Friday, 10 August 2012

I have spent the entire day in Bohemian exuberance - NAKED.  There are few things more pleasurable than to wander and wallow around NAKED, stretching and flexing and relaxing the entire body, carefree and hiding nothing, then to recline into mutual caresses, peers, leers, tickes, teases, fondles, effluages and special 'rubrubs' that lead inexorably to the deepest orgasmic sexual intercourse.

All this followed by an delicious pasta topped by a very high quality cheese, followed by a succulent Aberdeen Angus burger of the finest quality, with the crispiest lettuce, cucumbers, onions, succulent red tomatoes and creamy mayo - lots of it without the slightest hint of guilt of sin.  What's more, after such gluttony, homebaked chocolate cake of the finest quality warms to room temperature, awaiting consumption as one and ones lover recline naked - making fine art based on the theme of 'sex and food' - entirely NAKED still, as we have been for the entire day, musing upon means to attain wealth and power during interludes from our sexual escapades, unabashed eating and drinking, or artistic creativity.

Now, one is horny again - deeply so - after some peering and leering, indulged as my beloved assisted me in a 'studio shot' of an inflatable lovesheep named Barbara - whom after years hidden in a box was resurrected with a long 'blow job', photographed NAKED [the sheep and we] and photographed again as a dominatrix with her whip.

Did you ever imagine immoralising yourself with an inflatable dominatrix lovesheep? Hmm?  After a long summers day in the nude, engaging in sexual and culinary indulgence whimsically and carefree, utterly indifferent to all social mores and 'good advice', health warnings and admonishments about a 'proper' lifestyle - which in truth is seldom so productive as it claims.

Now as the sun sets, one muses upon the literature one shall write, that will speak of the most profane and even evil things - of debaucheries and outrages far from Bohemian and whose excess blind todays reclinations as 1000 suns would blot out a candle.

Ahh, I am hungry and horny again - I bid thee good evening!

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