Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Admiring the beauty of the ass and the face

Why is it, that if one admires the beauty of a face, or perhaps the hands or even the fingernails, such commendations and adulations are welcome without protest?  But once one fixes the leery gaze upon the ass, letting the eyes consume all that plum pudding voluptuous beauty - one is compelled to endure a flurry of  protests and berations with no foreseeable end?  Why, one can even be deemed a 'criminal' now for admiring the beauty sculpted by nature!

Women, and men, among others [even children, if we dare be so honest and non politically correct; and transexuals and the elderly for that matter] - spend much time grooming and painting their faces, to improve their attractiveness, to be more 'comely' - and furthermore, the ass is often adorned in such ways that you simply cannot help but notice it waving and dancing daintily atop the legs as it is walked around in public [yes! public!!!] - yet to go against the grain of the 'double standard', some feigned 'morality', and be earnest and honest in commendation - to simply try to sanctify that altar of sensuality - to give a 'confidence booster' to the one[s] you admire - rather than such commendations be received as gifts, they are treated as insults.

What has become of us and our culture that commendation and admiration is treated as crime and insult?  Yet we all have the pretence to abhor totalitarian regimes, Iran for example, yet here we are - a mere kiss, pat, or glance upon a beautiful bum - and a reign of terror that would make Cromwell blush for the shame of such chauvinism - ensues and skews our culture, distorts and should I say 'perverts' our body politic - such that we cannot any longer be honest or truly perceive what is a genuine 'assault', or 'sexual harm', and such like - and furthermore, we live under a yoke of banality, bereft of voluptuousness - that 'morality' replaces virtue, and 'statute' replaces law and honour - to the extent none of us any longer even have the right to be admired, let alone the right to admire!

My friends!  Spread voluptuousness, and when your admirations and worships are admonished - tell the receiver of your adulations - "Have no fear my dear!  There is no threat - only my love!  Now turn around please and enjoy yourself!"

There is no harm in that?  Is there?  Hmm? :)

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