Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thoughts of crime

We all think of committing crime - or at the very least engaging in 'inappropriate' behaviour - what stops us from doing what we think?  Fear of reprisal?  Psychologists are very aware that threat of punishment is a poor deterrent - if this were not so then crime would be a matter for history.

Ask most people about a controversial matter, such as consuming drugs, or fucking a fifteen year old, or having a homosexual orgy, or even killing someone in a duel - and the person you ask will often argue it is not their business to hold an opinion.  Pressed a little more - that same person will add "I will do and believe what the law says is right".

Most people don't trust their own instincts and thoughts, lack confidence in the self - suffer a certain cowardice and weakness - and respectively delegate all their thoughts, feelings, and even their indifference as well as something that was hitherto the personal business of the criminal and victim [the winner and the loser in the duel, and so on] - to the state.  Everything becomes a matter of 'public interest'.  And respectively, many private matters - though they may be reprehensible or immoral - the death through duel or drug addiction is never nice - now become public, 'criminal justice' matters.

When a private matter becomes public - we are all expected to make much noise about the ugly aspects of the scene, and dismiss all contexts [why take drugs?  Why duel? Why the underage relationship? Why steal?] - effectively our emotions are expected to be uncontrolled, and our reasoning - about the contexts - are set aside, and all reasoning is a matter for the state - not the people, not the individual - just as the private duel, or the protector of the property against thieves, is a matter of state and not between the said two.

We avoid committing crime primarily because we have already sold our souls, our minds and actions, to the state - given ourselves away, let ourselves be herded - so that we may not be participant in judicial, or political, processes in any genuine sense.

We cannot claim that we are genuinely working to survive, that we are competing or succeeding.  For these things require actions that are always reprehensible, Machiavellian, criminal even.  Nor can we even claim to be enjoying ourselves - for to have a good decent drink, fight, fuck, orgy and conquest - at some point, will always require behaviour that is 'criminal'.  Few people know what a 'good weekend out' is.  And even fewer know what makes a good orgy or even a good practical joke.  Nor have many people even enjoyed the thrill of a good fight, feud or riot - or better still a civil war or full scale war.  Simply due to utter conformity to ideas of criminality that encourage and demand a state of being that is utterly banal, displaced, diluted.

My friends - think of crime - and feel no fear.  That fear you feel when faced with words or deeds that do not conform to rules of 'good behaviour' - is a form of conditioning you absolutely must overcome!  For that conditioning that ensures you conform and live a banal and stunted existence - is itself a crime against humanity!  A crime that prevents you from flourishing, reaching your full potential [inevitably to to this you must commit crime!] and living life to the full.

You will never have the strongest orgasms, dares, thrills, hangovers and beatings until you become indifferent to rule of law as we know it, and instead demand a Common Law based on personal integrity and honour - that I assure you, is better for you and all.  Since the 19th Century we have lost that integrity and lost ourselves.

Back to basics!  Back to Sodom!  Bring in a world of unabashed fucking, fighting, raping, stealing, fraud, cunning, all these things are natural and real - face them honestly!  Without these things - and even today the most dull human being MUST commit these crimes - you cannot survive.  These 'crimes' are what keep you from starving, and used cleverly, can help you become very successful indeed.


  1. Thank you Ivan! Live your life - not the lie! Tell your friends, share the Sodom :)

    Time for some criminal Revolution :)