Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Penning ones Passions

What would a Libertine living in the 21st century, with access to bloggers, do with his spare moments?  The answer is simple - make his confessions a very public affair.  We live in a world of televised confessions, e-confessions, where every thought and feeling simply cannot be private whether or not it ought or must be.  And in the face of such social winds - one is compelled to ride the wave - and let ones own debauchery and social deviance be a surfboard!

Oh waves of Passion on the oceans of Sodom!  Let your light disperse and be a guide to countless lost ships on this open sea!  Let them convoke and convene in one place, for one orgy, for one banquet, for one capricious dance and song of lust and whim!  Before sailing out yonder once again - into the dark night across endless still waters - until the next light, riding another wave as the passions surge and swell from the deeps to bestir calm waters once more!  For never, in all eternity, can there be enough concupiscence to abrogate from the banality of ineffable stillness!

Come my friend, don't be shy or afraid, sit beside me, come visit me again - for more awakenings.  I will shock and surprise you, and enlighten you, and leave you livid and mad and wanton for more!

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