Monday, 20 August 2012

Eat, drink, fuck, and be merry!

My fiancee and I have performed a small experiment for the past two weeks.  We have completely contravened all 'good advice' thrown at us from the media, the medical establishment, the moral establishments, the state and its institutions and architects.  We ignored the countless bubbling and seething superstitions and social mores that 'come and go', little fashion fads, regarding keeping good health, good diet, a disciplined and ordered lifestyle - and what it means to be a 'good citizen', a 'moral person', these two dimension of which - ironically - are required if one is to be considered an 'individual'.

But we cast away all those little routines, practices, rules of thumb, dictates, norms and taken for granted 'moralities' - and therein found our bodies again.  Our bodies are hidden by morality, 'good' medical and other advice, health warnings, demands from the state, insurance companies, and various ministries.  How can one genuinely claim to enjoy the taste of food and drink, and the feeling of sex, when veiled with such obscurantist crap?

We ate like fuck - huge meals, with rich sauces, thick fried sausages, Aberdeen Angus beef burgers dripping with extra creamy mayo and extra mature cheeses, layered with crisp tomatoes and cucumbers not for health reasons - but simply because vegetables improve the flavour of the dish - this reason and this alone.  We drank vast quantities of coke, we drank wine, we consumed extra coffee - strongly brewed, we had extra rich and moist dark chocolate cakes, coffee cakes, muffins, with heavy rich icings, sweet and delicious fruit smoothies - again because it tasted wonderful, and not because it is proper and healthy to do so.  We did it because we love it - perhaps we are lucky our high tastes demand we consume 'healthy' things - although try to live on a diet of fruits alone and see how you manage, you will be thin and 'healthy' - but will fuck seldom.

During this fortnight, we lost weight - considerably.  We look brighter, healthier, stronger - we could walk further and faster, carry heavier loads, do more manual work, exercise with far greater intensity, and have ludicrous amounts of intense and vigorous sex - we believe lots of cola helps with the latter.

We are still debauching ourselves to the utmost extremes - tonight having enjoyed a huge meal of chips [or French Fries], extra thick cut, deep fried in lard, with 2 large fried battered fishes, and 2 tubs of thick and creamy garlic mayo to wetten the already oily dish.  We ate til we were heaving and groaning with sweet sorrow - and soon we shall debauch upon an large pizza, laced til overflowing with extra thick toppings, washed down with cola.  We have no reason for guilt - after all, we took a long brisk walk at 3am, enjoying the night air, and sexually tortured each other in the quiet streets, pretending they were busy at it was three in the afternoon - everyone staring at us, naked, bloated, disgracefully whoresome and capricious in our mutual Sodom.

We do not simply speak this philosophy, we live it - and we live it artfully, and practice and experiment like scientists.  My friends!  Debauch yourselves!  Whore and sodomise!  Throw away the chains of medical-moral pseudoscience, social norms and demands, institutional and state and corporate based 'commandments', the dictates of false 'churches' and such like.  Ignore the tyranny of the majority - the mob of conformity that enforces these norms that totally disembody us, that take us away from our own bodies, our own pleasures, and do all our thinking, reasoning and choosing for us - throw away all these 'thou shalts'!!!

Eat like fuck!  Drink like fuck! Fuck like fuck!  And be merry!  And spread that good cheer with friends - have statistics not shown anyhow that an atmosphere of good cheer aids weightloss and decreases heart disease?  Doesn't bad air, bad blood and excessive repression not lead to neurosis, depression and general mental ill health that is bad for the body and mind?  Free your souls and share that bliss, gathered round the table overladen with food and drink, NAKED all of you - unashamed in front of your friends, share your food and your sexual urges, feed each other drink, and encourage good cheer, NAKED, unabashed, free spirited!

And there is to good health my friend!  Good cheer and friendship, and there with your friends and lovers - all as one [both friends and lovers that is], you will find yourself.  For the moralities and norms will be silenced, and you can feel your body and hear your mind once again.

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