Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I am so eager now to spread my wings and cast my comforting shadow across the internet, so that you may bask in the shade, as chicks seek comfort and surcease under mother hens wings - come forth you wearied by morality - and rest with me, and share your tales of Sodom and wishes for caprices with me.  I will listen with an earnest ear and not judge you.  Instead I will unveil marvels of the Passions to you.  Now that I am awakening from a long slumber - let me stretch my bones.  Bear a little patience as I unveil my art and my writings, as I share with you all my thoughts and feelings, whims and passions, lusts and desires - values and ideas as yet commonly unshared.  For none hitherto have had the rectitude or courage to speak and unveil as I shall.

Oh, I'm starting a little deviantart site too:


and in the not too distant future, will publish some good books, for you to share with your grandparents and children:


Do drop a comment, I am keen to hear from you :)

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