, bear more creativity and acumen to make a good House - their home as a Family home doesn't follow the petty bourgeois standards of the meek little family, ever dependent on the state and public opinion, to maintain an atmosphere of banality - and you are privy to that.  You are not you, and you have no private space, not even in your own mind.  What privacy you have - is your own political prison cell, its culture as bare as the grey walls.

In Ancient Rome, a Republic, the home was sacred - and could not be breached save for the most grave circumstances, and those were rare compared to our time and sense of insecurity.  Romans turned their houses away from the street, to face their own inner courtyard, windows were small and high - and what business and pleasure went on in there - was not the business or pleasure of anyone not invited.

This is how it should be - if the West is not to become more like China, Iran, N Korea, or the defeated USSR - if the West is not to become further degenerated by destructive infantile 'Leftist' [or Right wing 'religious] movements.  And if we in the West degenerate further - what for the rest of the world???

What humanity, good business and intense pleasure will exist?

Fight my friend, for your home, and all that you do in it - and may that be much pleasure and plenty business!

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